Main Walkthrough

Just before you head to the final dungeon of Sea of Stars - but after your party can fly - you'll unlock several side quests, each pertaining to a member of your crew. Speak to Hortence while you're aboard the Vespertine, which normally triggers a return to the world map, and she'll instead ask a boon: She wants you to free Duke Aventry, servant of Romaya and a fellow undead. You met him while you were on Wraith Island.

Head belowdecks and speak to Yolande, who is playing music on the east end of the Vespertine. (Or just look for her in any tavern.) She'll tell you about an 'isolated plateau' off the northeast coast of Wraith Island, where Romaya has been spotted. She'll also mark the spot on your map. Leave the Vespertine and fly over.

Here you'll find Romaya's Secret Passage. Enter the area, however, and you'll find the spot blocked by a stone monument in the north that remains firmly shut. Inspect the monument and the party will suggest visiting Romaya's sister, Yomara, over in Songshroom Marsh. Do so and Yomara will suggest looking in her cauldron, in the fireplace...

... and if you do, you'll receive a vision of a cave that you probably spotted while you were in the Flooded Graveyard, long ago. Note the three colored runes on the wall. You need to match the shape and color of these runes on the three fan-colored runes out front of Romaya's Secret Passage. Spin the fans in front of each rune to change the shape, and the central rune to shift the colors.
  • The left rune is red, and consists of three vertical strokes
  • The middle rune is green, and looks like a boat
  • The right rune is purple, and look slike a lightning bolt with dots on the upper left and lower right
Enter the passage once you've set the proper combination and proceed down the passage until you find an elevator set into the floor in the south. It will bring you to the treasure room with the runes. Defeat the enemies inside - they're incredibly weak compared to you - then climb the wall. There's a chest up here that used to be locked in a cage, though the cage is now gone. The chest contains Romaya's Journal.

Step outside via the southeastern exit. You're in the Flooded Graveyard, and Duke Aventry is standing nearby. Give him Romaya's Journal. Some of the duke's memories will return, and he'll give you Yellow Flame. Grapple your way southeast, to the Ferryman's dock, and show him the Yellow Flame. He'll take you to a new location, the Half-Sunken Tower.

Half-Sunken Tower - Enemies
  • Gulgul - 222 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Lonzon - 75 HP - Weak to Sun
  • Mermofwizquard - 266 HP - Weak to Blunt, Sword
Another cheery area. Head north of the entrance, past the save point and either across the ruined walkways or into the water and up the ladder on the other side. You'll find some Lonzons guarding an Apple tree. They have more HP and strength than before, but these guys are functionally the same as the Lonzons you fought earlier in the game.

East of here you'll find a raft. Use the Mistral Bracelet to blow yourself around the area. Look to the southeast and you'll find a dock, and next to it is a clearing with some Lonzons and a Gulgul. They're guarding a picnic basket, containing some Maple Syrup, and another Apple tree. You'll also spot a chest to the south, and you can get at it by looking for a spot in the southeast that will drop you into a thin, watery passage through the trees. The chest contains, you guessed it, a Rainbow Conch.

Sail east, then north at your first convenience. Another dock is waiting, also next to the titular Half-Sunken Tower. There are Bell Peppers nearby. Grab 'em, then grapple over to the side of the tower. There's a lever partway up that will drop a heap of wood on the other side of the tower. Return to the raft.

Sail as far east as you can go and you'll find one more dock. This clearing is also snugged up beside the tower, and there are some Peaches growing on the trees here. There's also a campsite and save point, and you should use both before climbing into the tower via the wood you dropped earlier.

You'll run into two Mermofwizquards and a Gulgul on the first floor of the tower. Strike them down, then climb the tower to find a Mermofwizquard and two Gulguls. On the top level you'll find a picnic basket containing some Peaches, as well as a lever. Pull the lever to extend a bridge, then leap off of the bridge. 

You'll fall through the floor below and land in water. Climb out of the water on your left to get at a chest containing two Obsidian Ores, then enter the vortex in the water and swim east until you find another vortex. It will bring you up into an underground room with a familiar face. Climb out of the water on your right, then head west to say hello. They aren't interested in a friendly chat.


  • 225 (Revenant)
  • 222 (Gulgul)
  • 100 (Bone Pillar)
  • 195 (Bone Cage)
  • Sun (Flesh Pile, Bone Cage, Bone Pillar)
  • Moon (Bone Pile, Bone Cage, Bone Pillar)
  • Poison (Revenant, Gulgul)
Hey, this seems familiar. Bringing back her old Flesh and Bone Piles, Romaya remains a necromancer through and through, and she has a few new tricks to boot. Romaya uses the following attacks:
  • Creates an eyeball that targets a single character
  • Bone Cage, a two-Lock spell that conjures a cage of bones around one character, preventing them from taking a turn
  • Necromancy, a three-Lock spell which saps power from the Flesh and Bone Piles to create either a Gulgul or a Revenant
  • Felfire Rain, an eight-Lock AOE spell
  • Summons a three-tier Bone Pillar that lifts Romaya off the ground and keeps her safe
Poor Romaya. This battle is virtually identical to the last time you fought the necromancer, only you have so many more combat options - not to mention much stronger characters - that Romaya barely stands a chance. Wipe out the two Piles so Romaya can't summon more minions, take out any lingering mooks, then dogpile onto Romaya. Her two new abilities, Bone Cage and Bone Pillar, are largely stalling tactics so she can get off attacks - and even if Romaya does use a full-power Felfire Rain, it won't do much damage. You'll be fine.

Romaya will 'give' you the Aventry Locket after you win the battle. Head through the passage near Romaya's room to find the campsite, then return to the Ferryman - and the Flooded Graveyard. Head west of the docks and you'll find Duke Aventry standing outside an old manor. Show him the Aventry Locket and he'll give you Duke Aventry's Key before vanishing. You'll receive the Free From Serviduke Achievement.

Almost done. Hop into the water near where the duke was standing and swim west. There's a small crypt over here, and inside is the duke's coffin. Use Duke Aventry's Key on the coffin to receive Eclipse Armor and the Aventry Crest. The former is powerful armor for Valere and Zale (you should have one piece of it already), while the latter is an artifact for Teaks. Quest complete!