Main Walkthrough

Reward Board: 1,000a, 25 SP

This odd side quest can begin long before you even know that it's a side quest, during your first trip to Basil on the Rohlan Fields. If you check out the north of Basil, near the water, you'll find a scarecrow that will trigger some conversation among the party. Mind its location, then head southwest through Basil. Behind some buildings you'll see a carrot, waving in the wind. Inspect the carrot, and it will... run off?

Chase the carrot through town, first to the center of town, then north, then towards the scarecrow. You'll eventually corner the little creep, triggering a fight against Carrie, Mush, Peppa, Brocko Lee, and Cornelia, a gang of sentinent vegetables. Despite the odds being stacked against you this fight is pretty easy, as the veggies are all weak to fire... and often skip their turns. Target Brocko Lee first to stop it from healing the rest. You can steal Copper Nuggets from Mush and Brocko Lee. That isn't the end, however...


Strength: Water
Weakness: Fire
Steal: Meal

Okay then. A combination of the five veggies into a single, delishious shish kebab, Shashlik is surprisingly tough for such a silly-looking amalgam. It uses beefed-up versions of the individual members' attacks:

  • Act Twice, which allows Shashlik to go twice in a row - It will use this on its first turn, and you can't use Cleanse to get rid of it
  • Super Carrote Shop, hitting one person for physical damage
  • Super Pepper Pain, hitting everyone in the party with fire damage
  • Super Lick, which can potentially paralyze one or more party members
  • Super Corny Lullaby, which can potentially put one or more party members to sleep
  • Super Bro Heal, which heals Shashlik for around 100 HP
Shashlik wouldn't be half as deadly if it weren't for Act Twice, as it has the potential to hit you twice over with Super Pepper Pain. Even if that nightmare scenario doesn't happen, you still need to worry about your Overdrive getting pushed into the red constantly. 

As with most battles, you should begin this fight by hitting Shashlik with every debuff in the book. Glenn's Ultra Move is fantastic for this, as it will deaden all of Shashlik's offensive capabilities for a while, giving you a chance to set up. Kylian's Aim Leg is, as ever, compulsary for slowing your foe down. Buffing the defenses of your own party isn't a bad idea either, while Shashlik is weakened by debuffs.

Poison and bleed Shashlik, then start pummelling it with fire attacks - but not too quickly. You want to keep the Overdrive meter nice and low, between the border of yellow and green, so Shashlik can't suddenly knock it up into Overheat. If this means defending or using the occasional move that does nothing, then that's what you'll have to do. If Shashlik gets off two Super Pepper Pains when you're in Overheat then the fight is probably over.

Defeat Shashlik and it will disappear without explanation. In front of the scarecrow you'll find the Shashlik, a weapon for Lenne. For a long while that's all there is to this quest...

... until you reach New Wyrnshire, and pay it a visit in your airship. In the northern half of the ramshackle town you'll find an orange, lizardman merchant on the second street from the south. He swears up and down that he's seen a carrot that moves, and, no surprise, it's the same one as before. Once you've beaten Carrie and its gang the merchant will be relieved to know he's not crazy. He'll also reveal that the veggie gang is back, and will mark their position on your map.

Hop on your airship and the map will briefly linger over some trees to the west of New Wyrnshire before snapping back to your airship. Take a trip over and, on a tree-filled path, you'll run into the carrot again. What a little nuisance. It's far less aggressive this time, though, and will lead you to a farmhouse.

Enter the house and you'll find brooms sweeping on their own, as well as a pair of pigs eating at the dining room table on the first floor. They will flee when you approach, and you'll need to chase them up to the second-floor balcony. They'll jump down to ground level, then flee west. Follow and you'll wind up in a battle with a... drunken pig farmer.


Type: Human
Strength: None
Weakness: None
Steal: Nothing

Yeah, so... yeah. Okay. Fridolyn is a man on a pig, and he appears to have magical powers to boot. That explains a few things. You can expect the following attacks from this purveyor of porcine prestidigitation:

  • Fire, which hits everyone for Fire damage
  • Earth, which hits everyone for Earth damage
  • Water, which hits everyone for Water damage
  • Wind, which hits everyoe for Wind damage
Yep. Pretty straightforward. Fridolyn isn't fast or strong enough to do much harm to your party unless everyone's underleveled. He has a lot of health, so the fight will probably take a while, but it's not difficult. Keep an eye on everyone's TP and heal as needed.

You'll earn a Grimoire Shard for defeating Fridolyn and his giant pig. In the aftermath he'll explain his story - it's a bit sadder than everything surrounding it suggests - and things will end more or less happily. The team will receive a Soul of Farnese for helping Fridolyn get his groove back.

All done? Not quite. When you return to your airship from the farm the camera will, again, linger on the map for a moment before snapping back to you. This time it jumps to a small island to the south of the farm. Fly over and you'll find a little resort vacation, tucked away from the world's worries. Fridolyn is hanging out here with his pigs, enjoying the sun. Check the beach on the west side of the resort for a Rusty Anchor before you leave.

Main Walkthrough