Main Walkthrough

Originally a prosperous, powerful nation on the east coast of Valandis, Wyrnshire has been reduced to poverty in the wake of the first Grand Grimoire attack. Now it exists as New Wyrnshire, a muddy, metallic town filled with hungry mouths and priests eager to generate new converts. Things could be worse, but they could be a lot better, too.

Several events will take you to New Wyrnshire, but they seem to revolve around visiting the throne room. As such it's easy to miss out on the rest of the town, which you can reach via your airship. This guide will help you find all the points of interest in New Wyrnshire, of which there are many.

New Wyrnshire - South
  • Down an alley in the southeast of town, east of the entrance, you'll find a chest containing an Elastic Wing.
  • Also in the southeast is a small tavern. In the tavern's back room you'll find Sweets in a drawer. Climb to the roof and you'll find two Sages in a chest, on your left.
  • On the east side of New Wyrnshire you'll find a weapon's store. If you're coming here right after you get the airship you'll be pleasantly surprised, as the available equipment is a step up from where you are now. There's also an anvil for immediately upgrading your new stuff. In the room to the right of the merchant you'll find 107a, and if you climb to the second floor you'll find a chest containing two Attack Overdrives. There's also a red chest in here, though you'll need to do some climbing elsewhere to get it.
  • In the middle of this area is a large dormitory that serves as the beds for the people of the town. Climb to the second floor and you'll find 223a in the room on your right. If you leave this upper floor to the south you'll appear on the roof. Check to the buildings to the east to find a door to the red chest from earlier, within which you'll find a Leather Breastplate. To the west along the rooftops you'll find a chest containing two Fine Wools, and if you look south of this chest you can walk through the wall to find another red chest. Inside it is an Earspoon.

New Wyrnshire - North
  • While you're on the rooftops, you should cross to the northern half of New Wyrnshire. Do so by heading northwest from the dorm building, then crossing the dark metal bars on your left when you enter the northern screen. Continue west and you'll find a chest containing two Platinum Ores.
  • North of this crossing spot between buildings you'll find a bridge over to a merchant, as well as a red chest containing Scale Armor. On the east side of this path you'll find Guy, an insurance agent who will join your clan. You can jump back to the ground via a slope between the merchant and Guy, which will bring you down near more merchants.
  • Along the central road running from east to west through this area you'll find an orange lizardman who speaks of a carrot that can move on its own. This man is the trigger for the side quest A Little Vacation, though if you've spent time in Basil you may know what he's talking about already.
  • In the southeast corner of the area you'll find a red chest containing Sunglasses. Run north, to the northeast corner of the area, and you'll find a chest containing an Ancient Skull.
  • On the west side of northern New Wyrnshire is a back alley where a priest is teaching some children. Near the priest is a chest containing three Tough Rips.
  • In the north of New Wyrnshire you'll occasionally come across a team of four platypuses roaming the streets at high speeds. If you follow them long enough they'll head to the northeast of town, circle one spot in the dirt several times, and head back south. Check the spot they were circling to find an Elixir.

In addition to everything above, you can also visit Wyrnshire Castle in the north. There's not a whole lot to see - you get redirected straight to the throne room, more or less - though the chest on the right side of the throne room is worth the trip, as it contains a Sacred Water.