Part 18: Town of Mirth, Sailing, and Mooncradle

Main Walkthrough

Whether or not you decide to take an extended trip around the world in your brandnew boat, your next destination is the lush Watcher Island, in the southeast of the map. Sail down here and you'll find a dock on the south end of the island, where you can enter your next destination.

Jungle Path - Enemies

  • Croube - 38 HP
  • Garnooy - 225 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Prapra - 140 HP
  • Skullpion - 80 HP - Weak to Sun

Right off the bath you'll find a campsite with a save point. From here you can explore in a number of different directions:

  • Check the southwestern beach and you'll find a chest, floating out in the water. It contains Sapphire Ore.
  • Head out into the western waters and swim north. There's a chest floating by itself up here that contains Question Pack #4.
  • Wander northwest of the campfire and you'll find a little cave, not far from a Tomato plant. Inside is a Garnooy, a croaky creature that can use Slurp Kiss to steal one of your party members. You'll need to kill it to get them back. The Garnooy is guarding a chest that contains Docarri Armor.
  • Directly north of the campsite is a cluster of Croubes that you can ignore completely, if you like. They aren't hurting anyone. North of here is an Apple tree.
  • Check the beach east of the campfire and you'll find a Garnooy and two Croubes. There are Tomatoes growing near their pool, and if you walk as far east as you can go, then check to the north, you'll find a picnic basket containing Peach Strudel.

Look around enough and you'll conclude that the only path forward is northeast of the campsite, across the water from a half-completed bridge. The currents are too strong to stay in the water, so hop out on the other side and head north through the jungle. Before long you'll run into a Skullpion and two Prapras, both new enemy types. The Prapras are a bit more dangerous with their AOE attacks.

Follow the path north until you see a cliff on your right, with Croubes patrolling on top. There's a small path along the edge of this cliff that you can use to get at a barely-visible cave. Inside is a chest containing Sapphire Ore. Climb the ledges in the rear of the cave to find Berries, as well as a path up to the Croubes. There's a mystery tile up here which we'll revisit later.

Northeast of here is another unfinished bridge. Look north for Berries, then jump into the river. The barrier in the south will keep you from flowing too far, and you can swim west to find a woodwork tower. Pull the lever on the tower to raise a bridge to the northwest. On the other side of the bridge is a mirror connected to a fan that you can spin with your Mistral Bracelet, though it doesn't serve a purpose. (Yet.)

Follow the path west of here and you'll be ambushed by two Prapras, just as the route turns back to the east. Take them out and continue east. You'll soon find a clearing with a rather obvious light-bouncing puzzle, though without the ability to change the time you can't do anything with it. We'll be back.

Climb to the ledge on your right and jump off of the branch extending over the water. You'll be swept down to a small sandbank with some Grains, though be careful not to jump back in the water when you grabbing them. (Might have done this a few times by accident.) Climb onto the curving tree root to the north and walk along it to the northeast.

Here you'll find a climbing wall made of vines. Go up a little ways, but don't go all the way to the top. Instead, shimmy beneath the waterfall on your left. There's a hidden tunnel beneath the waterfall, and if you grapple through the cave inside you'll find a mural. Inspect it to receive a Stone Tablet Piece.

Whether you shimmied under the waterfall or just climbed the wall you'll wind up on one of two connected clearings at the top of the waterfall. There are a few enemies on the western clearing, and you can check the north ends of both clearings for Potatoes and Apples. There's also a rope ladder attached to the western clearing that will take you back down to the obvious-but-still-useless light puzzle.

Head north between the clearings and you'll come to a campsite, as well as some Tomatoes on your left. Rest, save, and replenish your items, then start island-hopping to the north. There's a small obstacle course ahead, and you'll need to jump into water twice to get swept downstream a little, as well as grapple. Not terribly challenging. Eventually you'll come to another clearing, and some nasty fellows will come looking for you.

One and Three

About time we got a piece of these fiends. One and Three aren't terribly difficult - they probably aren't bringing their A game, this early on - but you need to be cautious nonetheless. One and Three use the following attacks:

  • Melee swipes against one target (One)
  • Melee swipes against two targets (Three)
  • V-Attack, a three-Lock Combo against two characters (One) - Will counterattack if targeted with normal attacks while charging
For most of the battle One and Three use bog-standard melee strikes against your party. One hits one person, Three hits two. Nothing special. The only wrinkle here is One's charged move, V-Attack, which essentially protects them from all melee attacks while it is charging. If you don't use a Skill to attack One while they're counting down they will take no damage and immediately retaliate. 

There's not a ton to say besides 'Use Skills'. One and Three's attacks aren't that difficult to time and block, though you should be ready to heal away damage regardless. Focus on one of them - Three is arguably more dangerous, and takes more damage - and the other will be far less of a problem on their own.

One and Three will retreat after the battle is over. Head northwest to find the exit back to the world map.

Return Trip

  • Change the time of day until the light crystal is shining on the short diamond track to the left. This raises a laser emitter elsewhere in the jungle, though it will only be active while the short diamond track is charged.
  • Head south through Jungle Path until you see a fan-controlled mirror on a wooden platform. Turn it with the Mistral Bracelet so the mirror is pointing northeast.
  • Head back to the main puzzle. Reorient the mirror on the right so it is facing southeast, then reorient the mirror on the left so it is facing northwest.
  • Twist the light beam around so it is focused on the longer diamond track on the right. This will raise the mirrors so they're in the path of the laser beam.
  • Change time to activate the laser beam via the short track. Move quickly, as the mirrors will sink back to the ground after a few seconds.
Do this correctly and the laser beam will be directed into the large, stone head near the light crystal. It will open up, and inside you'll find three Skullpions. Behind the enemies is a wall to climb, and a chest containing a Lucent Crystal. Hop the game near the chest and you'll find a way outside, where there's a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.

Part 20: Sacred Grove

Main Walkthrough