Part 25: Glacial Peak

Main Walkthrough

Torment Peak - Enemies

  • BilePile - 499 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Sleuth - 75 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
  • Tsiclop - 350 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun

Once you've cleaned up Glacial Peak and teleported back to Lake Docarria you'll be ready to tackle the final challenge of Watcher Island: Torment Peak. It's located in the north of the island, and if you visited this place earlier you'll know that there's a broken puzzle out front that bars your way.

Fortunately, you now have the Solstice Amulet, and can bend time whenever you like. Twist time so that the light crystal in the middle of this first area fills up the diamond tracks to the left and right. Once both are energized a pair of statues will pop out of the ground. Use the Mistral Bracelet to blow them along their respective tracks and up onto the bronze plates in the north. Putting both of them in place will open Torment Peak.

Head inside. The darkened passage that awaits brings you first to a save point, then to an eerie, floating creature known as a Sleuth. Fighting the Sleuth will also bring a BilePile out of hiding to join the fight. Neither is exceptionally dangerous, though the BilePile has a Multishoot charge attack that can prove painful if all three shots hit one character. Note that only Skills and Boosted attacks will harm the Sleuth. (Everything in here gets shredded by Moon and Sun Skills, so keep Valere and Zale in the party.)

Keep following the path to find some Mushrooms. Northwest of the mushrooms you'll cross a small gap and wind up in a battle with two Tsiclops and a Sleuth. Tsiclops can summon in Flesh Shields which, much like Valere's Lunar Shield Skill, protect them from a single attack. They're not a big deal. There's a crystal on your left that will light the area a bit, if you care to activate it.

They're a bit difficult to see, but if you walk as far north as you can and then try to jump left you'll wind up on a series of platforms. Head north along them and you'll find a diamond-topped device in the northwest. Activate it to raise some floating platforms to the east. If you head east and north along the floating platforms you'll find a side chamber with a chest, which contains Phantom Daggers for Seraï. Be ready to fight some PileBiles on the way out.

Return to the floating platforms. If you head generally south and east along these platforms you'll find a clearing with two Sleuths and a Tsiclop. There's a twisting, hopping path to the south of here that will take you past a few more light crystals and over to another clearing, where two more Tsiclops and a BilePile are waiting for you. Don't forget the Mushrooms sitting nearby.

North of here is another circular stone door. It has two locks on it, each deactivated via a diamond-topped device. There's one behind a pillar to the east of the door, and another up a mossy climbing wall and over to the west. The chamber behind the door contains a welcome campsite and save point. Head north and you'll find a path leading east and back south.

You'll find a wide clearing in the next area, and will likely stumble into a trio of Tsiclops. The path will take you south of here, though if you check the west side of the clearing you'll find a climbing wall. The wall leads east, where you'll find a small cave. Inside is a chest containing a Rainbow Conch. Snag it and return to the clearing.

Beyond some hopping stones you'll find two BilePiles. Wipe them out, then head counterclockwise around their rocky island home Mushrooms. To the right of the Mushrooms is the entrance to a chamber with no less than a Sleuth, a BilePile, and two Triclops. Moonerang and / or Dash Strike will prove useful for this overcrowded fight.

Activate the diamond-topped device in the north of the chamber to raise some floating platforms outside. Head west along the platforms to find a climbing wall. Head all the way up the climbing wall to find a chest containing a Green Leaf, then slide back down the wall a little ways and proceed west. Just north of a light crystal you'll find the way out of this chamber.

The next area has another campsite and save point combo. You'll also find a little pack of Baby Gorillas whose mother seems to have been trapped below. Good to know. There's a floating platform in this room that will take you back to the entrance of Torment Peak, if you have business outside; otherwise, heal up and head west.

In the next area you'll find a path down to the Gorilla Matriarch, mother of the Baby Gorillas, who will explain Torment Peak's true nature in greater detail. Seraï has an idea, and will leave the party for a bit. Hop into the water to the south once the conversation is over, and use the vortex to dip underwater. Head east of here to find the exit back to dry land... and to trouble.

Dweller of Torment

HP: 2,125 (Arms)
Weakness: Moon, Sun (Arms, Dweller of Torment when it is knocked over)

Hoo boy, that's a biggun. Consisting of the main body, a Right Arm and a Left Arm, the Dweller of Torment is quite the powerful foe. You don't have any backup while fighting this Dweller, either, so you'd best be ready for a scrap. The Dweller of Torment uses the following attacks:

  • A fist slam against one character (Right Arm)
  • A lobbed rock at one character (Right Arm)
  • A ground pound that damages the whole party with the vibrations (Left Arm)
  • Sonic Pain, a six-Lock AOE scream (Dweller of Torment)
  • Belly Drop, a four-Lock AOE body slam (Dweller of Torment)

During the first phase of this attack you can't do any damage to the Dweller of Torment, so just hold off and minimize damage. Eventually Seraï will rejoin the party, allowing you to damage the beast and setting off the true battle. The Dweller of Torment varies its strategy between arm attacks, hitting one or more characters, and one of two charged attacks that hit the whole party. Sonic Pain is the more dangerous of the two charged attacks.

The Dweller of Torment has no vulnerabilities unless you take out its arms. Do this and the beast will crumble for several rounds, leaving it highly susceptible to Moon and Sun damage. It is very much to your advantage to go after the Arms, as not only will it bring the Dweller of Torment down, it will break Locks on the moves it is charging. Save your most powerful Moon and Sun-based Combos for the Dweller's vulnerable state and you can shred its HP. Even Boosting once with Moon or Sun will give you a huge damage increase. Overall, this is not that difficult a fight.

You'll receive the Dweller of Torment Achievement for defeating the Dweller of Torment. After some congratulations and thanks the Gorilla Matriach, newly-freed, will restore the prism to the island's huge stone guardian statue. You can change time to manipulate the light beam through the prism. Shine it to the right to reveal the Mossy Cache, a hidden area.

Here you'll find a simple tile-twisting puzzle. Approach the stone monument on the south end of the puzzle to activate it. You can move a ball of light around to each of the tiles and spin them until they form the picture shown above, that of a kneeling figure. Do this to raise a platform in the north. 

Check the northwestern edge of the picture for a chest containing a Rainbow Conch, then climb the platform. At the top is the Vial of Time you were sent to retrieve. Snag it, then head back to Lake Docarria and use the portal in the east to return to the Archives. Resh'an is grateful for the return of his property...

... and he joins the party! Resh'an is sort of a jack-of-all trades when it comes to his Skills, and can inflict Arcane damage, remove a random Lock from an enemy move, and heal the party. This last Skill, Petrichor, will save you a lot of ingredients. His normal attack also does Poison damage, and Boosting Resh'an will make his normal attack Poison and Arcane. Very handy. Onward, to Mesa Island!

Part 25: Autumn Hills

Main Walkthrough