Part 37: Dragnier

Main Walkthrough

With the discovery of the remaining Brood Ryu has also discovered the name of his enemy: Myria, Goddess of the Urkans. She lives beyond a place called the Desert of Death, northwest of Dragnier, though before you can challenge the desert you'll first need to cross through a spot known as Factory. It's not terribly long, but the puzzles inside can make this area a bit of a pain. Bring Momo along to help ease your way through the Factory.

Warning! Though this isn't a point of no return, once you cross through Factory to the Desert of Death you'll be facing one of the most daunting areas in the game. You need to go through Factory again to return to civilization, which is a bit of a pain. You might want to stock up in Dragnier, and revisit everyone's Masters, before you set out on this final leg of the journey towards God.



  • Boss Goblin - Steal Waistcloth, Drop Brass Helm, Learn Influence
  • Egg Gang - Steal Beads, Drop Ivory Dice, Learn Double Blow
  • Giant Orc - Steal Titan Belt, Drop Tiger's Cap, Learn Blitz
  • Gold Egg - Steal Diamond Ring, Drop Divine Helm
  • Hobgoblin - Steal Power Food, Learn Intimidate / Spirit Blast
  • Pipe Bomb - Steal Vitamin, Drop Ivory Dice, Learn Air Raid / Sacrifice

The enemies of the Factory all stand out, though by the one of most interest to you is the Gold Egg. Gold Eggs are skittish little enemies that will run off once damaged. If defeated Gold Eggs drop an amazing amount of money - 20,000 zenny! - though every time you hit one physically you risk lowering the Eggs' value. Have Ryu transform into a Warrior via the Force gene, then use Aura to destroy Gold Eggs in a single blow while everyone else defends. Equipping a Midas Stone from Wyndia will make these fights even more worth your while, boosting the value of Gold Eggs to 30,000 zenny.

The outdoor section of Factory is covered in dirt slopes leading in a myriad of directions. It can be a little difficult to track down all of the treasures in this section. We'll head through this area intersection-by-intersection. Try not to get lost.

Head east from the entrance to find a split in the path. Go northeast at the slope from the first intersection, then keep following the path. You'll arrive at a dead end with a chest containing a Wisdom Seed. Backtrack to the crossroads from here.

Travel east. The road will split again, though continuing along even ground will just bring you to a dead end. Go down the slope and follow the path to the west until you find another split. To the west you'll find a chest containing an Artemis' Cap. Backtrack east from this chest and go down the slope, heading southwest.

The path splits at the bottom of the slope. If you follow the path to the west it will take you on a lengthy journey to a chest containing Skill Ink. To the northeast you'll find an entrance to the Factory's interior, or at least a small portion of it.

Check up the stairs on your right to find an Ammonia, then return to the entrance and head northwest. There's a laser beam ahead blocking a door, as well as a slope on your left. You can't bypass the laser beam from here. What you can do, however, is check the wall up and to the right of the beam, where you'll find a hidden ladder. It leads down to a chest containing a Rockbreaker.

Head back outside and go southwest, down the slope. Follow the path beyond the slope and it will eventually bring you to a crossroads. If you take a left here you'll eventually reach a dead end, though along the way you'll notice a conspicuous crack in one of the walls. Use Momo to blow open the wall and you'll find an Aries Spear on the other side.

Go north at the previous intersection to find stairs. At the top you'll find a door and a lever that can activate a security beam, as well as more stairs. Ignore the door for a moment and go up the stairs. These lead back outside, where you'll find a chest containing a Fish-head. Snag it, then head back the way you came and go through the door.

This next area consists of a series of electrical floor panels and rising / falling platforms. Pulling the levers will activate the electrical panels, while also changing the positioning of the platforms. The changes are temporary, so you'll need to run through here before the levers reset themselves. Here's the process:
  • Pull the lever on the left
  • Run around the electrical grid to the right
  • Pull the lever on the right
  • Run northwest across the lowered platforms before they rise again

So long as your lead character makes it through you can exit via the door in the pit to the northwest. Make sure to heal your party members if they kept getting zapped.

Head northeast through the adjoining corridor, ignoring any pathways that are blocked by electrical currents. You'll find two doors in the east. The door on the left will lead back into the previous area, where you can open a chest containing a Sage's Frock. This is a great piece of equipment for your casters, so don't hesistate to throw it on. If you keep following the corridor to the south you'll eventually make your way to an earlier security-blocked doorway, and you can shut down the lasers from this side to make a shortcut back to the entrance.

Go through the door on the right in the corridor and you'll find another area with electrified floors. Climb the nearby ladder and head west first to find the first grid of electrified floors. Use the lever on this side of the grid to shut them all down. This will allow you to pop open a nearby chest containing a Homing Bomb.

Head back east and pull the first lever you see to deactivate more floor panels, then pull the next lever to the north to raise a platform in the middle of some stairs. This will allow you to get up to a small stage where you'll find a computer console. Check the console and it will tell you that a nearby robot will, when activated, mirror the actions of anyone walking around on the stage. You'll need to use this robot to deactivate the remaining electrical panels in the north.

  • Walk one space southwest, three southeast, and three northwest. This will put the robot in front of the middle switch. Use a Field Action to make the robot hit the lever.
  • Reset the robot. Walk one space southwest, two southeast, two northeast, and three northwest. This will put you in front of the right switch. Field Action it out of the way.
  • Reset the robot. Move two spaces southwest, once space, southeast, five spaces northeast, two spaces northwest, and two spaces southwest. Turn northwest and Field Action the lever.

Done! This will deactivate the three electrified panels running through the room. Climb the ladder in the east and you can get at the upper pathway, along the northeast end of the area. Check all the way east to find a chest containing an Hourglass, then go through the door in the north. On the other side you'll find stairs...

... and at the top is a locked door. Use Momo's cannon to blast the yellow panel beside the door, which will in turn open the door. Head through to find the world map. Ready for one of the greatest trials of your gaming career?

Part 38: The Desert of Death

Main Walkthrough