Often as you explore the many islands of Sea of Stars you'll come across items known as Rainbow Conches. There are a lot of them, usually found inside telltale aquamarine chests, and they don't seem to serve a purpose. They do, however, and you should search high and low for the things. Not only will they earn you some excellent swag, Rainbow Conches are part of the many prerequisites for seeing the game's 'true' ending.

This guide will lead you to all of the Rainbow Conches in Sea of Stars. First, though, we should explain why they're so useful.

Mirna's Market of Marvels

Partway through Sea of Stars you'll wind up visiting Docarria Village, an underwater settlement full of fish people. In the northeast of the village is a girl named Mirna who collects Rainbow Conches. Show her your collection and she'll give you rewards as you gather more and more of the things. The prizes Mirna grants you are as follows:
  • Something social - 4 Conches - Inn Plans
  • Something useful - 11 Conches - Cornucopia
  • Something transactional - 19 Conches - Shop Plans
  • Something bountiful - 22 Conches - Fishing Hut Plans
  • Something shrewd - 27 Conches - Falcon-Eyed Parrot
  • Something healthy - 35 Conches - Recipe: Poutine
  • Something relaxing - 39 Conches - Spa Plans
  • Something potent - 47 Conches - Recipe: Chômeur
  • Something meta - 60 Conches - Rainbow Star
Most of these items are important for reasons beyond Rainbow Conch hunting. One, however, is very useful: The Falon-Eyed Parrot. Once you have 27 Conches Mirna will put the parrot on the Vespertine. Whenever you visit the Map from the menu you can select the game's islands, and the Falcon-Eyed Parrot will tell you if there is anything left to collect on the island you've selected. This includes the Conches, as well as which location on the island they're found. (Though you're on your own beyond that.)

There are sixty Rainbow Conches in all. Collect all sixty to receive the Conch Master Achievement. You also need to collect all sixty to get to the 'true' ending, so you'd best get to work.

Rainbow Conch Locations

Forbidden Cavern
  • Requires Mistral Bracelet. Take a left at the cavern's first clearing. There's a large block in the next chamber that you can push out of the way. The chest is behind the block.

Mountain Trail
  • Requires Graplou. Head east from the southern, lower entrance of the Mountain Trail. Eventually spot a grappling log on your right, just after crossing a rope bridge. Grapple across to the east to find the chest.

Elder Mist Trials
  • Requires Mistral Bracelet. Go through the northwestern portal and walk along the main path until you see a block on your left. Blow it out of the way to find a chest.

X'tol's Landing
  • Stick to the paths in the southwest of the landing. There are some ledges that look like steps, and the chest is half-hidden beside some rocks near the bottom of the steps.

The Moorlands
  • Requires Mistral Bracelet. About halfway through the area there's a chest on a bluff that you can't reach. South of it is a green crystal that you can push around. Walk along the south end of the route, heading east, until you find a path to the south end of the crystal. Blow it north to the bottom of the bluff and it will be replaced with a block you can climb, taking you to the chest.
  • Requires Cobalt Hammer. Enter via the northern entrance on the world map and travel east. Eventually you'll come to a blue crystal that you can smash with the Cobalt Hammer. The chest is behind the crystal.

Stonemasons Outpost
  • Requires Mistral Bracelet. In one of the central houses and through the door to the right is the room of an artist. There's also a green crystal in this room that you can blow out of the way to get at a chest.
  • Requires Mistral Bracelet. In the east of the outpost is a woman named Chi who wants to take a bath. A nearby house that's accessible only by jumping down from a ledge has a fan that will activate the mill, allowing Chi to indulge herself. Speak to Chi once the water is running to receive a Rainbow Conch.

Wind Tunnel Mines
  • Travel down to the lowest level of the mines. To the left of the elevator is a tightrope, and just north of the tightrope's northwestern anchor point is a chest. It is mostl

Coral Cascades
  • Make your way down the eastern waterfalls from the top until you land to the right of a fan. Blow the fan to knock a nearby chest within reach.
  • Near the bottom of Coral Cascades you'll find some crumbling dirt. Head west of it to find a path up above the dirt, then leap down and through to find the chest.

Port Town of Brisk
  • Head as far west through Brisk as you can go. There's a chest partially behind a palm tree, just as the terrain starts to get rocky.
  • Jump in the water and swim to the southwest of Brisk. There's a father and son fishing in a boat down here, and the son will give you a Rainbow Conch if you give him 40 Fish.
  • Jump into the water and swim beneath the dock that's south of Brisk's save point. There's a Hidden Shop down here, as well as a chest on your left.
  • In one of the back-alley houses to the west of Brisk's central fountain is a treasure-guessing minigame. Successfully guess which chest contains 10 gold five times - not in a row - and you'll receive a Rainbow Conch. This is entirely random, so just pick one chest and stick with it until you have your Conch.
  • In the far east of Brisk is a small beach. There are kids playing on the south end of the beach. Speak to them for a Rainbow Conch.
  • In the far north of Brisk you'll wind up on a wooden bridge with a nice view of more of the town in the background. Walk east of here, straight into the side of the next building, to find a hidden path through the house. Go out the other side and you'll find a balcony with a wooden box. Use the Mistral Bracelet to blow the box down one level, then move the box right and up to create a path behind the rear walls of Brisk. Head west and you'll find a hidden room, within which is a chest. (You can also get at this secret room after Brisk is rebuilt just by heading north, then checking the rubble on your right.)
  • Near Brisk's save point is a Molekin eating ice cream. Speak to her, then head to Stonemasons Outpost and speak to the artist Molekin. Head back to Brisk and speak to the artist again, now that he has joined the ice cream eater, to receive a Rainbow Conch.

Abandoned Wizard's Lab
  • Insert the Blue and Green Crystals into the devices near the entrance. Go through the portal to find the area with a small lake and several waterfalls. Check beneath the boardwalk on the west side of the area, swimming through the water, to find the chest.
  • Insert the Blue and Red Crystals into the devices near the entrance. Go through the portal to find the Fishing Lake. Fish up the Gold Watch for the mystery person in the well and they'll give you a chest to open.

Wraith Island Docks
  • Nearer to the east end of the route you'll cross a twisting root bridge. Jump off of the bridge, into the mist below, and look under the east end of the bridge for the chest.

Town of Lucent
  • Hop in the water on the east side of town and swim north. There's a chest in the northeast corner of Lucent, back on dry land.
  • There's a chest inside Lucent's southwestern home, but a nearby painting... which is apparently alive... will pluck it from your grasp. It demands you force its brother to make amends. The brother portrait is in the western house (enter from the right side), and it will reveal that the feud is over Berry Jam. You can buy some for 10 gold at the nearby store (or make it yourself), then give it to the first painting to receive a Rainbow Conch.

Cursed Woods
  • About halfway through the Cursed Woods, after crossing several root bridges but before jumping north across a series of tree stumps, is a clearing. Check the southwest of the clearing for a side path. It leads to two enemies, which are guarding the chest.

Flooded Graveyard
  • Look to the right of the skull that forms the entrance to the Necromancer's Lair. There's a pillar sticking out of the water, and just above it is the top of a chest.

Necromancer's Lair

Haunted Mansion
  • Check the west side of the gardens, before heading north into the hedge maze. Up against the wetern wall is a pot. Inspect it to find a switch that will open a door. Go through and you'll be next to a chest that you probably spotted while going through the kitchen.

Stillpond Island
  • Check the unnamed Fishing Lake on Stillpond Island, the southern, fish-shaped island in Home World. In the upper-right corner of the lake, mostly hidden behind trees, is a chest.

Ancient Crypt
  • There are two pillars on either side of the entrance to the Ancient Crypt. Look behind the pillar on the right to find a chest.

  • Enter the northern-most building, which appears to be for meetings. Use the stairs in the back to exit onto the roof, then look behind the wall on your right. There's a chest back here.
  • Requires 22 Rainbow Conches. Turn in 22 Rainbow Conches to receive the Fishing Hut Plans, then give the Plans to Jirard the Constructionist. He'll build the Fishing Hut in the northeast of Mirth. Outside the hut is a Fishing Lake, and if you jump into the lake and check the eastern banks you'll find a chest.

  • In the west of Mooncradle is a field full of brambles, with two wooden boxes that you can slide around. Use the boxes to get rid of the brambles, then speak to the Farmer in the house to the south for a Rainbow Conch.
  • In the southeast of Mooncradle is a Villager who's trying to clean twigs. Blow all of the twigs into the larger pile, then speak to the Villager for a Rainbow Conch.

Jungle Path

Sacred Grove
  • In the north, uppermost reaches of the grove is the top of the water source that feeds the whole area. Check the right side of this waterfall for the chest.

Docarria Village
  • In the east of the village is an old man whose three grandchildren are playing Hide-and-Seek. You need to find the three kids for the old man, who will then give you a Rainbow Conch. The kids are in the following locations:
    • Inside the bedroom of the northeastern house, south of the chair in the northwestern corner of the room
    • Inside the first rear chamber of the northwestern house, through a vortex in the rear of the shop - The child is standing behind a long table
    • Inside the first rear chamber of the northwestern house, up the second vortex in the north - The child is standing to the left of the wall you had to climb to get up here
  • Enter the southeastern house and go down the geyser to the inner room. In here is a Merchant, her child, and the chest.
  • There's a vortex in the rear of the northwestern shop that will take you to two more vortexes, and if you go up the second one, to the northwest, you'll find a room with a balcony to the southeast. The chest is on the balcony.


Glacial Peak
  • Requires Solstice Amulet. On your way back down from getting the Solstice Amulet you'll pass a large puzzle with a light crystal. Use the light crystal to melt the large hunk of ice to the northwest. Below it is a ladder that will lead you to the chest.

Torment Peak
  • Shortly after finding a campsite inside Torment Peak you'll run into three Triclopses. Climb the wall to the west of the battle site to find a room below and to the right of where you fought the enemies. The chest is in this room.

Mossy Cache
  • After completing Torment Peak you'll gain access to this small area, on the east side of Watcher Island. Check the upper-left corner of the ground mural, in the bushes, for the chest.

Autumn Hills
  • Partway through Autumn Hills you'll have to climb to the tops of trees with wooden pathways built into the base. Atop the tallest tree and on a walkway to your left is a chest.
Bamboo Creek
  • You'll find this semi-hidden area a short walk east of Autumn Hills and north of Songshroom Marsh while on the world map. The chest is in the water, near the waterfall.

Songshroom Marsh
  • Check the left side of Yomara's hut. There's a path around the back of the hut, where you'll find the chest hidden behind the upper leaves of a tree.

Clockwork Castle

Cloud Kingdom
  • Spend the night at the Cloud Kingdom's inn. There's a chest sitting on the small island where the party camps out.
  • Enter the meeting room of the Sky Giant Council. Behind a pillar on the right, near the entrance, is a chest.

Kiln Mountain
  • Partway through Kiln Mountain you'll need to use boulders to flatten stalagmites. Down one westbound path you'll find two boulders, one of which is near a chest. Blow the boulder around to get rid of the stalagmites so you can open the chest.

Air Elemental Skyland
  • Down the northeastern path through this area is a light crystal puzzle with four diamond tracks. To the west of this puzzle is a doorway leading into a cave. The chest is inside this cave.

Derelict Factory
  • Partway through the Derelict Factory you'll operate a laser crane. In the northeast of this room is a chest that you can grab with the crane. Pick it up and insert it in the hole to the east of the crane controls.

  • There's an alleyway behind the inn / tavern. Check back here to find a mostly-hidden chest.
  • There's a chest inside the weapons shop, in the middle of Repine. Check the upper-left corner of the shop.
  • Inside the inn / tavern and next to the Innkeeper is a boxy creature that wants food. You need to feed it five different types of food to receive a Rainbow Conch:
    • Something SWEET - Desserts like Parfait or Peach Strudel
    • Something WARMING - Anything hot, like Hearty Stew or Mushroom Soup
    • Something MEATY - Anything made of meat, like Roast Sandwich
    • Something LIGHT - A vegetable dish, like Basic Salad
    • Something FROM THE WATER - A fishy dish, like Sashimi

Cerulean Expanse
  • After completing this area and visiting the Lost Ones Hamlet a caped figure in Repine will give you some directions: South, southwest, southeast, and south. Follow these directions after entering the Cerulean Expanse to find a small campsite with four chests.
  • You'll need to enter the Cerulean Expanse while pursuing The Queen That Was. This will bring you to the Throne of the Queen That Was, where you'll find the chest next to the stairs that lead to the boss fight.

Sacrosanct Spires
  • Travel to the Seat of the Triumvirate, the final area of Sacrosanct Spires. Just before you climb the stairs to the bosses of this region you'll find a campsite. Look west of the campsite and you'll see a chest next to some stairs.

Sky Base
  • Early in Sky Base you'll need to use computer controls to move four floating platforms into place so you can cross. If you move the first two boxes as far to the right as they can go you can use them as steps to get up to a chest.

Half-Sunken Tower

Sunken Docarri Ruins