Main Walkthrough

Partway through Sea of Stars you will guide a group of settlers to a new, untouched land, and they will establish the village of Mirth on the aptly-named Settlers Island. Mirth starts off small, and... kinda useless... but it gets much better as you grow the village. There are two ways to make Mirth a better place to visit:

  • Bring Plans to Jirard the Constructionist
  • Invite NPCs in to settle and take over jobs in Mirth

This guide will help you track down all of the Plans and settlers needed to complete Mirth. It will become quite the tidy little home base after a while, if you take the time to expand its influence.


Fortunately for you, all of the Plans are found in one place, in the hands of a little Docarri named Mirna. She runs the 'Market of Marvels' in the northeast of Docarri Village. Unfortunately for you, Mirna expects a return for the Plans: She barters only in Rainbow Conches, sixty of which are spread throughout Sea of Stars. You'll receive the following Plans from Mirna:

  • 4 Conches - Inn Plans
  • 19 Conches - Shop Plans
  • 22 Conches - Fishing Hut Plans
  • 39 Conches - Spa Plans
You'll likely be much of the way through Sea of Stars before you can scrape together 39 Rainbow Conches for Mirna. They're found all over the place. We'll discuss Rainbow Conch locations in another section of the guide.


Once you've obtained the Vespertine and established Mirth you'll also unlock a number of unique NPCs throughout the world of Sea of Stars. Located in places you've already visited, as well as many new locations, these settlers are looking for somewhere new to live - and Mirth is just what they need. They will idle in Mirth until you find the appropriate Plans to set up their new venue.

  • Master Fisherman - Located in Mooncradle. You'll need to travel back to Evermist Island via X'tol Landing. The Master Fisherman is in the tavern, and he'll leave for Mirth immediately when you speak to him.
  • Innkeeper - Located in the Town of Lucent. Speak to Edgar, the owner of the tavern, and he'll send a message to his brother, Lambert, to settle in Mirth.
  • Hot Springs Attendant - Located in Stonemasons Outpost. On the east side of the outpost is a Molekin named Chi who wanted a bath. You can get the water flowing again by activating a fan in a nearby house with your Mistral Bracelet. Speak to Chi once you've unlocked Mirth and she'll settle in the town.
  • Shopkeeper - Located in Docarria Village. Check the vortex in the southeastern house, accessible via a lever, and you'll find a Merchant in the next room. She'll emigrate to Mirth with her child.

You'll receive the Home Neat Home Achievement for building all four establishments, and having a settler to run them. You'll also have four new places to check out:
  • The Fishing Hut is in the northeast of Mirth. The Fishing Master will track the species of fish you've caught, giving you rewards for catching certain amounts. We'll discuss what you receive in the Fishing section of the guide. You can also pick up Fish and Seafood in his hut, and if you look outside you'll find a Fishing Lake where you can catch any type of fish that you've previously caught elsewhere. Swim to the northeast corner of the lake to find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.
  • The Shop is in the northeast of Mirth. The owner sells some rather meh equipment, as well as a bunch of Relics. The one new one are the Salient Sails, which improves the sailing speed of the Vespertine when activated. The owner's child also sells items, primarily ingredients, though you can also buy the Croustade Recipe and Music Sheet #3.
  • The Inn is in the northwest of Mirth. It... is an inn.
  • The Spa is in the northwest of Mirth. If you give Chi 250 gold you can send one of your characters into the spa. That character will receive a one-time stat boost. If you bathe all six of your characters - Valere, Zale, Garl, Sera├», Resh'an, and B'st - you'll receive the Me Day Achievement.

Main Walkthrough