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An artificial island built way out at sea, the Hooge is a trading groud for clan members and ne'er-do-wells all over Valandis. Peaceful and prosperous, the Hooge is a must-visit at least once if you want a new party member. It's also worth of return visits, as the Hooge offers some nifty services not found elsewhere in Valandis.

In order to reach The Hooge you must first begin the side quest The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry. Speak to Tomke after the introductory cut scene and you'll sail out to the Hooge. Once Tomke is on your team the Hooge will appear in the southeastern seas of Valandis, and you can fly out there any time you like. (Though note that Fast Travel is not an option.)

There are plenty of things to see on the Hooge, and though you can't access them all immediately upon arrival, it's good to get familiar with everything you can do on this steel monument to commercialism.



The six treasures found on the Hooge are sitting more or less out in the open, but they'll require you to travel to the east side of the area. To do this you'll need to climb the stairs to the captain's quarters, go around them, and hop onto the moving platform that constantly bops east and west. For efficiency's sake we'll start on the east side of the Hooge and make our way back to the west.

  • There's a ladder to your right after you drop down from the landing spot for the moving platform. In the northeast of the Hooge, up this ladder, you'll find a chest containing two Platinum Ores.
  • Just east of one of the Hooge's employees roughing up a piggish customer you'll find a chest containing a Sacred Water
  • As you head back west along the lower level on the east side of the Hooge you'll see a doorway. Enter it, walk north, then walk west. You'll emerge near a metal box containing Exorcist RAM.
  • South of where you pick up the Exorcist RAM is a drop that will take you waaaaaay down, to the Hooge's lowest level, near the water. Head west after making the jump and you'll find a chest containing two Exchange Parts.
  • Climb back up to the Hooge's west side via the ladder at the end of the path where you found the Exchange Parts. Head north once you're back on the main platform, then swing left. You'll find a ladder down to a chest containing Fine Wool.
  • Trek southeast, along the southern edge of the Hooge. You'll find a short walkway with a chest containing 1,500a on its right end.


In addition to the treasures above, you can also recruit a new member for the Crimsion Wings on the Hooge. In the southeast corner of the Hooge you'll find a construction worker named Gormit who can't stand traveling the seas, as it upsets his stomach. Gormit will happily join your crew if asked, and will help upgrade your base when he moves to Hermit's Isle.

Upgrading the Dayajir

While exploring The Hooge you'll find a sort of engine room / dining area, just east of the merchants. On the left side of this section of the ship is a technician who is normally very busy. If you bring her the Dayajir Sky Armor and the Dayajir's Soul, however, she can combine the two, creating the Dayajir FD, a powerful piece of equipment.

You'll need to do some exploring to receive both pieces of the puzzle:

Main Walkthrough