Part 32: The Legendary Mariner and the Black Ship

Main Walkthrough

After a great deal of dithering about on familiar shores, the team has finally managed to cross the ocean, sailing in via the Black Ship. Their landing point is Kombinat, an oddball town / container yard filled with curiously incurious people. Might as well have a quick look around.


Despite its apparent size on the world map, Kombinat is fairly small when you're walking around. There's also almost nothing to do here plot-wise. Still, you might as well check the place over, as you're about to head deeper into this mysterious continent.

  • The first thing to note is that you can reenter the Black Ship from Kombinat, though you can't use it to head back to the other side of the ocean. If there's anything you didn't pick up earlier - most likely you didn't finish getting all the items from the crane game, since it's tedious - you can do so now.
  • North of the exit from Kombinat's dock you'll find a building with three entrances. Inside you'll find a weapons / armor shop and an item shop. The stuff at the equipment store is generally pretty great, but it's also very expensive. If you plan to fully outfit your party you may have to do some random battles outside town. Equipping the Coupons from the Dauna Mine and the Midas Stone from Wyndia will make this process a bit quicker.
  • The inn is on the east side of Kombinat. Yep.
  • In the northeast of Kombinat, behind a building, you'll find a half-hidden Machine Soldier that is burbling to itself. It expects a response, and if you choose the third option (Vuguguuoubidea) it will give you a Homing Bomb, a weapon for Momo. Choose anything else and you can't get the Homing Bomb.

Yep. That's Kombinat. Despite all the robots, this place is... kinda boring.

Head back to the world map. If you walk east through Kombinat you can reach a Fishing Spot, and somehow a Manillo made it all the way out here. This particular merchant is willing to trade a few truly excellent items, notably the Royal Sword, the Life Armor, and the Shaman's Ring. You can get all of these items elsewhere (you may already have the Shaman's Ring), but if you care to spend the time fishing now you can make Ryu in particular much, much more powerful. Mind that all of them require you to have caught some Barandy, a fish from your home continent, so if you don't have a few on hand already you'll have to wait until later.

To the northwest of Kombinat you'll find a flower ring for visiting the Faerie Village, and near it is a Yggdrasil tree. You'll find the Trance Gene at the foot of the tree. When used in conjunction with other Genes the Trance Gene can turn Ryu into some specific, powerful dragons. Also to the northwest you'll find your next destination, the Steel Grave. Make sure you stick Momo in your party before you explore this place.

Steel Grave


  • Assassin - Steal Light Clothing, Drop Katzbalger, Learn Disembowel / Target
  • Audrey - Steal Green Apple, Drop Mandrake
  • Multi Bot - Steal Silver Mail, Drop Barrier Ring
  • Thrasher - Steal Wisdom Seed, Learn Timed Blow
This is a relatively small area, and won't require much exploration. Either direction you head from the entrance will yield an item: 
  • If you head northwest from the entrance you'll eventually come to a ladder. Check the box at the top of the ladder for UV Glasses.
  • If you head northeast from the entance you'll find a tan-green, sloped building with some writing on the side. Check the narrow alley beside the building to find a hidden box containing Speed Boots.

The two paths will converge atop a brown building. Check the northwest of this building, nearer the box with the UV Glasses, and you'll find a ladder. Climb down and you'll discover a door that Momo can blast open. Do so and you'll gain access to a sort of control center, where you'll find a chest containing a Spanner. (Despite how it sounds, this is a fishing rod, not a tool.)

That's all for Steel Grave. Head southeast of the ladder until you see a dirt slope on your right. Climb it, then take the left at the first intersection to find the exit to the world map. You can now walk straight through Steel Grave without entering the area. Next stop: The Colony.

Main Walkthrough