Main Walkthrough

Near the end of your journey through Chained Echoes you'll need to pay a visit to Raminas Tower, a massive, stone structure from another age where Frederik makes his last stand. During prep for the mission it's mentioned that Raminas Tower's lower levels are full of monsters, and you will skip right past them using your Sky Armor. You can still visit those lower levels, however - you just need a little something extra to unlock the path down.

Proceed through the main game until you've reached the final areas of Magic Academy Nhysa, just beyond where you battle Whyatt. The final stretch will bring you to a courtyard with two doors at its north end. If you go through the door on the left you'll find a ramshackle study with a chest inside. Check the chest to receive an Elevator Key.

Make a trip back to Raminas Tower and climb to the third level. At the end of the trip is the elevator that took you up to Frederik. With the Elevator Key in your possession you can now use it to travel to the first level of Raminas Tower instead. We'll begin our exploration from there.

Raminas Tower (Lower Levels)

  • Auto-Knight - Strong to Wind, weak to Water - Drops Ancient Carcass, Clockwork Red
  • Golem Knight - Strong to Earth, wind to Fire - Drops Clockwork Yellow
Northern / Western Raminas Tower

Head south of the elevator. In the next room you'll find metal boxes containing an Ovelia F0600 and a Sword & Shield S600. Head back to the elevator and you'll find stairs on either side of it. If you go down the eastern stairs you'll hit a dead-end with three Auto-Knights, who are guarding a metal box. These things can heal and hit pretty hard, but otherwise aren't a massive threat. The metal box contains a Merlin FM600. Look to the north to find two more metal boxes containing Offensive Drones 0600 and an Elemental Cannon M600.

Head back to the elevator and take the stairs in the west. You'll be back in the western portion of Raminas Tower. Follow the path and you'll have the option of two sets of stairs, one in the northwest and one in the northeast. They ultimately connect, so we'll start with the stairs in the northwest since they're closer.

Central Raminas Tower

Take a right on this floor and go north. You'll find a dead-end corridor with a metal box containing a Paris FP600. Follow the corridor south of the stairs and you'll eventually run into two more Auto-Knights, accompanied by a Golem Knight. The Golem Knight hits much harder than the Auto-Knights, and should be disposed of first. Offensive and defensive debuffs are called for as well.

Check to the east of this battleground and you'll find a metal box containing a Great Sword GS600. The road leading north is blocked by vines, so you'll need to go down the stairs to the south of where you battled the automatons.

Eastern Raminas Tower

Head north in this small area and you'll hit an intersection. If you go northeast here you'll find stairs leading to the passage that we skipped earlier. You can fight a Golem Knight if you take this route, but there's otherwise nothing much to see. 

Take a left at the intersection instead and you'll fight three Auto-Knights and a Golem Knight. They're protecting a metal box that contains an Agamemnon FA600. Also here are stairs...

... and when you take the elevator that the stairs lead to, you'll wind in the northeast of the Ograne Grottos. This is an area that you can't reach from anywhere else. We'll have a look at what you can find here in the Ograne Grottos guide.