Part 3: The City Watch - Termina Caves

Main Walkthrough

Now that Lenne and Robb's adventure to the Termina Caves is over and celebrations are in full swing in Farnsport you are placed in charge of Victor, another playable character. A rich guy who has no problem mixing with the common folk, Victor wants to have some fun. You're given 50 chips by Heinlein, a goatish fellow, and set loose in Farnsport.

You can now play a bunch of games in Farnsport. Your goal is to earn enough chips to exchange for items, which can be done in the north of this area. You can go right there, if you wish, but you'll need more than 50 chips to purchase anything of use. We'll go through each of the games.

Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown

First up is the Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown, in the southeast of the area. Here four turtles will race to the end of the track, and you need to bet 10 chips on a winner. If your turtle wins the race you'll earn 30 tokens. If not, well... try again.

There's a little trick to this game, and you'll learn it by giving 40 chips to the shady fellow in the allerway to the north of the track. Speak to the turtles between races and each will say 'turtle' with varying degrees of enthusiasm. You want to go with the turtle that screams 'TURTLE'. This one will win every time, without fail, though the owner will shuffle the turtles each time, forcing you to check for the enthusiastic one before making another bet. The Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown is the fastest, easiest way to earn yourself chips.

Dapple Devour

Next is a dapple-eating contest, located in the northeast. A woman will invite Victor to eat plate after plate of dapples, and every plate he successfully consumes will earn him 1 chip. This is a simple button-mashing game, and with good pressing skills you can earn around 20 chips in a single sitting.  


Last is Rock-Paper-Scissors, played with a man - the Champ, no less - dressed as a hand in the middle of the area. He charges 5 chips per match. You need to choose the hand signal that beats his: Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock. Beat him two times out of three to earn chips. Simple enough, though without assistance you're still randomly guessing each time. Ties go to the Champ.

If you speak to the people standing near the man you'll learn a few things about how he plays:

  • He'll never use Paper after Rock
  • He always tries to use all three hand signals in a duel
  • He won't use the same sign twice in a row
This sounds like it'll be a super-complicated game, but it's not. The Champ uses the same sequence when you play against him: Rock, Scissors, Paper. Counter by choosing Paper, Rock, and Scissors in that order. If you get it right you'll earn 55 chips, whereas if you get it right on the first try you'll get... 50 chips? That's less, not more. Regardless, the guy will stop playing you after one victory. Oh well.

On top of all the games, there are two chests to pop open in this area. The first, containing two Bamboo Fibers, is up and to the right of the Tumultuous Turtle Touchdown race course. The second, containing a Beast Belt, is down and to the left of the dancers in the west.

Once you're done playing games, head to the north. There are two tables filled with prizes that you can purchase, guarded by a woman with red hair. If you accumulate 120 chips you can purchase all six items... only it turns out that the woman was a con artist, and ran off with all of Victor's chips. Well, at least he's a good sport about it. (Let's face it, all that stuff was probably junk anyway.)

Now that Victor has been swindled, the action jumps to that same red-headed woman for a while. her name is Sienna, and she needs to find something to do while waiting to cash in those chips. Might as well do some stealing.

  • In the south, on the east side of the railroad tracks, you'll find a bar. There's a passed-out man at the bar whose wallet is sitting out in the open. If you try to steal it you'll be driven out. Speak to the bartender and ask for cheap drinks until he leaves to get another bottle. You can then either grab the wallet, earning Sienna 510a but forcing her out, or go around the counter to where the bartender was standing and pick it up, keeping you out of trouble but earning you no money. (This seems like it might be a minor glitch. For now, just grab the wallet and run.)
  • In the northeast you can walk behind a blue-roofed house and drop down into a larger, orange-roofed house. On the second floor you'll find some Laxatives in one of the rooms, and on the first floor... well, who exactly knows what's happening on the first floor.
  • In the northwest you'll find a home with a man who is cooking something, and demands Sienna leave. You can put the Laxatives in the pot on his stove to drive him away. You'll find Sacred Water before leaving. If you just turn the tempoerature up on the stove Sienna will still get the Sacred Water, but she'll be caught in the process.
  • In the southwest you'll find a man sleeping on a bench. You can either steal money from his pocket (50a), the Farnsport House Key from his girdle, or try to get both. Recommend the man standing nearby look into a restaurant to get rid of him before you try to steal both items or Sienna will get caught and have to run. The key will get you into the house in the northeast, where you'll learn that Sienna isn't that bad.

Once you're done looking around, head north. With three stolen items in Sienna's pockets you can exit the area, and in the next empty street someone will call to her. Head east and Sienna will be knocked out and dragged into a small house where some old associates are waiting. They have a proposition for her, and Sienna isn't given much choice: Steal a valuable gem from the palace in Farnsport or be gutted. Sounds good, guys.

Part 5: A Lovely Banquet - Narslene Sewers

Main Walkthrough