Part 6: A Lovely Banquet - Farnsport Palace

Main Walkthrough


  • Bat - Strong to Water, Weak to Dark - Drops Thin Hide
  • Sewerdiver - Strong to Water, Weak to Wind - Drops Tin Ore, Iron Ore - Can steal Tin Ore

After a dramatic, explosive end to a battle with a fiery horror, Glenn and friends find themselves back in the Narslene Sewers. They need to escape before the folks in the Farnsport Palace get their wits about them. Expend the GS that everyone earned from beating the Forgotten Mantis, then set out into the sewers.

There's a merchant waiting in the first room, in case you need some pick-me-ups after the battle with the Mantis. The path then splits to the north and to the east. The eastern path will take you to a chest containing 301a. Snag it, then hoof back to the intersection and proceed north. It won't take long before you're in a battle with Bats and Sewerdivers, which should prove much easier now that you have a party of six people.

The path through the sewers will force you south after this first battle. You'll wind up at a three-way intersection:

  • Go east and you'll find a southbound path leading to a battle with two Sewerdivers and two bats. Past them is a chest containing three Tin Ores.
  • Go south and you'll hit a dead end.
  • Enter the room to the west and you'll battle five Bats. Beyond them is a switch that will create a path down into the sewer's culvert by lowering the water.

Before you head down into the water, make tracks back to the first spot where you battled enemies in this section of the Narslene Sewers. With the water level lowered you can now go down a set of stairs to find a chest. It contains three Tin Ores. Similarly, the dead-end southbound route mentioned above now leads down to a red chest containing an Iron Cuirass.

Follow the path north through the culvert and you'll hit a battle with three Sewerdivers. Further east through the culvert you can climb back to the upper paths, and reach an exit point on the next screen over. Here you'll find a conspicuous stone statue.

Class Emblems

The statue represents one of the Heroes of Leonar, revered figures of old. If you have Sacred Water in your inventory - which you should, thanks to Sienna - you can pray at the sparkle in front of the statue to receive a Class Emblem. In order to receive the Emblem, however, you first need to complete a trial-by-combat: Beat four Sewerdivers. Not a problem.

Winning will earn you the Cleric Class Emblem, sigil of Mariane the Cleric. You can now equip the Class Emblem on one of your party members. This will grant them some sizable bonuses, and equip two Class Action Skills on the character. Normally unequipping the Class Emblem will also remove the Class Action Skills from that character, but if you master the Skill the character can continue to use it without equipping the Class Emblem.

Every character will benefit from the Cleric Class Emblem. You can either use it to make an existing healer better at their job - namely, Kylian - or equip it on someone else entirely to give you two healers. Victor is a good candidate since he already has a high Mind stat, but anyone will do at this point in the game. Feel free to swap it around your party until you find someone who is suitable as a healer.

Leave the sewers and you'll complete A Lovely Banquet. The group is kept together by a rather tenuous chain of necessity, and your next goal becomes the Kortara Mountains. First, though, you'll need to prep the party, and the Dancing City of Farnsport is as good a place as any to do it.

Part 8: Last Preparations - Dancing City of Farnsport

Main Walkthrough