Part 38: Sky Base

Main Walkthrough

Now that you've cleared out the Sky Base you can, in theory, dispel the clouds enshrouding Seraï's World and let the sun through. Alas, the party is not smart enough to operate the controls in Sky Base. You'll need someone smarter to do the job.

Use the teleportation pad in the campfire room to zip back to the entrance of Sky Base. The Speedball Network has now expanded, and you can use it to jump straight to the vortex leading to the Sea of Stars. Check to your left in the Speedball Network Station for a chest containing a Data Strip, then jump in your boat. Sail into the vortex and it will take you back to Home World. Head east to Mesa Island and use the shortcut to the east of Mesa Hike to return to Clockwork Castle.

Go straight north through Clockwork Castle - perhaps picking some ingredients along the way - and you'll wind up in the workshop with the kids after a few rooms. Speak to Caël, the kid in charge, to trigger several cut scenes. You'll zip to Mirth for a bit. Speak to Hortence once you regain control for a return trip to Clockwork Castle. Wacky science follows, and you'll meet a new creature known as the Artificer. It will join the party as cargo.

Use the vortex to travel back to Seraï's World, then use the Speedball Network to jump to the Sky Base. Return to the Catalyst's chamber via the teleporter and inspect its console for a cut scene. This will shine some sun on Seraï's World - and open the way to your next target, the Dweller of Dread. Its hiding spot is in the southeast of the map.

Infinite Abyss

Sail over to the Infinite Abyss - yes, that's a moon - and head for the vortex. This area is not a dungeon, and as soon as you enter the vortex you'll be facing off against a rather terrible enemy. Make sure your party is healed, equipped, and ready for what is to come.

Prepped? Then let's go. You'll face a trek west of your landing spot, then a brief swim through the Infinite Abyss. Once you drop down to a plain surface you'll be ready to go.

Dweller of Dread

  • 1,100 (Tentacles)
  • 210 (Valere / Zale Copy)
Weakness: Moon, Sun (All)

Once again, a Dweller does not disappoint. The Dweller of Dread is a multi-phase boss, similar to the Catalyst that you just fought, but ultimately tougher. Be ready for a slog. The Dweller of Dread uses the following attacks:

  • A single-target tentacle slap (Tentacles)
  • A single-target spine blast (Tentacles)
  • An AOE swallow attack (Dweller of Dread)
  • Dread Stare, a five-Lock attack that pits one character against a copy of another in single combat (Dweller of Dread)

The first phase of this battle has you fighting a pair of Tentacles. They're fairly simple melee opponents. The second phase consists of two more Tentacles, and is the same as the first. Things don't get interesting until the third phase, when the Dweller of Dread's main body comes out to play. It is accompanied by two more Tentacles.

Fighting the Tentacles is a piece of cake. They're both weak to Moon and Sun attacks, making Valere and Zale your characters of choice. Valere's Moonerang is great at hitting both in one round, and their Soonrang Combo can also hit both for more damage. Zale's Sunball hits especially hard, though you can get close to the same damage by just Boosting his attack and using a well-timed sword slice. Regardless of your approach, the Tentacles won't give you much trouble.

Once the Dweller of Dread comes out the battle gets riskier, though not by a ton. It sticks to two attacks, an AOE ground-suck - you'll usually see this one - and Dread Stare, which forces Valere / Zale to fight a copy of the other. Any damage you do to the copy will not harm the original, and the fight lasts until the (rather weak) copy is defeated. If you have healing items you can use Dread Stare as a means of building up MP. The Tentacles fight as before, and will come back a few turns later once defeated.

The latter phase requires you to wipe out the Tentacles as quickly as possible, then focus your strongest single-target attacks on the Dweller of Dread. Ultimate moves from Valere and Zale will mop the floor with the Tentacles, though if those aren't an option you can either use Moonerang, Dash Strike, or any Moon / Sun Combos that hit the whole enemy party. Single-target melee attacks or Combos (I recommend Moon Shiv) will suffice for eating away at the Dweller's HP. Have your third party member hit the Dweller of Dread normally - when they aren't healing the party, anyway - to build up Live Mana so you can strengthen your attacks.

You'll receive the Dweller of Dread Achievement for defeating the Dweller of Dread. Valere and Zale will accomplish the impossible, bringing light back to Seraï's World, and in the process unlock the ability to fly. You can zip around both worlds like this, reaching places you couldn't before and swiftly returning to places that you've previously visited. (So much for the boat.)

At this point you are more or less ready for the end game of Sea of Stars. First, though, we should have one last look around both worlds, taking advantage of the power of flight.

Part 40: Prepping for the Final Battle

Main Walkthrough