Main Walkthrough

Occasionally while playing through Chained Echoes you'll come across two types of items that lack explanation. The first are Rusty Weapons; the other are Souls of Farnese. Both wind up in your Key Items inventory, a sure sign that they're important, but you won't find out why they're important until the end of the game.

To use these enigmatic items you need to complete the side quest A Hammer Beating in the Sky. To unlock this quest you first need to reach the final few rooms of Magic Academy Nhysa, the last dungeon before beating the game. Just after you beat Whyatt and head into the heart of the Academy you'll find a courtyard, and if you enter the door to the left at the north end of the courtyard you'll find a small study. Check the note on the desk to trigger A Hammer Beating in the Sky.

Head back to the overworld and use your airship to fly off the west coast of Valandis. Here you'll find a small, floating island. Land here and you'll find the home of Vaehl, a mighty blacksmith with a reputation for creating powerful weapons. Said weapons are scattered all over Valandis, and have devolved over the years into rusted husks. Vaehl can bring their potential back to the surface... assuming, of course, that you can bring him the Souls of Farnese that are also scattered throughout Valandis.

This guide will help you track down all of the Rusted Weapons and Souls of Farnese in Chained Echoes. Finding all of them will require a lot of hard work and exploration, but the weapons you get are stronger than anything your characters will ever wield otherwise.

Rusty Weapon Locations

Rusty Sword - Durandal

Glenn's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Sword is one of the rewards you receive for completing the side quest Into the Maelstrom, which also serves as your introduction to Magnolia. You'll unlock Into the Maelstrom after completing the main story quest Searching for a Princess.

Rusty Spear - Gae Bulg

Lenne's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Spear is located in the same shrine as the Heroes of Leonar statue that grants you the Rune Knight Class Emblem. To reveal the location of the shrine you need to complete the Empyrean Ruins, collect the Church Key in the final room of the dungeon, travel to the southeastern map of the Flower Fields of Perpetua, and enter the locked church found in the desert. Checking a painting inside the church will reveal stone tablets, which, in turn, will reveal the location of the shrine in the north of Valandis.

Rusty Bow - Pinaka

Robb's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Bow is one of the rewards you receive for completing the side quest No Place for Happy Endings. You'll unlock this side quest by traveling to Flandern, the village on the west side of the Kortara Mountain Range, once you've completed the main story quest Chained Echoes.

Rusty Rapier - Pappenheimer

Victor's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Rapier is located in a locked mansion in the middle of Rohlan Fields central lake. You'll need to collect the Manor Key from the ridge above the Eternal Flame Temple, in the northwest of Rohlan Fields, to open the mansion. You can do both of these things once you have Sky Armor.

Rusty Katana - Masamune

Sienna's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Katana is made available for you if you complete the side quest Two-Winged Angel. You need to complete the main quest Chained Echoes to unlock this quest. Completing Two-Winged Angel requires you to purchase the Balthasar Sky Armor from Norgant, in the central area of the Kortara Mountain Range, for 50,000a. Once you've done this Norgant will put the Rusty Katana up for sale as well.

Rusty Gun - Jager

Amalia's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Gun is located in the Camp in the south of the Fiorwoods. You need to recruit Jack, the woodsman, who spends most of the game trying to clear the woods in the north of the Camp. Once Jack is done clearing out the trees you can check the area to find a chest containing the Rusty Gun.

Rusty Gunspear - Vel

Egyl's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Gunspear is located in the southeast region of Flying Continent Shambala, on one of three isolated islands. You'll need to deactivate the ether cannons of Shambala before you can fly down to this map and collect the Rusty Gunspear.

Rusty Amulet - Lapis Lazuli Amulet

Ba'Thraz's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Amulet is located in the shrine to the Heroes of Leonar statue dedicated to the Pyromancer Class Emblem. As with the Rusty Spear, you need to collect a few things before you can get at the Rusty Amulet, though unlocking the Rusty Spear will make it relatively simple to get at the Rusty Amulet as well.

Rusty Knuckles - Vajra-Mushti

Mikah's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Knuckles are obtained by chaining together a minimum of 96 completed objectives on the Reward Board.

Rusty Anchor - Northilol

Tomke's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Anchor is obtained as a side effect of completing the side quest A Little Vacation, which will take you to several places across Valandis. Once the side quest is done you'll unlock a small oceanside resort on an island in the southeast of Valandis. The Rusty Anchor is sitting on the beach.

Rusty Greatsword - Sin Eater

Raphael's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Greatsword is held by a secretive merchant living in the north of the Ograne Grottos. To reach their hiding place you need to obtain the Elevator Key from the same room in Nhysa where you unlocked A Hammer Beating in the Sky. Use the elevator on the third floor of Raminas Tower to descend to the ground floor, where you'll find a path into Ograne Grottos. The merchant is in a room just south of the locked door leading to the elevator that originally took you down into Nhysa.

Rusty Cards - Royal Cards

Magnolia's ultimate weapon. The Rusty Cards are rewarded to you for defeating all of the Unique Monsters on the Reward Board. Speak to the Guild Leader in Tormund to receive the cards.

Souls of Farnese Locations

The Rusty Weapons won't do you much good on their own, so you'll also need to track down the twelve Souls of Farnese. They're typically located inside gleaming golden boxes, though you can also find them in a few other places as well.
  • Reward Board - Create a chain of completed objectives 112 tiles long
  • Hermit's Isle - In the rear of the base, near the drinking hall; must fully upgrade the base
  • Hermit's Isle - Recruit Triony, fully upgrade the base, then speak to Triony on the western dock
  • Somewhere in Valandis (southeast) - Complete A Little Vacation
  • Arkant Archipelago - Deactivate the ether cannons and check the cliffs in the northwestern region
  • Arkant Archipelago - Enter the village of L'yehr (using the Diving Bell on the whirlpool in the southwest or via the door in the southeast, if your base is fully-upgraded), then check for a secret passage in the southeast of the village that leads north
  • Flower Fields of Perpetua - String together fungus paths in the southwestern region
  • Flower Fields ot Perpetua - Look for a huge X in the sand on the eastern edge of the southern desert, just before you enter the southeastern region of the map - the Soul is buried in the middle of the X
  • Baalrut Tunnel / Narslene Sewers - Enter the sewers via the tunnel, then redirect the water flow through the pipes to the north and jump in
  • Baalrut Tunnel / Rohlan Fields - Check the south / southeast of Baalrut Tunnel for handholds leading up to Rohlan Fields
  • Kortara Mountain Range - Complete Two-Winged Angel, then buy one from Norgant
  • Kortara Mountain Range - Begin No Place for Happy Endings, then search the rooftops of Rymeier Castle

Main Walkthrough