Part 22: Antsudlo

Main Walkthrough

Glacial Peak - Enemies

  • Boulder Douche - 155 HP - Weak to Moon, resists Sun
  • Rochecrossidere - 90 HP

From the depths of the ocean, to... the top of an icy mountain? After a surprising trip to meet the Archivist the group suddenly finds themselves on Glacial Peak, a seemingly random summit in the middle of nowhere. There's no going back until you've completed this area, so strap in and start climbing.

Head right from the entrance and crawl up the wall. Grapple west, over the entry arch, to find a save point, a well-hidden Berry bush, and the way forward. Keep going west two screens until you run into a pair of Rochecrossideres. They're fairly standard little melee combatants, and shouldn't give you much trouble.

Hop across the gap-filled bridge and continue west. You'll come to a little puzzle. Use your Mistral Bracelet to move the ice block on the left along the track, which will let you get at a chest in the east. The chest contains Music Sheet #5. This will also reveal a telltale purple diamond which will allow you to change the time, and if you shift the nearby light beam onto the larger ice block on your right it will melt.

Climb the wall behind the ice block and head back east. There's a clearing ahead, though if you climb the ledges on your left first you'll find a bunch of Berry bushes, as well as a campsite. (No save point, though. That's a change.) Head east once you've rejuvenated your party and you'll run into more Rochecrossideres, as well as a... Boulder Douche. I did not make that name up. The Boulder Douche knows a charged attack named Icicle that will reduce one target to 1 HP, so do your best to break those Locks.

Beyond the enemies, as well as a very thin walkway, is another sliding block puzzle. There's seemingly nothing you can do about this puzzle right now, so don't worry about it. Look east. In addition to a Berry bush you'll see an ice block on the other side of a frozen pond. Push the block south, then along the track and up. This will let you get at a higher clearing, where you'll fight two Boulder Douches.

Keep climbing and you'll find a little frozen pond with a chest visible beneath it. More on that another time. You'll also run into a Boulder Douche laying down some beats for three Rochecrossideres. Wipe out the enemies, then start sidling your way west as the path narrows considerably. After three jumps the way back will crumble, leaving you with nowhere to go but up.

After a harrowing (but safe) trip across some more narrow paths you'll find a large clearing with more Rochecrossideres. Take them out, grab the Berries to the northwest, and look around. There's a campsite and save point here, but they're beneath the ice. You'll have to find a way under, and you'll find it by climbing the wall to the north. There's a jump point on your right when you reach the top...

... and it will bring you down into the campsite, which requires yet more clearing of Rochecrossideres. Irritants. Wipe them out, heal, and save. Pass north through this enclosure, under the big chunk of ice on the level above, and you'll find a grapple point on the other side. Some unwelcome visitors will show themselves once you're north of the grapple point.

Two and Four

Time to complete the set. Two and Four are tougher than their comrades, though not by much. If you've gotten this far you'll be fine. Two and Four use the following attacks:

  • An overhead slam against a single target (Four)
  • A weak AOE attack against the whole party (Two)
  • Group Heal, a three-Lock restorative spell for Two and Four (Two)
  • Todome, an eight-Lock Combo attack against one target (Two)

Pretty standard battle. Two is the more complicated of the pair, and uses a few spells to batter your party or restore their own. It's more important that you break the Locks of Group Heal, as the battle will drag on if their health keeps being restored. Four is a simple melee brawler, though they will also take part in Todome.

Not that difficult a fight overall. Todome is the most worrisome move, and you can use Moonerang to get rid of four of its Locks in a single move. The rest shouldn't be a problem with judicious Skill usage and some Boosting. Take out Two first, removing the healer, and Four is just a grunt.

Heal up and save at the campsite, if you feel the need, then continue north. The rest of the trek through the mountains is twisty-turny, but straightforward and enemy-free. Eventually you'll come to the edge of a precipice, and after a cut scene you'll receive a Solstice Amulet. You can use this item to change the time without the use of one of those stupid purple diamond tiles. Huzzah! Test it out by twisting the light south to the south onto the huge ice block so it melts.

Head south and you'll need to burst not only an ice wall, but a black-and-blue rock, using the Solstice Amulet. Do this on two more rocks further south to reveal a lever, which will raise another light crystal into place. Destroy the final ice block to the south and you'll be back to the place where you fought Two and Four.

Head south of the campsite and a light crystal will melt an ice block for you. The crystal is atop a sliding block, and you can push it along a track to the south so it lands one level down. Push it west and you can use the crystal to melt some boulders, allowing you to get at the chest beneath the frozen pond. The chest contains a Signet of Clarity. This accessory reduces Skill costs by 1 MP, which is hugely beneficial.

Now that you have the Solstice Amulet you can solve the larger sliding block puzzle a bit further down the mountain. Start by charging the two diamond tracks on either side of the light crystal, starting with the track on the right. Once both are charged you'll be able to push the light crystal around. This will allow you to break three different ice blocks:

  • Slide the light crystal to the right from its starting point to destroy the rock on the right, then push the ice block on the eastern track to the south. Focus light on the block to melt it, revealing a chest that contains Sapphire Ore.
  • Push the light crystal to the left, then up and onto the center of the tracks, destroying the rock that keeps you from going north. Twist the light to melt the next ice cube. Inside is a scroll for the Item Roulette Combo between Garl and Sera├».
  • Push the light crystal north, destroying the rock in your way and the large hunk of ice in the northeast. On the other side is a ladder that will take you down to a grapple point. Sling across, then follow the path until you emerge beneath a cliff ledge. There's a chest here containing a Rainbow Conch.

The ladder in that last bit of the puzzle will also lead you down to a rope ladder. Kick it over and you'll be more or less back at the start of Glacier Peak. Take a right and make your way back down to the archway, which is now active. 

Inspect the glowing orb beneath the arch to return to the Archives. Re'shan will congratulate you on your work, then give you your next destination: Torment Peak. You can use the glowing orb on the left to jump to Docarria Village. You can also use the glowing orb on the right to return to Glacial Peak.

Main Walkthrough