• Croapier - Strong to Light, weak to Wind - Drops Dirty Jeton - Can steal Blood Stone
  • Soul Hoarder - Strong to Light - Drops Fractured Soul
(This guide covers the final, optional section of the Narslene Sewers. If you're making your first trip through the area you'll want this guide instead, and if you're making your second trip through the area you'll want this guide.)

Bet you didn't count on coming back here. The final section of the Narslene Sewers is hinted at early in Chained Echoes, but you can't get at it until more or less the very end of the game. To enter this part of the sewers you need to proceed through the eastern sections of the Ograne Grottos, into Baalrut Tunnel, and through a somewhat-hidden exit in the south of the tunnel. To even reach this section of the Ograne Grottos you'll need an Elevator Key from Magic Academy Nhysa, which you can use in Raminas Tower, making it all quite a process.

This area consists of a series of pipes that will sweep you around the area. You'll need to jump in and out of the pipes at the right time to grab everything in this area. Jump into the pipe near the entrance and it will sweep you east. Hop out when you see a chest to the north to grab three Blood Stones. The flow will take you in a loop, back to the entrance. 

Stay in the pipe until you're directed south. There's a gap in the pipe on your right that will put you in the flow of a different pipe. Ride the flow east and south, until you can't see your characters anymore. Keep riding the flow west until you pass a southbound pipe, then start walking against the pipe to the south. When your characters emerge they will get out of the water near two Croapiers, melee enemies that aren't a big deal. They're guarding a chest that contains four Divine Wools.

Hop back in the water and you'll be more or less back at the beginning. Ride the currents east, jumping out before you're swept south again. There's a chest here containing three Angel Wings. East of here is a pipe that will send you south. Jump out on your left and head southwest to run into a pair of Soul Hoarders. When defeated they will unleash their souls on you, causing damage, so make sure your team isn't weakened before killing one. If you jump out to the right of the pipe you'll find a lever, though it's missing its handle.

Ride the pipe south. You'll pop out near some stairs, as well as a lever. Pull the lever and you'll lower the water, allowing you go down the stairs and head west. This path leads to the first Heroes of Leonar statue you ever found, as well as the exit into Farnsport. Don't need to go this way, but good to know. 

Head east instead, though keep your eyes open for a southbound passage that will pit you against a Croapier and two Soul Hoarders. There are two more emptied chests here, and down in the water you'll find one that contains a Water Handle.

Head north of where you grabbed the Water Handle until you reach stairs. These will take you back to the pipes. Hop back into the current and ride it south, until you're next to the broken lever. You can use the Water Handle to fix the lever. This will reverse the flow of the water, and if you hop back in you'll be sent north. Hop out when the current ends to battle two Croapiers and a Soul Hoarder, all of whom are guarding the final prize: A golden box containing a Soul of Farnese.

Now that you've grabbed the Soul of Farnese you have some additional business to attend to in the south of the sewers and off to the east. Head that way, then veer south at the next intersection. You'll run into two Croapiers and a Soul Hoarder. East of them is a lever that will lower the water levels to the south.

Go down the stairs to the south of the intersection, then head east. When you climb back out of the water you'll run into a curious man named Boutrous, who will spew some poetry and then leap away. Alrighty then. East of Boutrous, whether you go north or south, you'll run into three Croapiers and a Soul Hoarder.

Ignore the lever the enemies were guarding for a moment and use the nearby stairs to climb into the culvert. Head north into another chamber and you'll find a chest to the west containing a Snack. At the top of the stairs in the far north is another chest, though this one has been plundered already. Take a guess who's responsible.

Head back the way you came, continuing to ignore that last lever. Follow the paths back west, trending north, and you'll find another lever, adjacent to one you activated earlier. Activate this one, too. This will raise a bridge to the north, allowing you to get at the lever on the left of the wall. Deactivate it, then head back the way you came. To the south of the two side-by-side levers are stairs, and you can now get at them thanks to the lever you just pulled. Somebody's waiting on the other side...!


Strength: Light
Weakness: Dark
Steal: Nothing

Uh... huh. This fight isn't terribly difficult, per se, but it's not exactly the joke you might initially peg it for either. Boutrous spends much of the battle wasting time, though when he decides to actually do something he can inflict a surprising amount of damage. You can expect the following attacks:
  • A normal attack, which sort of... puffs... multiple characters
  • A wasted turn where Boutrous fails to pick up his sword
  • Boutrous hops onto his dragon buddy's back, a sign that he's going to use Epic Poems soon
  • Bad Rhymes, which hits the whole party
  • Epic Poems, a much harder attack which hits the whole party
Boutrous can't be defeated through sheer force of arms, though you do need to keep hitting him to progress the battle. Normally Boutrous will either waste his turns, do his puffing attack, or use Bad Rhymes to hit the whole party. Do enough damage, though, and Boutrous will hop onto his dragon. On his next turn he'll use Epic Poems, which can do more than 300 points of damage and is capable of wiping your weaker party members. Eesh. 

Debuff Boutrous' offenses so he's not hitting you too hard, then just wallop him until he jumps onto the dragon. Bring in characters with lots of HP, buff everyone's defenses, use any moves that will allow you to avoid physical damage (Shadow Step or Egyl's Ultra Move), and wait. There's a good chance Epic Poems will take out a few of your party members. Bring back anyone who collapsed, heal up, and continue as before. Boutrous' attacks seem to hit harder after the first round, but the process doesn't change for the remainder of the fight. Survive three Epic Poems and Boutrous will... explode?

Well, maybe not. Still, that's the end of the fight. Once Boutrous is escorted from the field, check to the north to retrieve the prize he was guarding: The Water Tablet. That's all for the Narslene Sewers!