Part 20: Sacred Grove

Main Walkthrough

With the Magic Seashell in hand you can now find Docarria Village. Reenter Lake Docarria and a whirlpool will appear in the middle of the lake. All you have to do is float over and take the plunge. Voila, you're now in Docarria Village. You can leave again via the geyser near the save point.

Docarria Village isn't massive, but it is rather important. Let's have a quick look around, starting in the northeastern seashell building and moving clockwise around the village.

  • The northeastern seashell contains a vortex in a little pool. You can use it to get into some random Docarri's bedroom, where you'll find a chest containing a Sapphire Ingot.
  • Outside the northeastern Seashell is the 'Market of Marvels', a stall owned and operated by a pipsqueak named Mirna. She will accept all of the Rainbow Conches you've been picking up over the course of the game. Mirna doles out a large number of prizes - including the Plans needed to upgrade the Town of Mirth. We'll look at all this in another section of the guide.
  • In the east is an old man whose grandchildren are playing Hide-and-Seek. They're spread throughout Docarria Village. Find them all, then speak to the old man again to receive a Rainbow Conch. You'll find the kids in the following locations:
    • Inside the bedroom of the northeastern house, south of the chair in the northwestern corner of the room
    • Inside the first rear chamber of the northwestern house, through a vortex in the rear of the shop - The child is standing behind a long table
    • Inside the first rear chamber of the northwestern house, up the second vortex in the north - The child is standing to the left of the wall you had to climb to get up here
  • In the southeast is a house with an inner room, accessible by pulling a lever and hopping in a geyser. Inside is a Merchant who will emigrate to Mirth if you speak to her. There's also a chest here containing a Rainbow Conch.
  • In the southwest is the tavern. Nothing special inside.
  • In the northwest are two Merchants. The Merchant on the right sells equipment, and jyst about everything on sale is an upgrade to what you already have. This will get eexpensive. The Merchant on the left sells a few ingredients, as well as the Recipe for Bouillabaisse.
  • There's a vortex in the rear of the northwestern shop that will take you to two more vortexes, and if you go up the second one, to the northwest, you'll find a room with a chest containing an Old Coral Vase. Go out on the balcony to the southeast in this room to find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.

All that leaves is the temple in the north of Docarria Village. Inside you'll find the Oracle of Tides, and he'll offer a bunch of helpful - but fairly cryptic - advice. He'll then step aside, beckoning you to enter the waterfall in the north of the room. On the other side is your next major trial, the Tower of Antsudlo.

Part 22: Tower of Antsudlo

Main Walkthrough