Part 40: Prepping for the Final Battle

Main Walkthrough

This is it. The beginning of the end. With the ability to fly at their command, Valere and Zale can now travel to the Fleshmancer's Lair, in the north of Seraï's world. You're on your way to the final boss of the game, so if you want to get prepped first you should probably check out the previous section of this guide. Click the link above to see what you can do before you take on the Fleshmancer and his crew.

(And don't sweat it if you decide to enter the lair without completing everything. You'll get a chance to backtrack later on.)

Fleshmancer's Lair - Enemies

  • BilePile - 666 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • OAF - 775 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Sleuth - 255 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Stitcher - 195 HP
  • Tsiclop -  499 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun

What a lovely place. There's a campsite and save point right at the entrance to the Fleshmancer's Lair, so feel free to rejuvenate yourself and save your game. The path to the final confrontation is long, and you'll need every advantage you can get.

Head inside. You'll immediately hit an intersection with some rising and falling platforms, which will form paths for you to cross. The way north is currentl inaccesible, so you'll have to look to the east and west for some answers.

Start by going west. There's a sliding block puzzle over here, but... no block. To the far west is a diamond topped device that will raise the block into view - along with two BilePiles and a Tsiclop. These are all familiar enemies, and won't last long against Valere and Zale's Skills. Take out the Tsiclop first so it can't form Flesh Shields for the BilePiles.

Ignore the green tile where you'd think the sliding block might go and slide it east instead, past the intersection. There are two other tiles here, one green and one orange, and you want to put this orange-topped block on the orange tile. This will open up the puzzle a bit, as well as bring a Tsiclop, a Sleuth, and a BilePile down for a scrap.

Look northeast, to the spot where the enemies were perching, to find a glowing floor rune. Step on the rune to raise a grapple point to the west, accessible by running to the northern section of the chamber and taking a right. Grapple to the pole, then over to the climable wall to the northeast, to get at another sliding block on the upper level. This one is topped with a green crystal. Slide it onto the green tile in the south, which will close one of the huge eyes in the north.

Almost done. Head to the west side of the room and you'll see that you can now climb to the upper level over here, as well. There's another sliding block with a crystal. Push it to the lower level, then onto the green tile to the east. This will close the other eye. With both eyes closed a huge mouth will open the north, granting you passage deeper into the Fleshmancer's Lair.

There's a floor switch on your left when you enter the next chamber that lowers a nearby barrier. Alas, it needs to be held down for the barrier to remain lowered. We'll come back to it. Start by taking out the two Sleuths and the BilePile to the west, so they're not getting in your way.

North of the enemies is a big, orange eyeball that you can blow around with the Mistral Bracelet. You can use this eyeball to crush the stalagmites found throughout this chamber. Do the following to complete this puzzle:

  • Roll the eyeball south through the stalagmites
  • Roll it east and onto the switch by the door, lowering the barrier to the northeast
  • Roll the second orange eyeball out of the little enclosure that was protected by the barrier
  • Roll both eyeballs to the southeast corner of the room, placing one of them on the green floor tile - this will lower a barrier to the north
  • Roll the other eyeball through the stalagmites to the north, where you'll find a chest containing a Data Strip
  • Roll this same eyeball onto the pink floor tile to the west, on the right side of the northbound path
  • Roll the eyeball on the green tile northwest, and onto the pink tile on the left side of the northbound path
This will open the gate in the north. There's a campsite up here, and you should make sure to at least save before you proceed any further. Someone's waiting.


Weakness: Moon, Sun

Ahhh, a mad scientist. How appropriate. LeJugg is a chainsaw-wielding minion of the Fleshmancer, and the least of the bosses you'll face - though that doesn't mean you should take him lightly. LeJugg uses the following attacks:
  • A melee combo against one target (first form)
  • An AOE sweep (second form)
  • Roulette Punch, a four-Lock attack that hits a number of targets equal to the number of Locks left when it goes off (second form)

LeJugg starts off using some fairly basic chainsaw strikes. After a round or two he will power himself up with a potion, growing substantially and gaining new attacks. Neither is massively dangerous - Roulette Punch usually seems to just cut its target's health in half - but you need to be careful regardless.

This fight is nonetheless pretty simple. LeJugg always gives you plenty of time to break his Locks, and you can use Seraï's Disorient to give yourself more time if need be. Have one person healing and building up Live Mana while Valere and Zale chip away at LeJugg's Locks and beat his health down in general.

Head back to the campsite to heal and save once LeJugg is gone, then continue north. The next room is a series of broken walkways over a purple abyss. Hop to the northeast to find a doorway, within which you'll fight two Sleuths. Head southeast out of this small room to find a twisting walkway. Keep following it.

The next area you'll find is a chasm with more rising platforms. You'll have to blunder around a bit to find the path, but running up against the edges of the tiles is perfectly safe. Follow these directins from the entrance:

  • Head south, to the right, and then back north to find a chest containing a Salix Cork for Resh'an
  • Head south, to the left, and then back north to find a picnic basket containing Yakitori Shrimp
  • Head south, left, south, and right to find the exit in the south

Head through the exit then along the following path to wind up in a wide chamber with several enemies: Two Triclops, a BilePile, and a Stitcher. The Stitcher isn't horribly vulnerable to Moon and Sun attacks like the other enemies you've fought in the Fleshmancer's Lair, but it still isn't a big deal. Use Abeyance to gather everyone together and pummel 'em with AOE attacks. There's a chest to the southwest containing Apogee Daggers for Seraï, and the exit is to the northwest.

This will put you back in the room with the purple abyss. Grapple west of here to find an exit, which leads to... uh...

... a lush, green field? Yeah, this is sus. You'll be in a few areas before this weird sequence ends:
  • First is a campsite. Check the campfire to 'rest'.
  • Next is a mining site. Pick up the gleaming jars to the south, southeast, and east, and place them on the pillars in the north.
  • Now you're in the Humble Boast, the tavern in Brisk. Speak to the Villager behind the front desk, then take the gleaming meat from the kitchen and give it to the seated Villager who isn't... vibrating. Deliver meat to two more Villagers, then speak to the Villager behind the desk again.
  • Next up is a Fishing Lake. Catch the single, listless Fish?, then give it to the Molekin on the right.
  • Back to the campsite. Inspect the red, floating eye. It will disappear and reappear several times. Keep following it around.
Follow all these steps and you'll break out of the obvious illusion. The Soul Curator, one of the Fleshmancer's minions, is waiting on the other side. You'll have to endure a quick, simple fight, after which you can use the nearby campsite and save point. Before following your target, though, look to the southeast. There's an illusory room back here that you can break by checking the floating eyes. Once the illusion is gone you'll find a chest containing an Earthshine Staff for Valere. You'll need to defeath a Sleuth and a BilePile to leave this room.

To the northwest you'll be back inside an illusion. Inspect the eye as it moves around the area to break the illusion and reveal the truth. Head northwest and you'll get into another battle with the Soul Curator, along with three Stitchers. Note that the Soul Curator can order the Stitchers to attack a target multiple times in one turn, making their quick destruction your priority.

Follow the Soul Curator again after the battle and it will lead you to the Fishing Lake illusion. Bust the illusion - you'll need to swim through the lake to find the second eyeball - and you'll wind up battling the Soul Minion and a pair of OAFs. The OAFs are new foes with decent melee attacks and lots of HP - but they also have that extreme weakness to Moon and Sun, like most of the Fleshmancer's buddies.

Follow the Soul Curator one more time. It will lead you to the purple abyss, and in the north you'll find a gooey, orange portal that will take you to a campsite. North of the campsite you'll hit an intersection, though you can't go west. Hop to the east, then grapple north and crawl along the walls to the west. You'll find a path in the west leading to a chest, which contains a Legendary Feast. You should absolutely make room in your inventory for this meal.

Look east of the chest to find the path to the doorway in the north. The Soul Curator waits on the other side... but he's not about to fight you personally.

Phase Reaper

An amalgamation of four souls into one nasty package, the Phase Reaper looks and fights pretty much as you'd expect. It uses the following attacks:

  • A single-target melee attack
  • Creates two duplicates
  • Split Ball, a four-Lock AOE attack
  • Flourishing Death, a six-Lock, high-damage, single-target attack
The Phase Reaper begins the battle by summoning in two duplicates of itself. The duplicates have less HP (though still a fair amount), and only use the Phase Reaper's standard melee attack. The three enemies then take turns smashing you. The Phase Reaper has two charge attacks, though only Flourishing Death is of great concern, as it can easily OHKO a character - and if you don't break all the Locks it will go off at full strength. Your only hope is to time your blocks during the combo and hope for the best.

The battle is undeniably easier when the Phase Reaper clones aren't around, but they also don't cause a ton of trouble. Your focus should be breaking the middle Phase Reaper's charged attacks, then use AOE Skills to hit all three enemies. Eventually you'll defeat the two copies, which will give you a few turns to batter the real Phase Reaper before it summons in new ones. Heal as needed. A pretty basic battle, if somewhat dangerous.

A surprise visit from a NPC you probably forgot existed will open the way to the north. Ahead you'll find a number of Cultists who, despite their allegiance, are friendly enough. One stands next to a two-way teleporter that will ferry you back to the entrance of the Fleshmancer's Lair, and if you check the room to the left of this Cultist you'll find a campsite. Near the campsite is a chest containing Question Pack #10. The Cultist nearer the save point is a merchant, and among other items sells Recipes for Lasagna and Braisé.

Head through the northern exit once you're prepped and ready. There are no more mooks to battle, but you will have to climb a looooot of stairs to reach the top of the Fleshmancer's Lair. The man himself is waiting at the top - as is his chosen champion.


Oh, you poor fool. Elysan'darëlle has a familiar face, but the person you knew is gone. Your final act in Sea of Stars is to put what remains to rest. Elysan'darëlle uses the following attacks:
  • A single-target rune spell
  • Telekiniesis Crash, a three-Lock, two-target spell
  • The Pyrmamid, a four-Lock AOE spell
This battle is quite straightforward. Elysan'darëlle only has three attacks, and you'll know which one is coming each time. So long as you keep plenty of Live Mana scattered around the arena it's also quite easy to break the Locks on her charged moves, so most of the time she won't even get one off. Keep your characters healed and you should be fine.

Of course, Elysan'darëlle is easy enough that this can't be the actual final boss...


HP: 999 (Crystal)

That's the stuff. Beat Elysan'darëlle and she'll make a comeback as a titanic goddess. This version of Elysan'darëlle is much more suitable as a final boss, and you'll be hard-pressed to take her down. Elysan'darëlle's second phase uses the following attacks:
  • A triple-target rune spell
  • Life Leech, a three-Lock AOE spell that steals HP for Elysan'darëlle
  • Crystal Touch, a four-Lock spell that creates a crystal prison around one character, leaving them unable to move
  • Shatter, a three-Lock spell that destroys the crystal on an afflicted character, instantly knocking them out - only used if Crystal Touch was used
Elysan'darëlle doesn't have a ton of moves, but they're all a pain. Elysan'darëlle's 'normal' attack with the runes can hit really hard if your luck is poor and they're all directed at one character. Life Leech is the least of the bunch, though it prolongs the battle. Crystal Touch is the most annoying by far, and you should use whatever Combos are needed to stop Elysan'darëlle before she can use the move. If it does go off you shold try to bust the crystal post-haste, or you'll be down a party member.

This fight is all about keeping up with Elysan'darëlle, and the easiest way to do that is to delay her moves with Seraï's Disorient Skill, the Arcane Barrage Combo, or Resh'an's Ultimate move. This will usually give you more than enough time to break any Locks. If a character gets stuck in a crystal and you have no obvious way out you can use Resh'an's Ebb Skill, though you must time the move correctly or the crystal won't break. All that aside, smack Elysan'darëlle around with normal attacks, conserve your MP and Combos for breaking Locks, and heal as needed.

You'll receive the Lieupedant Achievement for defeating Elysan'darëlle. The final cut scene rolls, and just before you hit the credits you'll be treated to a brief space shooter against a final enemy. Just hold down the confirm button for a rapidfire approach while avoiding the larger shots and you'll be fine. Congratulations! You've completed Sea of Stars!



Nope. Yes, you've seen the ending, but there's more to go. To witness the true ending of Sea of Stars - including the battle against the actual final boss of the game - you have other things to do. Once the credits are done (I recommend fast-forwarding - there are a lot of backers) you can reload your game, and we'll get started.

Main Walkthrough