Part 10: Wyndia Catacombs

Main Walkthrough

After a harrowing trip through the catacombs beneath Wyndia - not to mention a close encounter with Balio and Sunder - Ryu and new friend Nina have emerged into the pleasant castle town of Wyndia. As the princess of Wyndia Nina is all about duty first, and she's determined to help Ryu find Rei and Teepo. Speaking to the locals might help.

There's a group of kids in Wyndia who can help the duo get started. Before you speak to them, however, you should have a quick look around the city. There are items to buy and things to collect.

Southern Wyndia

This section of Wyndia encompasses the map area beyond the Wyndia Catacombs, up to and including the front gates. We'll start from the entrance to the city.

  • Near the front gates of Wyndia you'll find three shops. One sells items and accessories, one sells armor, and the third sells weapons. Upgrading Nina's equipment is advisable. The item shop sells Midas Stones, an accessory that, while expensive, earns your party more zenny after a successful battle. It's worth purchasing if you can spare the cash, though keep in mind that a Midas Stone makes its wielder very slow.
  • While you're in the weapon shop, be sure to check the cabinet near the front counter. It contains a Healing Herb.
  • Northeast of this cluster of three stores is another item shop with some different goods. Next door is the home of a couple who got robbed, and the thief sounds familiar. Check the couple's cabinet for Ammonia.
  • East of this row of houses is a fountain surrounded by kids. Further east of them is a clinic where you can give your characters innoculations that will raise their resistance to a variety of different effects and attack types. These innoculations are temporary - and probably not worth the money right now - but can make an appreciable difference when you enter areas that cater to specific elements and attacks.
  • In the northeast, near the entrance to the Wyndia Catacombs, is an inn. There's nothing of particular interest inside, but if your little party is suffering after the trip through the catacombs you should consider bedding down for a while.

Northern Wyndia

Up the stairs near the inn you'll find the pathway to northern Wyndia. According to a woman near the entrance, this part of the city is 'trendy'.

  • Near the entrance to this part of the city you'll find a bakery with a conveyor belt on the main floor. Check the rear room for a pair of filing cabinets, one of which contains Moxa. You can go upstairs and find path to the roof of the bakery, but there's nothing besides conversation along the way.
  • Next door to the bakery, to the northeast, you'll find... another bakery. Speak to the woman in the north of the ground floor to buy Bread. You can also check the filing cabinets next to her to receive two free loaves Bread.
  • If you travel further northeast from the second bakery, you'll find... yet another bakery! There are two more filing cabinets to check and two more loaves of Bread to plunder inside the bakery.
And... that's it, actually. If you go up the stairs leading northwest you'll find the front door of Wyndia Castle. The guard out front refuses to believe that he's speaking to Princess Nina, who should be inside the castle, so there's no getting through. Better head back to southern Wyndia.

Check out the fountain in the southeast of Wyndia that you bypassed earlier. Speak to the child in front of the fountain and he'll claim to know something about kids in Wyndia... only you need to beat him and his little gang in a game of Hide-and-Seek before they will say anything. You can find the kids in the following locations:
  • Out front of the clinic to the east of the fountain, hiding behind the line of trees that run along the southeast side of Wyndia
  • In the alleyway next to the store nearest to the entrance of Wyndia - she's not far from a pair of white pots
  • In the alleyway next to the weapons store, just northwest of the greenish-looking homeless man
  • Behind the southeastern tree near the open-air cafe, on the upper level of southern Wyndia
You'll need to tilt the camera a bit to see all four kids. If you're walking and suddenly stop for no reason, there's a good chance you've bumbled into one of them. Once you've caught all four their leader will inform you that the robber who was driven away fled down the nearby road, away from Wyndia. Better leave town and have a look.

Before you head too far from Wyndia, check northwest of the entrance. There's a little side path leading to the outer walls of Wyndia. Here you'll find a small grassy area that will be important later. If you check along the side of the walls you can twist the camera to find a chest. The chest contains Ginseng.


Your next destination is along the road to the southeast of Wyndia, but before you head there you should make one more pitstop. If you look along Wyndia's outer wall on the world map, two spaces southeast of the entrance, you'll find a little side path. Follow it north and you'll find a hut.

The hut belongs to Durandal, a man who claims to know nothing at all. Despite this Durandal is a Master, and he teaches three rather useless Skills if you apprentice someone under him. Durandal provides no pluses or minuses to your characters' stats, so there's no harm apprenticing to him, but... there's no massive benefit either. 

That said, if you apprentice someone under Durandal for three levels you can learn the Skill Backhand. Backhand is almost useless, save that another Master - one that's far more powerful than Durandal - will only take on apprentices if someone in your party knows this move. You don't have any alternatives at the moment, so apprenticing Nina to Durandal for a little while isn't the worst idea.

You should also check the basement of Durandal's hut. It's, ah... it's something. (This will make sense much later in the game.)

Eygnock Road

  • Boss Goblin - Steal Waistcloth, Drop Brass Helm, Learn Influence
  • Eye Goo - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Vitamin, Learn Snooze
  • Goblin - Steal Bent Sword, Drop Old Popper, Learn Unmotivate
  • Gonghead - Steal Vitamin, Drop Life Shard
  • Mage Goo - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Wisdom Seed, Learn Burn
  • Ripper - Steal Berries, Drop Swallow Eye, Learn Blind
Southeast of Wyndia you'll come to a little crossroads called Eygnock Road. Aside from a little roadside home there's nothing to see here besides monsters from the Yraall Region, so pop into the house. You'll hear Nina scream as soon as you enter, and Ryu will be by himself. Check the cupboards of the home for Clothing, then run back outside...

... to discover that, alas, they've caught up with you. Again.

Main Walkthrough