Part 1: The Alpha Not the Omega (Wyrnshire Castle)

Main Walkthrough

Dancing City of Farnsport

After the catastrophe that was Glenn's foray into Wyrnshire Castle, the story is tossed to the much-calmer city of Farnsport. Here you take control of Lenne and Robb, a displaced princess and her attendant who are undercover as members of the city watch. Before you head off into the city, however, let's have a quick look at Skills.

Skill Allocation

Whenever you reach a particular spot in the story of Chained Echoes you'll earn a Grimoire Shard. In this case, you earned one by beating the boss of The Alpha Not the Omega. Grimoire Shards are indicators of your team's story progression, and will boost their stats, but they can also be used by each character to earn Skills. This can be done in the Skills section of the menu.

There are three types of Skills you can teach to your characters:

  • Action Skills. These moves are used in combat, either to harm enemies or to benefit your party. Your character can equip six Action Skills at any time, and two more for their Class (which we will get to later).
  • Passive Skills. These are bonuses to particular stats or resistances that are applied to your character during combat. Your character can equip three Passive Skills at any time, and two more for their Class.
  • Stats Booster. These are bonuses to your character's stats. Each stat boost is permanent, and is applied as soon as you unlock the Skill.

You can learn new Skills via the Learn Skills submenu. You can then apply these Skills in the Set Skills submenu. Don't forget to use your Grimoire Shards whenever you earn one, and don't forget to apply any new Action / Passive Skills to your character. 

Which Skills you teach your characters is up to you. That said, you should at a minimum have a good spread of Action Skill types, allowing you to lower the Overdrive gauge before it Overheats. Using Skills is usually more beneficial than having to Defend.

Your next destination is the city gate. First, though, you should descend from the rooftops and have a look around Farnsport. Any building with an arrow out front can be entered, and anyone with a bubble over their head has something to say.

  • Descend to street level and check in the southeast. Near two guys hanging out in a back alley you'll find a chest containing 250a.
  • As you make your way west you'll hit a cut scene with a few characters. Just on the other side of the bridge where the cut scene takes place is a house. Check the shelving unit in the middle of the home for 25a.
  • Next to this home is a dog. Pet the dog or you're a monster.
  • West of the bridge is a stage with a band. Keep going west of the stage and you'll find a house you can enter that's partially obscured by a tree. Inside and on the ground floor is a chest containing Eye Drops, and on the second floor there are two cabinets containing Snacks. Also, pet the cat.
That's all you can access for the moment. On the right and left sides of the central road heading south you'll find entrances to a cab station. Use the left cab to exit Farnsport.

Rohlan Fields

  • Boxfly - Weak to Wind - Drops Boxing Glove, Weathered Bone
  • Pigear - Strong to Earth, Weak to Fire - Drops Ashen Bone, Pompom
Loot and Materials
  • Bitter Onion
  • Capless Mushroom
  • Dandepanther
  • Dirty Wool
  • Domestic Bug
  • Fairy Wing
  • Silk Thread
  • Slimy Worm
  • Succulent Fruit
Ah, the great outdoors. Here you'll get your first taste of combat with monsters, which works the same as combat with humans. Nothing too fancy out here, and the combination of Lenne and Robb can handle anything you find. Your first enemy is a Pigear, and it will always appear in the same spot.

As you explore this area you'll occasionally come across floating, amber orbs. These are Loot and Materials, either for selling or for upgrading other items. These handy tidbits are noted throughout the guide, and a list of what you might find when you pick one up is above. So far as I can tell these are randomized. They will also regenerate over time, giving you a reason to revisit areas.

Make your way west. Atop a bridge you'll find Loot. Head north of here an Lenne will spot a suspicious, armed man. Pursuit! There's a crowd blocking the main path north, but you can climb some handholds to their left to follow the man. There's Loot on the handholds, and you can speak to a merchant in the crowd (the guy on the right) to purchase provisions for your excursion.

Clamber up the handholds and you'll find a sign warning of Goblins ahead. Carry on west and you'll run into a Boxfly. You're meant to carry on further west after beating this nuisance, but if you travel south you'll find a path down to a beachfront. Follow it west one screen and you'll reach a dead end with a chest. Inside the chest is a Snack.

Return to the north and head west a screen. You'll find Loot, as well as a dead end. Jump across the gap in the path to the other side and you'll find a path leading south, as well as some handholds to the left. Time to make a decision.

Start by going up the handholds. You can hop into the nearby pond via a dirt ramp, allowing you to wade around. Head out to the chest on the small island in the middle of the pond to retrieve 78a. That done, head north through the pond, past a hollow tree. If you check the rear of the tree you'll find a hidden path leading into a cave where you'll find 412a. Head back out, then continue east. There's Loot in your path along the way, and two waterfalls that serve as transportation to the lower levels of the water. 

In the south, down two waterfalls, you'll find a cave. Enter it, go up the handholds in the north, and check the chest you find for a Medallion. This is an accessory that you should equip on one of your characters, whichever one you plan to use for magic casting. The cave's exit is near the chest, and a ledge will dump you back outside, near the intersection from earlier.

Return to the intersection and head south. You'll find Loot in your path, and as you follow the grass you'll reach an intersection leading further west and south. Go south and you'll find a pond that you can leap across to find a chest containing a Snack. To the west is a battle with a Pigear and a Boxfly, as well as the entrance to somewhere foreboding. Check along the western cliffs to find Loot before heading inside.

Part 3: The City Watch - Termina Caves

Main Walkthrough