Part 19: Jungle Path

Main Walkthrough

Lake Docarria

Once you've traversed the Jungle Path you'll wind up back on the world map, and your next destination, Lake Docarria, is a straight walk to the north. Climb the vine wall near the entrance and you'll find the lake, which is... empty, save for a bell in the northwest. There's nothing else worth seeing hereabouts, so swim over to the bell and smack it with the Coral Hammer.

A staircase will appear to your right. Climb up and you'll find a seashell building at the top. Inside is a Temple Servant, and after an extended greeting and ritual you'll wind up with a Seashell. You'll need it to reach Docarria Village, which is located at the bottom of the lake. After this cut scene you can leave the lake via its northern exit.

This will put you back on the world map. There are a few things to check out, now that you've reached the heart of Watcher Island:

  • Just north of Lake Docarria is Watcher's Pond, a Fishing Lake. Catch to your heart's content.
  • North of the lake is a prism on the side of the road. The characters will comment on it, but that's all. Keep this in mind for later.
  • Also north of the lake is Torment Peak, which is surely a dungeon. The puzzle out front is currently broken, so you can't get in just yet.

That leaves one final destination, to the west.

Sacred Grove - Enemies

  • Croube - 38 HP
  • Garnooy - 225 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Prapra - 140 HP
  • Skullpion - 80 HP - Weak to Sun

How picturesque. Check to the west for a campsite and save point, then begin climbing in the east. The path will zig-zag back and forth across the central river as you head north through the Sacred Grove. Nothing too fancy, though you'll face some Prapras just after you climb up from the first grapple point, and two Croubes and a Prapra after pulling out the second grapple point.

After this second battle you'll be facing a puzzle. Step on the purple diamond, then begin shifting time. Each of the tracks of diamonds surrounding the light crystal raises a platform when fully charged. Do the following:

  • First, rotate the light beam so it is shining on the northern line of diamonds. Run over to the platform to the northeast and climb on before the line is fully charged so you're standing on top of the platform as it rises out of the ground. Hop over to the clearing to the north and you'll find a Garnooy guarding a scroll that teaches the Moon Shiv Combo.
  • Hop back to the light puzzle and rotate the light beam so it is shining on the lower-right diamond track. Let it fill up all the way so the platform on your left rises.
  • Rotate the light so it is filling up the short diamond track on the lower-left. Jump onto the first platform once the light is in place so you can cross before it lowers again.

Head north, pulling out the next grapple platform so you can climb to the next level. There's a pool on your right that is fed by a waterfall, and if you check the right side of the waterfall from inside the pool you'll find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch. Snag it, then return to dry land and continue north.

You'll find walkways jutting out of the water to the north. The walkway on the left leads to a chest containing Sapphire Ore, while the walkway on the right leads to an ornate sculpture that is pouring water into a basin. Use the Seashell on the basin to reveal a hole in the water to the south - and to turn the Seashell into a Magic Seashell

With the Magic Seashell in your possession you can now enter whirlpools and travel underwater. Jump into the lake and you'll wind up in an underwater tunnel. Check the sides of the tunnel (which is admittedly quite dark) for some Seafood, then interact with the funnel at the south end to pop back up near the Sacred Grove's entrance. Better make haste to Lake Docarria.

Part 21: Docarria Village

Main Walkthrough