Part 8: Balio and Sunder

Main Walkthrough

Ryu has been left alone in the world once again, and he's determined to remedy that fact by searching out Rei and Teepo. This undertaking sends him to Mt. Myrneg, a craggy roadblock on the path to the kingdom of Wyndia. Can he make the climb alone, after relying on his adopted siblings for the first few hours of the game?

Before you head to Mt. Myrneg there are two Skills that Ryu may find handy:

  • Burn, which he can learn by Examining Mage Goos in the Yraall Region
  • Frost, which he can learn by apprenticing under Mygas for one level

Burn will help Ryu defeat a species of Nut-type enemies that are evasive. Frost, by contrast, can be used on Tar Men, which normally take very little damage, but are frozen solid by cold spells and can then be defeated with normal attacks. Burn is primarily a method for dealing with a nuisance, but Tar Men give more experience when defeated after hit with Frost, making them a great way to level up Ryu early on. If either Rei or Teepo learned Frost you'll need to use Skill Ink to teach Ryu the Skill.

While we're on the subject of teaching Ryu new Skills, Double Blow is a solid attack that will get used on Ryu constantly as he crosses Mt. Myrneg. Might as well grab it while you're here.

Mt. Myrneg


  • Nut Mage - Steal Molotov, Drop Berries / Molotov
  • NutTroop - Steal Berries, Drop Broad Sword, Learn Double Blow
  • Ripper - Steal Berries, Drop Swallow Eye, Learn Blind
  • Tar Man - Steal Clay Vase, Drop MultiVitamin

Mt. Myrneg is a relatively short mountain trail. Head southeast of the entrance and you'll find a 'friendly' Tar Man who will hint at his kind's weakness to icy attacks. In the chest beside the Tar Man is an Icicle, which you can use in combat to hit a single enemy with an ice attack. This essentially gives Ryu a one-off for beating Tar Men if you didn't teach him Frost.

Follow the path further southeast and you'll come to a rope ladder. There are a number of rope ladders leading up to the same path, which can make this are a touch confusing in terms of navigation. There are a number of different routes you can take to different items:

  • If you make your way northwest along the cliff ledges you'll find a drop that will take you back to the entrance of Mt. Myrneg. To the east of here, on a little clearing by itself, is a bag containing 200 zenny.
  • If you stick to the lower end of the mountain and make your way east you'll find a ladder down to an apple tree. Head northeast of here to find two more trees. Rotate your camera and you'll spot a hidden Protein between the trees.
  • If you stick to the cliffs near where you found the Protein you'll find a series of ladders leading northwest. Between two of the ladders and running along the northeastern edge of the map is a side path. This path leads to a chest containing a Bat Amulet. The chest is out of sight so you'll need to twist the camera around to spot it.

To exit Mt. Myrneg you'll need to look for a drop to the west of where you found the Bat Amulet. Head southwest from the drop to find a ladder, then further west to find another ladder. Keep following the path to the northeast of here and you'll find the exit...

... as well as some unwelcome company. Yep, it's the horse brothers again, and you'd best get used to them, as they play the primary antagonists of Ryu's story for a while. They'll beat the snot out of Ryu,, discover that he's of value to them, and cart him off to Wyndia in a wholly unexpected - and unpleasant - fashion. Poor kid.

Part 10: Wyndia Catacombs

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