Part 27: The Plant

Main Walkthrough

Palet is gone, and the mystery of the Plant's mutant problems has been resolved. Nina believes this is enough to earn Ryu and company another passport to the eastern lands... though when you enter Wyndia, Nina will tell Ryu to stay put. He's still considered a kidnapper. Nina will take Rei along with her to get the passport.

Head up to Castle Wyndia with Nina in the lead. Once inside she'll give the king a rundown on what happened, and while a passport is being prepared Nina will offer to give Rei a tour of the castle. Everyone has something new to say - Nina's mother is especially vocal - but there are no new items to gather on the upper floor, assuming you fully scoured the castle during your previous visit.

Head down to the basement. Nina and Rei will discover that Honey followed them, and this time Nina grabs the little mechanical doll before she can run off again. If you check the dungeon with Rei in the lead you'll discover that he can open the cell doors, allowing him to get at a chest containing a Laurel. It's inside Ryu's old cell.

Go down to the kitchen, then to the wine cellar, and then down the ladder in the wine cellar. You'll find a locked door that Rei can, again, open, and inside you'll find another of those mysterious, mechanical pads. This will be important momentarily, at long last.

Head back upstairs. A servant will give Rei a Passport, and Nina, unable to join the group this time around, will bid him farewell... at least until someone recognizes Rei as one of Ryu's friends. After a big argument Nina and Rei will need to flee down to the altar room, where Honey will activate what you finally discover is called a Portal Drive. Everyone will jump on, and get teleported to the Portal Drive beneath Durandal's hut. So that's what these things do.

The team will reunite after this, and it appears that Nina's coming along after all. No big surprise there. Garr suggests that everyone make haste for the Checkpoint before it gets closed, though you'll have no problems crossing into the eastern lands again.

The Portal Drives

Now that Honey has activated the Portal Drive in the basement of Castle Wyndia you can use it to teleport all over the known world - and to one currently-unknown location, as well. Return to the basement of Castle Wyndia via the Portal Drive in Durandal's hut and you'll find that you can change the Portal Drive's destination, via the console on the right side of the room. The various options will take you to the following places:
  • Dauna Region - The basement of Emitai's hut, near the Dauna Mine
  • Yraall Region - The basement of a home to the west of McNeil
  • Wyndia - The basement of Durandal's hut, on the outskirts of Wyndia
  • Relay Point A - Currently locked
You'll unlock the path to Relay Point A eventually, and it will serve as a teleporter to other places that aren, so far, unvisited. For the moment you're most likely to use Castle Wyndia's Portal Drive to check in on Masters without having to walk all the way across the world map. (This will be especially useful when you get the chance to apprentice under Hachio / Haochi, Castle Wyndia's cook, though he's still not interested in being a Master during this visit.)

That's all for Castle Wyndia and the Portal Drives. Leave Wyndia and head northeast to the Checkpoint. The guards will let you pass without a fuss. Assuming you've triggered the four hide-and-seek Masters back in Wyndia already, you'll find one of them, Lee, hiding behind the Checkpoint's border wall. Twist the camera a bit to spot her. Apprentice someone under Lee for three levels and she'll teach your party the Magic Formation.