Part 39: Infinite Abyss

Main Walkthrough

With the Dweller of Dread destroyed and both the sun and moon restored to Seraï's world, the time has come to face off against the Fleshmancer himself. First, though, you may have noticed that Valere and Zale can now fly. This means that you can access every area of Sea of Stars, opening up many more opportunities for item collection and leveling. We'll have a look around both worlds before taking the battle to the Fleshmancer, as there's a lot left for you to do.

Solstice Shrines

Now that you can fly there are three more Solstice Shrines that you can access. Each one contains items that will come in handy for what's to come. The shrines are in the following locations:

  • Island in the west of Home World, between Sleeper Island and Evermist Island
  • Island in the northeast of Home World, south of Settlers Island
  • Island in the southwest of Seraï's World

The Queen That Was

Speak to Seraï, either in camp or on a boat. She'll mention another threat to her world: The Queen That Was. She'll give you Joce's Belt Buckle, an Artifact that you can give to Teaks for inspection. This begins a new side quest line that you can follow for some more rewards, as you take on a powerful boss.

Sunken Docarri Ruins

If you speak to Resh'an's puppet it will point out the floating island in the northwest corner of Home World, just north of Sleeper Island. You'll find a purple diamond on the water that will activate four huge light crystals, spread throughout the map. These will help you locate four Sunken Docarri Ruins, each of which will help you claim a treasure.

Dweller's Fall Arena

Speak to B'st and he'll express a desire to test his new body. The characters will mention an arena in Brisk where the strongest of the strong can duke it out for rewards and glory. You'll find the arena a short walk northeast of the fountain in the center of Brisk.

Freeing Duke Aventry

Speak to Hortence by boarding the Vespertine. Before she'll let you set sail she'll ask the crew a favor: Free Duke Aventry, the undead servant to Romaya the Necromancer. This sparks a side quest back on Wraith Island, which you probably haven't visited in a long time.

(I may add more to this list in the near future. Have a few things to check out tomorrow.)

Part 41: Fleshmancer's Lair

Main Walkthrough