Part 2: The City Watch - Dancing City of Farnsport, Rohlan Fields

Main Walkthrough


  • Goblin Shaman - Drops Goblin Skull
  • Goblin Soldier - Drops Sturdy Bucket
  • Robber - Drops Beast Pelt

Upon entering the Termina Caves you'll watch a quick cut scene involving a pair of brigands who appear to be down on their luck. Once they're done chatting Lenne and Robb can begin exploring the caves, and you can start by heading north across the bridge and beating the two men senseless. They hit hard but are otherwise pretty straightforward. Don't be afraid to pull out items if your characters get low on health!

The Robbers were guarding a door, but it appears to be locked. You can now choose to go north, through the rough passage beside the locked door, or west, through the ruins. We'll start by going west, even though it appears as though you're blocked by solid walls.

In the west you'll find the remains of another building. Look south and you'll find handholds down to water, where you'll find a chest containing Snacks. In the door to the northwest you'll find a few chambers, including one where you'll run into a Goblin Soldier and a Goblin Shaman. Neither is especially powerful, though the Goblin Soldier tends to hit harder. Which one you defeat first is up to you. They're guarding one final room that contains Swift Sandals.

Return to the locked door and go north. Up here you'll find an intersection. If you go west you'll be ambushed by a Goblin Soldier and Goblin Shaman. To the east the path will meander a bit, and when you hit another intersection you can go north to find a chest containing an Antidote.

Before long you'll come to a bridge leading west. Before crossing, looking to the south and you'll see some handholds. They will allow you to scale the cliffs and head west, beneath the bridge you crossed to enter the Termina Caves. At the far end you'll find a chest containing two Angel Wings. These may come in handy soon. Grab them, then head back to the cliff and cross the bridge you ignored earlier.

On the other side of the bridge is a room with a broken barrel and a bookshelf turned at an angle. Inspect the western wall and you'll find a gap leading you to a chest that contains 219a. In front of the chest are drops that will take you back to the entrance of the Termina Caves, if you need to leave and find healing items. If not, your destination is to the north of the room, where you'll find another Goblin Soldier / Shaman duo. They're guarding the Termina Cave Key, which is sparkling away on a bed.

Take the Termina Cave Key back to the entrance and unlock the locked door. Inside is a winding path that leads you to a small room. In the room is a chest containing two Sweets. Further west you'll find a band of goons speaking to a man named Matthye, and Lenne and Robb will charge in to fight the Robbers. This is also your opportunity to learn about Ultra Moves.

Ultra Moves

You may have noticed it already, but there's a yellow gauge in the bottom-right of the screen that steadily fills while you do battle. This is the gauge for your Ultra Moves, and when filled it allows a character to perform an extra-powerful attack against the enemy. Ultra Moves take a while to fill up - except against bosses, where they fill automatically on the first turn - so you may want to save your Ultra Moves for especially dangerous situations.

Face off against the Robbers for a moment and the battle will be interrupted by something much nastier. You didn't think the final battle of this area would be that easy, did you?


Strength: Earth
Weakness: Water

Now that's a biggun. Despite its size, the Sandworm is not that potent a foe. If it's not hitting you with normal physical attacks it uses Earthquake to hit both Lenne and Robb. So long as your team is in Overdrive neither attack will do a ton of damage. Have Robb poison the beast, then use normal attacks and Lenne's Water Thrust to target the Sandworm's primary weakness. Mitigate Overdrive buildup now and then and you'll be fine.

You'll receive a Grimoire Shard for defeating the Sandworm. Though it's not immediately obvious defeating the Sandworm will bring The City Watch to an end, and after some brutality on Robb's part you'll jump roles to yet another new character: Victor.

Part 4: Festivities - Dancing City of Farnsport

Main Walkthrough