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This guide is under heavy construction. As I find more recruits I'll add them here.

Partway through Chained Echoes you'll become the leader of a clan known as the Crimson Wings, and part of leading a clan is growing the clan. To do this you'll need to recruit new members as you travel the world. There are potential recruits scattered all over Valandis, and some of them can be difficult to track down.

Your base on Hermit's Isle will get steadily nicer as you recruit more and more characters, particularly the builders and construction workers. The island undergoes four stages:

  • Rank I - No buildings
  • Rank II - Construction begins, no buildings
  • Rank III - Wooden houses, updated interior to the cave
  • Rank IV - Brick houses - Can find a Puckle Gun on the second floor of the tavern, a Knightly Sword, a Life Thread, a Plot Armor, and a Mystic Ring on the second floor of the store, and a Soul of Farnese in the rear of the interior of the base, near the drinking hall

This guide will help you locate all of the recruits in Chained Echoes. Each time you find one they will improve your base, Hermit's Isle, in some way, so recruiting them all is worth the extra effort.


Unlocked: Complete Storming Tormund

A researcher, Archy is located in the southwest of Flying Continent Shambala. To reach his lonely little island you first need to disable the two ether cannons of Shambala. Check the eastern-most island in the southwest area of Shambala once you can fly around in Sky Armor to find Archy.

When Archy first arrives he'll appear outside the house to the east of the Fast Travel Crystal. He'll talk about upgrading buildings. Once you've fully upgraded Hermit Isle's buildings he'll move to the diplomatic offices in the east.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

A frozen monk who is somehow alive, Bao is located on Mount Rydell. Fly there in the Himmelskaiser - on the world map it's located in roughly the northwest of Valandis - and you'll appear on the peak. Up here you'll find Bao, and aftter he suffers through a conversation with Sienna and Robb the monk will join your clan.

Bao will hang out on top of a tree in the north of Hermit's Isle. Once you've recruited Bao there is a 50% chance that you will gain additional SP whenever you defeat an enemy.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

The surly, rude, lunchless miner of Rockbottom, Bernd is in his home on the east side of town. When you enter the house he'll be fighting with his wife - who swiftly becomes not his wife - and Bernd will force his way into the clan. Okay then.

Bernd can be found in the back cavern of your base once he's recruited, just west of the dining hall. In all likelihood he excavates this area once you raise the rank of your clan.

Bernd's Wife (?)

Unlocked: Complete Chained Echoes

The surly, rude, lunch-making miner's maybe-wife of Rockbottom, Bernd's Wife is in her home on the east side of town, right where you found Bernd. She's angry about Bernd doing well on Hermit's Isle, and will take a 'vacation' to go see him. Check on Bernd near the rear of the base and the two will get into another argument.

Once she's part of the crew Bernd's Wife (who is now Never his Wife to Begin with) will hang out in the tavern on the west side of Hermit's Isle. If you speak to her she will set the kind of Crystals you mine from Crystal Sources, including back to a random assortment of Crystals.


Unlocked: Complete Storming Tormund

A construction worker, Bob is a pretty straightforward guy. You'll find him on the west side of Tormund, in the middle of the park. He'll ask if you want help upgrading your base. You do. Job done.

When you recruit Bob he will help upgrade Hermit's Isle, essentially turning it into a town. You'll find him standing on the east side of town.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

The first blacksmith you met in the game, Deimsch is still hanging out at his shop in the northwest of Farnsport's Bazaar. Speak to him and, sick of the Tarynean occupation of his home, he and his wife will move to Hermit's Isle.

When you first recruit Deimsch he will move into the east wing of the interior of Hermit's Isle, near Falora, though he talks about wanting a 'proper' building. Once you upgrade Hermit's Isle to a proper town Deimsch will move into the store on the east side of the island, and his anvil will go with him.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

A roaming musician, Eddie is part of a band that you'll see in Farnsport early in the game. You won't run into the band again until you have your airship, at which point you'll see them on their own airship, roaming the skies at random. (I found them in the west.) Hop aboard and the band will scoff at your offer to join the clan... save for Eddie, who is sick of the skies.

Eddie will hang out on the stage in Hermit Isle's drinking hall, though he won't be useful until you've upgraded the base twice. Once Hermit's Isle looks more like a town Eddie will play any song from Chained Echoes' soundtrack for you.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

The first new recruit you'll receive is Falora, and she more or less joins the Crimson Wings on her own. Head to the southern dock on Hermit's Isle during your first visit and Falora will force her way into the clan.

Falora has a stall in the east wing of the interior of your base, and provides fortunetelling services. Give her 1,000a and she'll provide you with a hint that can lead you to a new recruit.


Unlocked: Complete Chained Echoes and A Little Vacation

To unlock Fridolyn you must first meet Fridolyn, which involves battling the mage - and his creations - during the side quest A Little Vacation. This will relocate him to a small island in the southeast of Valandis, and once you've reached the near-endgame you can go back there and recruit him to the Crimson Wings, along with his piggies.

Fridolyn will hang out with his pigs in the northeast of Hermit's Isle, tending to the field there.


Unlocked: Complete Chained Echoes

A monk to the extreme, Gimaj is located on the west side of the Ograne Grottos. To reach him you need to complete, at a minimum, the side quest The Gates to Nhysa. You can get Incocybin Berries for beating the Tadeyes in this area from the Goblin Village, or you can just enter and leave the area until they disappear. Head west, towards the Heroes of Leonar statue, then go north and down the cliff you find. Gimaj is under a waterfall on your right.

Gimaj will relocate himself atop a tree in the northwest of Hermit's Isle. With Gimaj in the Crimson Wings there is a 50% chance that you'll receive extra SP whenever you win a battle.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

A construction worker who can't stand being on the sea, Gormit is located on The Hooge. To reach The Hooge you need to travel to the Arkant Archipelago, on the southeast coast of Valandis, and trigger the quest The Food, the Chap, and the Hungry. Speaking to Tomke, the old man who joins your party, will send you to The Hooge, which will thereafter appear in the southeastern seas on the airship map. Gormit is puking up his guts in the southeast area of The Hooge, and will happily join your crew.

Gormit will appear outside your base on Hermit's Isle. He'll help improve the base over time as you gather more recruits. Once the base is fully upgraded he'll move to the southeastern beach.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

An insurance agent who doesn't seem to belong in this time period, Guy is located in New Wyrnshire. Enter the large dormitory building in the south half of the town, climb to the second floor, and exit onto the roof via the door in the south. To the northwest you can exit to the northern half of the town. Follow walkways between buildings until you reach a stretch of merchants. Guy is at the east end of their stalls, and he'll join the party without delay.

When Guy first arrives on Hermit's Isle he'll stand near the drinking hall and complain that his fellow clansfolk don't have enough money to pay for his insurance policies. Once you've fully upgraded Hermit's Isle he'll move into the diplomatic offices on the east side of the island.


Unlocked: Complete Chained Echoes

An enthusiastic lumberjack, Jack is located in the Camp in the Fiorwoods. To reach the Camp you'll need to proceed south from the Fiorwoods' central area and walk through some hidden pathways. Jack is near the north end of the camp, and will join you on the spot. Check the pathway he cleared to find a red chest containing a Rusty Gun.

Jack will set himself up in the northeast of Hermit's Isle. Once you've recruited Jack your base will reach its fullest level of potential, at least as far as the buildings are concerned.

Kayn Sivar

Unlocked: Complete Storming Tormund

An airship pilot with something of a cutthroat reputation, Kayn Sivar is making a stopoff in Farnsport when you first meet him. You'll find him if you enter Farnsport through its northern entrance from the Rohlan Fields, or just enter that general area. Kayn is in need of a change of gear in his life, and decides to join the Crimson Wings as a means of helping others. Good on 'im.

Kayn will relocate himself to the north end of Hermit's Isle, right beside Haku. With Kayn in the clan you can now purchase alternate airships from one of the vendors on The Hooge.


A dog with some interesting linguistical quirks, Linus spends his days running around Tormund. You'll find Linus in the Underground City, bopping from place to place, and he will immediately join your party if you catch up and speak to him. Good boy?

Return to Hermit's Isle and you'll find Linus up on the stage in the drinking hall. Speak to Linus and he'll, uh, 'emit' random sound effects.


Unlocked: Complete Storming Tormund

A hammer-headed purveyor of goods, Murchand is located in the mountain village of Flandern, along the Kortara Mountain Range. Murchand is standing in the northwest of the village, just south of a church. He doesn't know what to do with his life, and if you tell him he needs a change he'll decide to join the Crimson Wings.

Murchand is a merchant, and he'll relocate to the ground floor of Hermit's Isle, in the northeast. He'll sell basic restorative items. (He'll also transform into a pig, for some reason? That doesn't seem right.) Once you've upgraded your base to its third level Murchand will relocate to a store on the east side of Hermit's Isle.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

A luckless fisherman, Pavel has been stranded at sea for a decade. You'll find his tiny raft off the southwestern shores of Valandis, accessible by your airship alone. Pavel seems pretty content with his life, though if you tell him that it's never too late to start a new one Glenn will offer the fisherman a place among the Crimson Wings.

Pavel will park himself on your base's western dock. Speak to him and he'll give you a random Material, at a rate of one per in-game hour. Revisit Pavel between quests and he'll usually have something new for you.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

Pignon, a strange mushroomy fellow, lives in the waters in the north end of the Flower Fields of Perpetua. To find him you need to walk up the path towards the entrance to the Leviathan's Trench, a short distance from where your party camped out earlier in the game. For some reason Lenne and Sienna will agree to Pignon's suggestion to have a bath, and, impressed with the water, they will invite him to join the clan.

Pignon will set up a bath in one of the lower levels of your base. It will look substantially nicer once you've fully upgraded Hermit's Isle.


Unlocked: Complete Storming Tormund

Thopas, a miner who is desperate for work, is located in the northeast section of Flying Continent Shambala. To reach him you need to first deactivate the ether cannons of Shambala. Once you do you can use your Sky Armor to fly around, allowing you to soar to the island where he's waiting. Thopas will immediately join you when you mention employment.

Thopas will plant himself in the smithing area of your shop, on the east side of Hermit's Isle. With Thopas on your team, every Crystal Source that you mine will yield an additional Crystal.


Unlocked: Complete Storming Tormund

Triony is a fisherman living along the poorer sections of the Docks in Farnsport, and if you've visited this area earlier in the game there's a good chance you've seen him already. Triony is sick of the big city, and wants to move elsewhere. He'll happily join the Crimson Wings if you speak to him.

Triony will relocate himself to the western dock on Hermit's Isle, right beside Pavel. He keeps telling you to come back later, at least until you've fully upgraded your base. Once you have, speak to Triony again and he'll fish you up a Soul of Farnese.


Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

Your catrographer buddy, Vesta is stuck on an island in the middle of a lake. You'll find him just south of Rockbottom and the Kortara Mountain Range, roughly in the southeast of Valandis. The island is covered in arrows, so it's difficult to miss once you're in the right area.

Vesta will hang out near the Fast Travel Crystal on Hermit's Isle. Once you have him on your team a new icon will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen whenever you enter an area, displaying how many chests you still need to open. Very handy.


Unlocked: Complete Chained Echoes

A merchant, Zellor is found in a campsite full of researchers in the Flower Fields of Perpetua. You'll find the campsite in the southeastern desert, northeast of the church in the middle of the area. Zellor has grown tired of their company, and decides to join the Crimson Wings instead.

Zellor will take up residence in the store on the east side of Hermit's Isle. Once you've recruited Zellor merchants will sell you items at a reduced price.

Item Fortune Teller

Unlocked: Complete Three Months Later

You'll find a second fortune teller on the beaches of the Arkant Arkant Archipelago, along the southeastern shores of Valandis. Head west of where you appear and, on the next screen over, you'll find her waiting. She'll join the party on the spot.

(Confession time: I think her name is Tehlla, but I'm not 100% sure because I forgot to take a screenshot and saved too quickly. I don't want to throw the name up until I'm certain, which I can't, because I can't seem to find her on Hermit's Isle. I've checked the place over a dozen times, but, nada. I have a feeling she's located in a rear cave that is currently blocked. Once I figure this all out I'll update this entry.)


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