Main Walkthrough

Narslene Sewers

  • Bat - Strong to Water, Weak to Dark - Drops Thin Hide
  • Sewerdiver - Strong to Water, Weak to Wind - Drops Tin Ore - Can steal Tin Ore
Forced into stealing a gem by her miffed former comrades, Sienna has to trek through the Narslene Sewers and infiltrate a palace on her own. First thing's first: Expend Sienna's accumulated two GS, if you haven't already. Given that several of her moves are set up to execute a powerful attack move called Petal Storm, you might want to purchase Petal Storm itself.

Of particular note in Sienna's skillset is her Pilfer Skill. Pilfer allows you to steal items from enemies. Pilfer is an excellent Skill to keep equipped throughout Chained Echoes, as many monsters have valuable dosh that you can use to upgrade your equipment or sell to people. From this point on, if you have a chance to steal using Sienna, you should probably take it.

Follow the sewer path east and you'll run into a Bat. A few Yoko Giris and normal attacks will do it in. Past the bat and south you'll find a circuit of rafts flowing around the sewer. Hop onto one and ride it all the way around, until you're just right of where you jumped on in the first place. Hop off and you'll be just south of a chest containing four Tin Ores

Get back onto the rafts and ride them to the southwest, where you can again hop off. There's another Bat to fight on the central island. Follow the path north, east, and south, and suddenly Sienna will be accosted by an enormous sea beast... which just happens to be carrying Glenn and Kylian around. Huh. After some banter the trio decide to work together, as they're all trying to infiltrate the same palace. Make sure you expend Glenn and Kylian's GS before going any deeper into the sewers.

Keep following the path south until it branches off in two directions. Going south will take you to a chest containing two Magic Overdrives. Going west will bring you into conflict with a Bat and two Sewerdivers, the latter of which can poison you, pelt your team with watery attacks, and heal its own team. Nothing too serious.

Carry on west. You'll see a merchant to the south, at a crossroads, and he'll sell you some useful restorative items. You have multiple options before you at this point: 
  • Check along a thin pathway to the north of the merchant to find a partially-hidden chest. It contains two Antidotes
  • Hop onto the circling raft that's down the ladder to the north of the merchant. It will take you northeast, to a pathway where you'll find a chest containing two Coconut Fibers.
  • Check the twin pathways east of the merchant. There's a red chest here containing a Sturdy Aketon, a piece of armor for either Glenn or Kylian. If you take the lower path over to the chest you'll have to fight two Sewerdivers before you can claim your prize.
  • Head west and you'll have to fight three Bats and a Sewerdiver. All the way west you'll find two chests, one containing Sweets and the other two Buff Overdrives.
Also to the west you'll find a final raft, and just before you hop on you'll receive a warning that you're about to enter trickier territory, with no easy way out. This is your path forward, so once you've stocked up on restorative essentials at the merchant you'll need to get on the raft. Make sure you save first, as something nasty is about to come calling.


Strength: Water
Weakness: Wind
Steal: Copper Nugget (Krachan Physical Tentacle)

Of course you have to fight this thing. The Krachan consists of three tentacles - Physical, Magical, and Healing - and they all do pretty much as you would expect: The Physical Tentacle has a physical attack against one target, the Magical Tentacle uses a watery attack against one target, and the Healing Tentacle restores some health to one of its fellow Tentacles.

Your first target, unsurprisingly, should be the Healing Tentacle. Its ability to rejuvenate its side of the battle is too annoying to ignore. Debuffs in general are best used on this Tentacle, though Kylian's Leg Aim in particular is great as it will stop the stupid thing from healing its team as often. Glenn's Cross Slash will likely be your greatest weapon. Even going into Overheat a bit is worth it to take this thing out.

Defeating the Healing Tentacle will grant buffs to the other two Tentacles, making the battle a bit more painful but much easier. You should immediately have everyone Defend a bit if you're Overheating, heal up, then renew your offensive. With the Healing Tentacle gone it's just a matter of time before you beat these things. The final Tentacle will gain another buff once its compatriot is gone, thoughby then you should be well on your way to victory.

You'll earn a Grimoire Shard for defeating the Krachan and its tentacles. The trio will then escape from the sewers, parting ways on the grounds of Farnsport Palace... just as a riot is breaking out in the town. Fun times!