Part 40: Myria Station - Worker's Area, Laboratory

Main Walkthrough



  • Eye Goo - Steal Healing Herb, Drop Vitamin
  • FoulWeed - Steal Power Food, Drop Protein
  • Goo King - Steal Green Apple, Drop Goo King Sword, Learn Charge / Burn
  • Goo Titan - Steal Life Shard, Drop Detectors, Learn Burn
  • Plant 42 - Steal Mandrake, Drop Vitamins, Learn Snap
  • Wraith - Steal Soul Gem, Drop Divine Helm

The trek through Myria Station continues, and with Card Key B in hand the team can now access the western sections of the station. What awaits in the areas beyond is... well, you'll see soon enough. Make sure you put Rei and Momo in your party before you set out this direction, as you'll need them both to progress into the inner areas of Myria Station.

Follow the green floor path to the northwestern door in Myria Station's gate area. Beyond an escalator and a healing room you'll find a corridor with a door that's blocked by writhing vines. Equip the HE Shells on Momo (they're in the room beneath the spot where you fought the Chimera in Laboratory, if you didn't pick them up earlier) and she can blow away the vines with her Field Action.

The next area is overgrown with plants and trees. As you explore this section of Myria Station you may run into Goo Kings, a slime enemy that is absolutely packed with powerful spells, though you'll need to steal its Green Apple to keep the Goo King from immediately fleeing. It's not unreasonable to transform Ryu into a dragon to win these fights. Goo Kings have a very small chance to drop Goo King Swords, which are Ryu's best weapon in the game. Unless you get extremely lucky you will need to hunt these things for quite a while to acquire the sword. (Though there's a better spot to find them a bit later.)

Head northwest from the entrance and you'll find a dead end with a chest containing a Protein. To the northeast of the entrance you'll find a path leading west, through the grass and trees. Along the way you can open a chest containing a Magic Shard. In the west you'll find a grassy field. Head south through the field to reach a platform running around the outer edge of the area.

Follow the pathway and it will eventually bring you to a locked door that Rei can open. This door always resets itself, so any time you want to travel through this area you'll need to bring Rei along. Inside the door you'll find a laboratory, and if you walk on any of the vines draped along the floor your leader party member will be Poisoned. Avoid 'em. Check the bookshelf on the right for Ginseng, and the shelf furthest to the west for a Wisdom Fruit.

The door in the southwest will take you back to the grassy area. Walk southwest until you see a tree on your left, in a little wall indent by itself. Check behind the tree for a chest containing a Silver Tiara. Head all the way southwest to the far wall and you'll find a path to a small storage room, where you'll discover a chest containing a Dragon Spear.

In the west of this grassy area you'll find stairs that will take you to a door, and in the corridor beyond you'll find a lift. Hop aboard and the team will arrive in the actual Eden for which this guide is named, an open, blissful area that closely resembles a grassy meadow in the outside world. Most of the enemies here are weaklings, though there are a few foes that can give you trouble.

Look southeast of the lift for a chest containing Force Armor, then check to the north of the lift for a chest containing a Soul Gem. Once you're done looking around - and if you're certain you're ready, as you're about to be stuck here for a bit - head to the bridge across the water in the northwest. You'll run into someone terribly familiar... in more ways than one...

... and when the not-so-stranger is done speaking, Ryu will be cast - alone - into a dream-like world.

Ryu's Dream


  • Gong Head - Steal Ginseng, Drop Vodka Shot, Learn Charge
  • Thanotos - Steal Clothing, Drop Panacea
  • Vile Weed - Steal Rice Ball

Yikes. Teepo has changed. In his attempt to convince Ryu to join Myria's side the purple-haired fiend has trapped Ryu inside his own mind. Ryu will need to battle through his dream and find a way back to the real world. The enemies here aren't too difficult, but you should proceed with caution all the same.

You need to proceed through this area in a specific order:

  • Walk northwest of your starting point to hear from Nina
  • Walk back southeast once she's done talking to hear from Rei - this will unlock a save / rest point, though be sure not to save over your original file, in case you have trouble leaving this place
  • Walk northwest to find a statue with two plaques on either side - activate both, then walk southwest to fall into a pit
  • Speak to the next statue - and say you want the chest - to get at a Shaman's Ring - Avoid the spikes on the floor or they will poison you
  • Walk northeast and enter the swirling field to return to the previous area
  • Stand still in front of the statue between the two plaques until it reveals a path to the northwest
  • Walk northwest to listen to Momo
  • Proceed northwest to the next pool of light, then go northeast and southeast to open a chest containing Gems, and southwest and southeast to open a chest containing an Hourglass
  • Return to the central path and continue northwest to find the exit

Beyond the next swirling particle vortex you'll find yourself in a maze. There are no items here - all you need to do is find the way out. Take the following route to escape:
  • Step on the white floor panel to the northwest of the entrance to teleport yourself elsewhere in the maze
  • Walk southeast until you hit an intersection, then follow the path on your left until you find a red floor panel
  • Walk northeast until you see Garr on the path - once he's gone, step on the violet floor panel to the north
  • Head north to an intersection, then walk northwest until you find a green floor panel
Listen to Peco on the other side of the green teleporter - the little guy got rather chatty all of a sudden - then heal up, equip a Ring of Frost on Ryu if you have one, and head northwest. On the other side of the final teleporter Ryu will come face-to-face with himself. He'll see through the ruse - Teepo again, of course - and then need to battle his way through the final challenge of his dream.


Steal: Nothing
Drop: Nothing
Learn: Nothing

Arwan is more of a glorified normal enemy than a true boss. It can hit somewhat hard, but this fight is more likely to weaken Ryu than outright defeat him. Expect the following from Arwan:
  • Normal melee attacks
  • Sleep, which can put Ryu to sleep
  • Chill, which hits Ryu for Frost damage and lowers his Spd
  • Blizzard, which hits Ryu for more Frost damage
If you equipped a Ring of Frost then the only real threat from Arwan is Sleep, giving the creature a turn to whack Ryu. You can reduce the risk of Sleep by equipping items that defend against status changes, namely Force Armor, Protectors, and a Light Bangle. If you have all that equipped on Ryu simple attacks will taken Arwen down. You can also one-shot this boss by using Kyrie.

If none of these options are available then you'll need to weather Arwan's attacks, put up with Sleep, and mount a counteroffensive. Unless you have a lot of Wisdom Fruits in your inventory you should avoid the temptation to transform Ryu into a powerful, AP-sucking dragon, as there's another battle waiting after this one that is much harder. Stick to normal attacks or low-AP Skills as much as you can (Double Blow is a good, low-cost choice) and use items to heal away any damage. So long as you keep Ryu above 100 HP Arwan shouldn't be strong enough to take him down. (And if you must use Accession, go with a cheap little Frost Whelp.)

Once Arwan is out of the way Ryu will return to Eden, and Teepo, thwarted, will decide that there's only one course of action left to him. Choose your party, equip them with gear that guards against Flame, Frost, and / or Confusion, and get ready to fight. Enjoy the sweet music!

Dragon Lord

Steal: Dragon Blade
Drop: Dragon Armor
Learn: Triple Blow

Ahhh, Teepo, you little fool. In a show of incredible hypocrisy Teepo transforms into the mighty Dragon Lord for this fight, and it's one of the most difficult enemies in all of Breath of Fire III. The Dragon Lord hits extremely hard unless you're overleveled, and can swiftly wipe out your party if you don't take steps to mitigate its damage output. The Dragon Lord uses the following attacks:
  • A normal melee strike
  • Triple Blow, which hits a single target three times
  • Howling, which can Confuse the whole party
  • Inferno, a Flame attack against the whole party
  • Sirocco, a Flame and Wind attack against the whole party
  • Blizzard, a Frost attack against the whole party
Teepo's somewhat similar to the Chimera from earlier in Myria Station with that complement of spells, though the big game changer is Howling. If your whole party becomes Confused they can quickly wipe each other out, or leave each other weakened so the Dragon Lord can swoop in and finish the job. Equipping Balance Rings before the battle will negate this possibility, and equipping items that at least reduce the risk of status effects is better than nothing.

Given the difficulty of this fight - and how much ground you'll need to cover to get back here if you fail - you should weigh your chosen team carefully:
  • Momo is a strong contender, as she can buff your party and provide healing while Ryu attacks.
  • Rei is handy since he can generally outrun the Dragon Lord, and hopefully get in EX turns. He's also a strong candidate since he can Pilfer the Dragon Blade, which is only available during this fight.
  • Garr isn't a bad choice, as he can use the Dragon Spear you (hopefully) picked up earlier in Eden to inflict extra damage. He's also naturally resistant to Flame attacks.
  • If Peco has a ton of HP and high defenses he's a decent choice for this battle, so long as you equip a Dragon Fang on him for increased damage output. Keep in mind that Peco will take more damage from Flame attacks, since he's a plant, so if you choose him you should give him a Ring of Fire.
  • Nina is the weakest choice for this battle, as her spells just can't inflict enough damage on the Dragon Lord to keep up with the rest of the party. If you do include Nina she should spend most of the fight healing Ryu and your third party member with items.
Given his damage output as a dragon Ryu should take point in this battle, though your group is safer adopting the Defense Formation. Have either Ryu or Momo cast Shield and Barrier to cut down the effectiveness of the Dragon Lord's attacks, then change Ryu into a dragon and go to town with attacks like Aura, Bonebreak, and Shadowwalk. The Dragon Lord doesn't have any particular weaknesses, so whatever hits hardest is your best bet. War Shout, Might, and Focus will all boost your party's damage output and make the fight go by a little faster.

Make no mistake, the battle against Teepo is going to take a while - he has 12,500 HP - and you may need to try it a few times before you win. If you can win here, though, you can beat the game. That's some consolation, right?

Defeat the Dragon Lord and you'll defeat Teepo. His final moments are heartbreaking. Once he vanishes Teepo will leave behind Card Key A, which you absolutely must pick up if you want to avoid making a return trip here. There's nothing else to find in Eden, so leave this sad place behind and return to the main entrance of Myria Station.

There are two places where you can use Card Key A. The first is in the Worker's Area, in the corridor near the rest room. Use the key on the northeastern, locked door and you'll find a Light Bangle inside the room. The second place you can use Card Key A is on the locked door to the west of Myria Station's main entrance, and if you go through you'll be on the road to Myria at last.

Main Walkthrough