Main Walkthrough

Reward Board: 2,000a, 25 SP

To gain access to Two-Winged Angel you must first complete the main quest Chained Echoes, one of the final quests in the game. Once this is done, head to New Wyrnshire and have a look in the northeast alleys of town, a short distance east from the exit to Wyrnshire Castle. If you're in the right area you'll receive an offer from a sketchy blonde man, triggering the quest.

The man will point you south, to a house that normally won't open. Check the door once the quest has begun, however, and you'll be ushered inside to discover a black market. The merchants within carry a ton of valuable end game crafting items, and if you need to upgrade your stuff it's worth shopping here. 

For the purposes of the quest, however, you're just looking for the man in the top-left corner of the black market. He has a notebook full of sketches of Sky Armor, and one of them resembles one of the Seraph Sky Armors, the original, most powerful models from years back. The man points you towards a man named Norgant, living in the Kortara Mountain Range, for more information. (Sienna recognizes the name, and you probably should, too.)

Fast Travel to the southern-most region in the Kortara Mountain Range, then fly north to the central region. There's a fort right in the middle of the area, and if you approach it from the south by foot you'll be told by a sentry to leave. Sienna, ever the prowler, will take control of the operation, and you'll need to use her to sneak in:
  • Slink east, past the sentry, and down the cliff. There's a cave on your right.
  • The cave leads north to a dead end, as well as west. Hug the wall until it starts leading you west and south. Do this early, as there are two westbound paths, one of which also leads to a dead end.
  • Head north. There's a sentry watching the road, and if you try to walk past while he's looking at you he'll stop you. Wait until he's looking north before you run.
  • To the north you'll see a number of guards. Take a left to start, past the guard wearing sunglasses. He's 'guarding' a chest containing Norgant's Key. On the way to the chest you'll see a quick cut scene between Norgant and his lackeys.
  • Head back east. There are two guards watching the path. Wait until they're both looking east to run past.
  • Pop open the door beyond the guards using Norgant's Key.

You're now in a cave. Check the west side of the cave to meet up with your party again - and reorganize everyone, since the orders will be all messed up - then head north. You'll find the Sky Armor... and Norgant will corner you. Surprisingly, though, he doesn't want to fight, and offers to sell you the Sky Armor for 50,000a. A steep price, but manageable at this point in the game.

There are plenty of ways to quickly earn the money you need to pay off Norgant:
  • Collect and sell loot. Every wilderness area is filled with loot. At this point Shambala offers the best bang for your exploratory buck in terms of valuable loot.
  • Fight Golden Borb Bob, a Unique Monster on Flying Continent Shambala. Bob drops Nuggets, and every now and then it will drop Platinum Nuggets, which sell for 10,000a apiece. You'll need to leave and reenter Shambala each time you defeat Bob to make it respawn, and a quick jump to the southern Fast Travel Crystal will do the trick.
  • For that matter, defeat any Unique Monsters you haven't already fought. Each time you do you'll unlock spots on your Reward Board, and can receive additional rewards from the Guild Leader at Tormund's Adventurer's Guild.
  • Check the Reward Board for any uncollected rewards. You can earn plenty of Arc this way if you've been neglecting the Reward Board.
  • Sell unwanted items. Your inventory is probably brimming with low-level equipment and crafting items by this point of the game.

Return to Norgant once you've collected enough money. He'll sell you the Balthasar, a powerful, unique Sky Armor that will blow other Sky Armors you've collected up to this point out of the water. Snagging the Balthasar will end the quest.

As you're paying him, Norgant will suggest coming back again to see what else he has. If you take him up on his offer Norgant will have two more items for sale, both for 9,999a: The Rusty Katana and a Soul of Farnese. Both are essential for making Sienna as strong as she can get, so you should, eventually, come back here and buy them from Norgant.