Main Walkthrough

As you explore Sea of Stars' world in the Vespertine you'll probably notice things down in the water. Almost everything that stands out will eventually become important - though when it comes to a few particular set of ruins, you won't find out how until the end of the game.

Once you've made it to the final dungeon and gained the power of flight you'll unlock several side quests. If you speak to Resh'an's puppet, either on the Vespertine or in a camp, it will point you towards a floating island in the northwest of Home World's map. Go there and you'll find a huge, purple diamond, the likes of which helped you change time earlier in the game. 

Inspecting this diamond will have a different effect, raising four enormous light crystals in various spots throughout the world. If you bend time near these crystals and shine them in the correct spot you will reveal a vortex in the water. Dive down and you'll find a set of Sunken Docarri Ruins, which you can open with the Cobalt Hammer. In three of these ruins you'll find a puzzle that will, when solved, help you unlock a fourth set of ruins. Treasure waits within.

Northwestern Sunken Docarri Ruins

The first set of Sunken Docarri Ruins that you'll find are near the floating island where this whole venture began. Shine the light of the nearby crystal tower to the southwest, a little ways to the left of the floating island, to activate the vortex.

The puzzle in these ruins consists of a huge pool of water, with platforms on the sides and a crate floating to the southeast. You need to manipulate the water to reach the north end of the room. Here's how you do it:

  • Swim northwest to find a ledge with a wheel - spin the wheel to lower the water level
  • Climb into the water below and you'll find a box-pushing puzzle in the middle of the room
  • Blow the crate to the southwest end of the puzzle, down the western pathway and snugged as far north as it can go
  • Raise the water via the wheel in the northwest
  • Hop down into the water and check the crate - if you moved it properly it should be up against the western platform, allowing you to climb up
  • Push the stone block on the western platform into the water
  • Lower the water - the stone block will now be in a pit
  • Blow the crate east, then down and south of the floor tile in the north - push it north onto the floor tile to raise the stone block and lower the water walls surrounding the puzzle
  • Push the stone block east, counterclockwise around the next little enclosure, and then back west, so it is outside the holes that create the water walls
  • Push the crate off of the floor tile to bring the water walls back up
  • Push the stone block onto the floor tile to lower the water walls, and don't move it again
  • Push the crate into the eastern enclosure by lining it up with the stone block, pushing the crate north into the stone block, and then pushing the crate down and to the right
  • Raise the water
  • Use the crate to climb onto the platform on the east side of the room, where you'll find a chest containing a Sapphire Ingot
  • Lower the water
  • Push the crate into either of the northern enclosures
  • Raise the water
Follow these steps and you'll create a path up to the northern platform. Grab Docarri Seal Fragment A off of the ground and you'll be done with this puzzle.

Southeastern Docarri Sunken Ruins

The second set of ruins is located in the southeast of Home World, a short trip west of Hiker's Rest. Shine the light to the northeast of the crystal and the diamond track will meander off in that same direction a ways, creating a vortex to the north of the crystal.

The bell in these ruins will take you to a vortex, which in turn leads to a four-floor room. The crystal you need is behind a waterfall in the northwest. You'll need to bounce lasers off of mirrors to reach each new floor of the room, and ultimately make it to the top floor.

The puzzle on the lowest floor is pretty simple:
  • Climb out of the water and spin the fan in the south so the mirror on top of the fan is facing north
  • Cross the water to the northeast and step on the floor tile to activate the laser

The puzzle on the second floor is slightly more complicated:
  • Spin the fan on the west side so it is facing west, which will activate a device and raise a platform to the other side of the water
  • Spin the fan on the east side of this floor so it is facing south
  • Hop back to the west side of the floor and redirect the fan so the laser travels into the lower device in the northeast, raising a grapple point
  • Grapple over to the east side and spin the fan so it is facing west

The puzzle on the third floor is getting a bit tricky, but still easy if you know your angles:
  • Spin the mirror on the left to face east
  • Spin the lower mirror so it is facing north
  • Spin the mirror on the right to face west
  • Spin the upper mirror so it is facing south
And the puzzle on the fourth floor is... non-existent. Step on the blue rune to the east to bring Docarri Seal Fragment B out of the waterfall so you can grab it. That wasn't bad at all.

Southwestern Sunken Docarri Ruins

The third set of ruins is located in the southwest of Home World, off the coast of Evermist Island. Look west of the nearby Solstice Shrine Island to find the light crystal, then shine the crystal to the southeast. This will activate a lengthy track of crystals. Follow them east and you'll find the vortex to the ruins in the middle of a small, otherwise unremarkable island.

This puzzle involves a series of sliding blocks topped with laser emitters, mirrors, and devices to strike. Step on the rune in the south and any laser block on one of the room's four diamond-shaped tiles will activate, firing a laser in the direction the emitter is pointed. Generally speaking you need to fire the lasers into the device with the hole at the top, using the three mirrors to bounce the lasers around the room.

There are three wall murals in the north, surrounding the pillar, and they provide a clue as to what you need to do with this puzzle. You need to connect the floor diamond tiles indicated on the wall to 'solve' each pattern, which will then be indicated up on the wall. Leave the puzzle room and reenter to reset the block locations if anything gets stuck - and they probably will if you're just fiddling. You can complete the patterns just by messing around, though it will likely take a while.

Follow these steps to complete the bottom-left wall pattern:

  • Slide the laser block in the west up one square
  • Slide the laser block in the east over to the left, so it's on the western diamond tile - leave this one where it is
  • Slide the remaining laser block to the right and down
  • Slide the south-eastern, downward-facing mirror block left, up, left, down, right, and up - this should slide it into the laser block in the southeast, then up onto the northern diamond tile
  • Slide the southeastern laser block right, down, and right to get it out of the way
  • Slide the device block in the southwest up, right, up, and right, so it's on the eastern diamond block

Reset the puzzle, then follow these steps to complete the bottom-right wall pattern:
  • Slide the eastern laser block down and to the left
  • Slide the western laser block to the east, so it is on the eastern diamond tile
  • Slide the device block up, right, and up, so it is beside the eastern laser block
  • Push the eastern laser block down one tile, so you can get at the right side of the device block
  • Push the device block west, onto the western diamond tile
  • Push the eastern laser block up and back onto the eastern diamond tile
  • Push the northwestern mirror block right
  • Push the western laser block up, beside the northwestern mirror block
  • Push the northeastern mirror block down, left, down, and right, onto the southern diamond tile

Reset the puzzle, then follow these steps to complete the upper wall pattern:
  • Push the western laser block up one square
  • Push the eastern laser block down one square
  • Push the southwestern device block up, right, up, and left, onto the western diamond tile
  • Push the western laser block left and down
  • Push the eastern laser block up, left, down, right, and down - it should hit the other laser block, and you can then push it onto the southern diamond tile
  • Push the northeastern mirror block down and left
  • Push the southeastern mirror block left, up, left, up, right, up, and left, which should put it onto the northern diamond tile
  • Push the laser block that isn't on a diamond tile right, down, and right to get it out of the way
  • Push the northwestern mirror block that is facing north (the one you pushed around earlier) down, left, and down, so it is also out of the way
  • Push the other northwestern mirror block, which is facing west, to the right, down, right, up and right
Completing the three puzzles will lower the pillar, allowing you to claim Docarri Seal Fragment C. Phew, that was kinda awful.

Northeastern Sunken Docarri Ruins

The light crystal for the final set of ruins is located between Basalt Island and Settlers Island, in the north of Home World's map. Shine the light to the northwest to trigger a lenthy trail of lights which will lead you east, and below the Skylands on the Map. All you need to do is insert the three Seal Fragments into the front door of the shrine to enter...

... though you should save before you go through the door. There's, ah, something waiting inside.

Sea Slug

HP: 45 (Bossbugs)
Weakness: Poison (Bossbugs)

Blast it all, the quest was supposed to be over! The distant cousin of the Bosslug that you battled waaaaaay back at the beginning of the game, the Sea Slug will put up more of a fight. It uses the following attacks:
  • A glob of spit at one target (Sea Slug)
  • A rock-dropping that instantly reduces everyone to 1 HP (Sea Slug)
  • Acid Bug Bombs, a two- or four-Lock move which releases Bossbugs onto the field (Sea Slug)
  • A suicide attack (Bossbug)
This fight plays out as a more serious version of the Bosslug battle. The Sea Slug's most dangerous attack is Acid Bug Bombs, which releases up to four Bossbugs onto the field. The Bossbugs don't have much HP, but their defenses are high - and if they're allowed to take a turn they will smash into a party member, inflicting fairly high damage. Besides this the Sea Slug can also instantly reduce everyone to 1 HP if it drops rocks on your heads, which... sucks.

Still, this battle shouldn't play out as abnormally difficult. The trick is to use regular attacks most of the time and save your Skills, Boosts, and Combos for breaking Locks. When possible it is best to prevent Bossbugs from ever entering the field, as they complicate matters. Sera├»'s delaying moves can make this a bit easier. If Bossbugs do manage to sneak out, use AOE moves and / or Ultimates to wipe them out. Per usual, Resh'an's Ultimate is the best choice, as it heals your party, deals damage, and in this case, inflicts Poison damage, to which Bossbugs are vulnerable.

(Side note: A lot of the enemy attacks seem to cut your health in half in this fight. Do not assume this means your HP will keep getting halved! The next attack to hit a weakened character will probably wipe them out! Very tricksy!)

You'll earn the Hey, that's a reskin! Achievement for defeating the Sea Slug. Check inside its cave to find two chests, one huge and one more reasonable. They contain a Rainbow Conch, and... nothing? Well, Resh'an's puppet will give you an Aetherwood Cork, and that's better than walking away empty-handed. (Did the puppet really have that thing the whole time?)

Main Walkthrough