Fishing is more or less a staple of modern RPGs at this point, and Sea of Stars is not an exception to the rule. Cooking plays an important role in restoring your party's health, and Fishing will keep you well-stocked with ingredients. Expect to dip your fishing rod into calm waters on a regular basis as you explore Sea of Stars.

This guide will teach you the ins and outs of Fishing in Sea of Stars. It will also cover the contents of each of the game's Fishing Lakes, of which there are many. If you can successfully catch all of the fish on this list at least once you'll receive the Master Angler Achievement.

Fishing Basics

Fishing is done whenever you find a Fishing Lake. Fishing Lakes are located as independent locations on the world map, and, occasionally, within larger locations like dungeons. Upon arrival you can throw your line into the water and try to catch some fish. Fishing in Sea of Stars is a little different from other, similar games:
  • Press the confirm button (varies by system) to cast your lure
  • Use the directional pad to move the lure as it flies north
  • Press the confirm button again to drop it into the water, hopefully near some fish
  • Reel the fish you've hooked in by holding down the confirm button and steering with the directional pad
Once you've snagged a fish a light blue stream will run down the middle of the pond. In order to maintain your line you need to keep the fish roughly within the stream, avoiding the sides of the pond. The fish will fight the whole way, so make liberal use of the directional pad. You want to steer the fish into the stream, then start reeling. If you reel while the fish is outside the stream the line will likely snap. The line will flash red if it is close to snapping.

If you successfully catch a fish you can Fillet it into an ingredient, used in Cooking. Catch a fish and you'll get Fish; catch anything else and you'll get Seafood. You can check which fish are in a particular Fishing Lake by checking the sign by the dock. If you've caught at least one of a particular type of fish it will appear on every sign where that fish is present.

About halfway through Sea of Stars your party will help set up a town called Mirth. Part of establishing Mirth is creating specialized buildings, and finding someone to run them. One of these locations is a Fishing Hut. You need to things to operate the Fishing Hut:
  • First, you need to give 22 Rainbow Conches to Mirna, a vendor in Docarria Village. She'll give you the Fishing Hut Plans, which you can then give to Jirard the Constructionist. He'll use the Plans to build the Fishing Hut.
  • And, second, you need a Master Fisherman to run the place. The Master Fisherman is inside the tavern in Mooncradle.
Once the Master Fisherman is inside the Fishing Hut he'll leave Fish and Seafood all over the place for you to collect. He'll also maintain a pond outside the hut, which is stocked with every type of fish you've ever caught. Very handy.

On top of all that, the Master Fisherman will keep track of the number of types of fish you've caught. Reach certain thresholds and he'll give you rewards:
  • 4 Fish - Stereofilament Line, a Relic that improves the durability of your fishing line
  • 9 Fish - Mithreel Rod, a Relic that depletes fish's stamina more quickly
  • 14 Fish - Bearing Reel, a Relic that improves reeling speed
  • 23 Fish - Flimsy Hammer, part of a post-game quest unrelated to fishing

Fishing Lakes

Sunglow Lake

Location: West of the Mountain Trail
  • Lunar Trout
  • Man o'War

Windy Loch

Location: West of the Moorlands, accessible by its western exit
  • Grass Haddock
  • Hardshell
  • Lunar Trout

Lavish Lake

Location: North of the Port Town of Brisk
  • Hardshell
  • Grass Haddock
  • Man o'War

Abandoned Wizard's Lab

Location: Inside the Abandoned Wizard's Lab (combine Red and Blue Crystal)
  • Lunar Trout

Haunted Creek

Location: Northwest of Town of Lucent
  • Bone Pike
  • Ghosturgeon
  • Spectral Eel

Settler's Rest

Location: Northwest of Mirth
  • Crimson Bass
  • Hardshell
  • Grass Haddock
  • Seakjaw

Sulphuric Basin

Location: Basalt Island, in the north of the world map
  • Lava Koi
  • Rock Shrimp

Watcher's Pond

Location: Watcher Island, north of Lake Docarria
  • Crimson Bass
  • Fluorescent Piranha
  • Sun Carp
  • Viridian Lobster

Lake Turquoise

Location: Mesa Island, between Autumn Hills and Songshroom Marsh
  • Clockwork Crab
  • Fluorescent Piranha
  • Ninja Starfish
  • Swordfish

Skybound Lagoon

Location: Skylands, south of Cloud Kingdom
  • Cloud Skate
  • Ninja Starfish
  • Sky Urchin

Cerulean Reservoir

Location: Crescent Island, east of Repine
  • Coil Flounder
  • Cybernardl Hermite
  • Laser Burbot
  • Silicium Sponge

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