Main Walkthrough


  • Adamant Crab - Strong to Water, weak to Wind - Drops Adamant Shell - Can steal
  • Purple Whale - Strong to Water, weak to Wind - Drops Sperm
  • Sea Monk - Strong to Water, weak to Wind - Drops Gobbly Tentacle
  • Support Drone Wielder - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind
  • Sword Wielder - Strong to Earth, weak to Wind - Drops Scrap of Iron

Loot and Materials

  • asd
  • Bowler
  • Caramel
  • Common Lotus
  • Disappointing Seashell
  • Idea of a Corgi
  • Regular Bottle
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Scarab
  • Wet Wood

A small, beachside area complete with its own little town, the Arkant Archipelago is a bit removed from all the frontline action in Valandis. True, there's a Taryn base nearby, but the soldiers seem content to leave the people alone... for the most part. 

The Arkant Archipelago is located along the southeastern beaches of Valandis. You can first come here once you unlock the airship. Doing so is highly recommended, not only because of the items you can find hereabouts, but because you can recruit a new character in the process.

Arkant Archipelago - Northeast

When you land you'll wind up in the seaside village in the northeast of the archipelago. Your crew will note the presence of AA guns that can shoot down Sky Armor, forcing you to stay in hover mode until you've deactivated all of the guns. Can do. 

Before you do anything else, head west from the landing spot. Almost immediately you'll hit a cut scene with a bizarre old man named Tomke, who will fall out of the sky. Tomke has lost his memory, and he needs help getting it back. Meeting Tomke will trigger the quest The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry, and completing said quest will put Tomke in your party. (And given how easy it is to complete said quest, you might as well.)

Tomke aside, there are a few other things you can do before you depart the village:

  • Right near the landing spot from the airship is a house. Inside you'll find a Meal on a shelf to the left.
  • Enter the water on the east side of the village and you'll find a flooded forest in the northeast. There's a squad of four Sea Monks in here. Head through the forest to the northeast and you'll find a chest containing three Demon Leathers, as well as a conspicuous pile of rubble. Bash through the rubble to find a chest containing seven Ancient Skulls.
  • North of the Sea Monks you'll find a cave. It leads you back outside, where you'll find sheltered passages to what appears to be an empty clearing. If you fumble around in this passage you'll find another hidden path leading west, to the northwestern area of the archipelago. Here you'll find an empty house. Check in the rear of it to find a tunnel that will take you to a chest containing 900a. Beside the house is another chest, containing 2a. Yippee. The east-west hidden tunnel will also take you to the first of the ASAC gun emplacements, which you can deactivate.
  • Also in the northeast of the flooded forest, though accessible by approaching from the south, you'll find a clearing with two Amber Crystals. There are also two partially-hidden buried treasure signs among the trees to the south, and they're pointing to a cluster of trees just west of the Amber Crystals. Check the trees on the opposite side of the crystal formations for a hidden ATK Up Crystal.
  • South of the Amber Crystals you can hop out of your Sky Armor in the shallows and walk south. You'll find five Adamant Crabs down here. They're tough primarily because there are five of them, though every time you take one out things get substantially easier. The Crabs are guarding a red chest that contains a Water Belt.

Arkant Archipelago - Northwest

  • Along the beach in the northeast of this area you'll find a fortune teller named Tellha. She'll happily join the Crimson Wings and jump back to Hermit's Isle when you speak to her.
  • Also along the beach you can run into a Unique Monster known as Otter Nobunaga. To make the otter appear you need to remove everyone's equipment (accessories excepted) and enter / reenter the area. He'll be waiting, and you can reequip everyone and get into a fight.
  • In the north of this area you'll find a cave in the water that's large enough to accomodate your Sky Armor. Inside is a sizable docking area with several fishing boats. Follow the eastern tunnel away from the docks and it will eventually lead you back outside, where you'll find another ASAC to deactivate. Near the emplacement is some rubble that you can bash out of the way to find a chest containing 1,900a.
  • In the west of this area you'll run into Purple Whales. They're fairly straightforward melee opponents. Southwest of the Whales you'll find a small island with two Amber Crystals, as well as a chest containing a Silence Resistance Crystal.

Arkant Archipelago - Southwest
  • In the southwest of this area is a conspicuous whirlpool. Hmm. Can't do anything with it right away, though.
  • There's a giant island in the middle of this area. Check the north end of the island for a chest containing Exchange Parts and an Amber Crystal, and the south end for a metal box containing a Glaive V200
  • In the middle of the island is a huge growth of coral, and if you look south of the cave entrance you'll find a buried treasure sigil. A little down and to the left of the sigil is a hidden Tank's RAM. The cave will take you to the upper section of the island, where you'll find an Amber Crystal nearby and another ASAC across the bridge to the west.
  • A short trip northwest of the treasure sigil in the coral growth is a heap of rubble. Bust it up to reveal a cave containing six Demon Leathers.
While you're exploring the island you'll also notice a statue to the Heroes of Leonar in the south. We need to get rid of the last ASAC before you can get at it.

Arkant Archipelago - Southeast

The final section of the Arkant Archipelago is the Taryean base. When you first enter from the north you'll run into two Sword Wielders and a Support Drone Wielder, so make sure you stay in your Sky Armor. They're nothing special.

Once the enemy Sky Armor is out of the way, head south through the base, then clockwise around the central building. You'll wind up near the last ASAC, and deactivating it will allow you to fly around in your Sky Armor rather than hovering. Now you can explore a little more freely:

  • In the north of this island you can run into a Unique Monster called Hairy Otter. You need to fill the front ranks of your party with magic users (Lenne, Victor, Ba'Thraz, Amalia, or Magnolia) to make him appear.
  • In the northeast and northwest of the island you'll find Amber Crystals. South of the eastern crystal you'll find a chest containing two Ancient Skulls.
  • In the southwest of the island you'll find a cave that connects to two other caves on the east side. Entering on this side will allow you to get at a red chest containing Dragon Mail.
  • In the south of the main island you'll find a little offshoot island that's covered in trees. In the middle of it is a patch of sand, and to the north and south of the sand are signs pointing to buried treasure. Check the trees and plants to the northwest of the sand to find two hidden Fine Wools.
  • Also on this offshoot island you'll find a mystery door. Inside you'll find a Phioan, guarding the entrance to a village. You aren't allowed in here, so... scoot. Go on. (Look below for details on how to get inside.)

Head back to the southwestern section of the Arkant Archipelago. Now that your Sky Armor can fly again you're able to get up to the statue of the Heroes of Leonar, on the south end of the large island. Praying to the statue will pit you against no less than ten Adamant Crabs. If you manage to survive this onslaught - which is no mean feat, and requires a lot of AOE attacks on your part - you'll receive the Summoner Emblem, sigil of Leanna the Summoner.

Almost done. Head back to the northwest before you leave. Along the northern cliffs of the northwestern area you'll find a metal box and a golden box, containing Support Drones D200 and a Soul of Farnese.

Phior Village of L'yehr

For much of Chained Echoes the two big question marks of the Arkant Archipelago - the whirlpool and the guarded door - remain mysteries. It's not until you're much further into the game that you'll discover that both serve as doorways into the village of L'yehr, an underwater home to the Phior. There are two ways to enter L'yehr:
Regardless of how you get inside, you can now explore L'yehr. It's not massive, but there are a few things to pick up before you move on:
  • There's a bridge spanning the east side of L'yehr, north to south. Next to the south side of the bridge is a secret wall leading east, to a red chest containing a Maltet. If you go through the wall to the right of the chest and walk north you'll find another hidden passage leading to a golden box. Inside is a Soul of Farnese.
  • In the northeast of L'yehr, next to the bridge, is a red-topped house. Enter it from the north end and you can get at a chest containing eight Rainbow Ores.
  • In the southwest of L'yehr you'll see a barely-hidden chamber with a chest containing four Blood Stones. Walk through the wall to open the chest, then check the wall to the left of the chest for a much-better-hidden passage that leads north. It will take you to a red chest containing a Tekko.

Main Walkthrough