Part 13: Flooded Graveyard

Main Walkthrough

Necromancer's Lair - Enemies

  • Gulgul - 49 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Lonzon - 75 HP - Weak to Sun
  • Mermofwizquard - 66 HP - Weak to Blunt, Sword
  • Revenant - 200 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Woodland Spirit - 63 HP

Into the belly of the beast. Swim north from the entrance and you'll find a chest in the water. It contains Romaya's Hairpin, an artifact for Teaks. Use the stairs to climb out of the water, where you'll immediately get into a battle. The new foe here is the Mermofwizquard, a magic user that you can absolutely demolish with physical attacks. (Typing that name out is awful.) Mermofwizquards can hit your whole party with normal attacks, so prioritize taking them out first.

Head north from the entrance until you find a bony, floating platform. Use the lever to get it moving and it will take you to a battle with two Galgals. Keep following the corridor and you'll wind up back outside, where a cut scene will make it clear that progressing requires you to take down some very specific enemies. Check to the northwest to find a campsite and a save point, then begin your explorations.

Look to the north of the campsite and you'll run into a Revenant, the first of the three enemies we need to defeat. This guy hits hard when two-handing his sword, but he fights alone and ultimately isn't anything special. Inspect the glowing skull that he leaves behind to undo part of the lock to the north, and check the trees to the left and right of this battlefield for some Apples and Peaches.

If you inspect the northeast you'll find some piles of Bones. Otherwise, you now need to choose a direction to go.

Northeast Passage

If you jump into the water you'll find a path to the northeast of the lair's central hub area. After you cross some thin walkways they will sink, forcing you to progress deeper. Head southeast to get into a fight with some Lonzons, a Gulgul, and a Mermofwizquard, then pull the lever to the northeast of this little battlefield.

Pulling the lever will move a platform to the north within range. Backtrack and use it to head east, pulling the lever on the platform to nudge a little ways to the right. Climb the nearby ladder and head west along the upper path to find a chest containing a Spectral Cape. A bit further north is a rope ladder that you can unspool to return to the lower level.

Go back to the first lever, down south, and pull it again. Trek back to the rope ladder and climb up. Head clockwise around and back to the lower level to find another floating platform, which is now within reach. Hop on and pull the lever on the platform to go south. Southwest of the landing point is a chest containing some Obsidian Ore, and the main path continues to the east.

You're in a new area. Drop down to the clearing in the southeast and you'll get into a fight with a Lonzon, a Gulgul, and a Mermofwizquard. Take them down, then climb the ladder to the northwest. You can use this upper platform to drop down to a large doorway in the north, on the other side of a pit. Inside is a massive chest containing the Graplou, which allows you to grapple from point to point while exploring. You can also use it to snag, damage, and ambush enemies before getting into a fight. Very handy.

Head back to the previous chamber and hit the floor rune that has lit up. It will raise a log grapple point which you can use via the Graplou. (The button you need to use varies from system to system.) Climb the ladder on your left again and you'll find another floor rune / grapple point combo that will take you to the east side of the chamber. Here you'll find a Berry bush. 

Climb the ladder on this landing and you can use a tall grappling tower to zip over to the northeastern wall. Use the wall grips to travel west, where, again, there's a floor rune and a grapple point to exploit. Keep doing this until you're back where you started, then return to the area with the floating platforms.

Head to the upper walkway in the northeast of the platform chamber. You'll see two Mermofwizquards teleporting around across a gap. Use the Graplou to grab one of the magic users when they line up with you and you'll shoot across the gap, giving you a little advantage in the fight that follows. The Mermofwizquards are guarding a Berry bush, a chest containing a Rainbow Conch, and a lever. Pull the lever to raise a grappling tower that you can use to cross the gap again.

Head west. If you look to the north you'll spot a grappling tower. Use it to zip across a gap. The room beyond contains the next Revenant, as well as a Mermofwizquard and a Lonzon. Take out the little guys and the Revenant will be easy enough to trounce. Interact with the glowing skull that appears atop the nearby stairs after the fight, then start making your way back to the central hub with the campfire.

Northwestern Passage

Check the northwest corner of the central hub, north of the campfire, and you'll find another doorway. Beyond you'll get into a scrap with a Mermofwizquard, two Galgals, and a Woodland Spirit. Take them down, then look north. There's a pit with a grappling ring on the other side. Use the Graplou to snag it, which will extend a bridge to a lever. Pull the lever to lower some stairs on your left. Hop aboard and climb north.

There's another area up here. Open the nearby chest to receive an Osseous Staff for Valere, then grapple east and north. You'll find a picnic basket containing Mooncradle Fish Pie on your left. Grapple further north, attaching to the nearby Mermofwizquard, and you'll have to fight it and a Woodland Spirit. Look north of the fight for some Bell Peppers.

Head west and you can grapple onto a floating platform. Grapple northwest from here - yes, you can grapple at angles - then grab the Bones on your left and hit the lever on your right. The lever moves the floating platform west. Grapple southwest to it to find a battle with two Mermofwizquards and a Woodland Spirit.

Pull the lever in the southeast of this clearing, then grapple south. You'll find your way to the middle of the area. Pull the lever across the tightrope on your right to retract a bridge, then pull the central lever to send the floating platform south. Follow it until you can hop aboard. You can use the platform to grapple southwest, where four Gulguls prowl a clearing. Check the corner of the clearing for Mushrooms.

The Gulguls are guarding a lever on the left side of the clearing. Pull it and the floating platform will leave the room, creating a bridge back to the entrance in the process. Use it to return to the previous chamber, where the platform will take up residence and allow you to grapple your way to the west. You'll find a Lonzon and a Woodland Spirit guarding some stairs over here. Take them out, then head west to find a little plot of Tomatoes and a northbound path.

You're in another new area. Take the long walk clockwise around the room until you're in the south, facing a platform with a Mermofwizquard. Grapple onto the Mermofwizquard, beat him up, and pull the nearby lever. This will move a floating platform over, allowing you to grapple northeast and pull another lever. This raises the platform. Use the ladder to the north to get up to the platform's level, then grapple west and take out the Mermofwizquards and the Gulgul on the next landing.

Pull the lever once you've wiped out the enemies. This will raise the floating platform again, and open a climbing wall to the northeast. Clamber up the wall to find yet another lever, which will move the floating platform over to you. Grapple to the platform, then further southwest, to find one last lever. It will move the floating platform out of the room, as well as raise a grapple tower that will allow you to leave the way you came in.

The floating platform will settle itself near the stairs from earlier, and you can use it to zip north. Here you'll find the last Revenant, and it's joined by two Mermofwizquard and a Gulgul. They all move to different corners, making this an annoying battle. Any move that can hit every enemy regardless of where they are (Venom Flurry, Dash Strike, and Moonerang, in other words) is recommended.

Defeat the Revenant and you'll reveal the final glowing skull, which unlocks the big door back in the hub area. Before you head there, though, look to your right. You'll spot a chest on the other side of a big heap of skulls. If you check the southeast of this clearing, near a cluster of green candles, you'll find a hidden path through the skulls that will take you up to the chest. It contains Revenant Armor.

Hoof it back to the hub area and use the campfire to heal and Cook some meals. The northern doorway is open and waiting for you... and so's the resident necromancer.


  • Sun (Lonzon, Flesh Pile)
  • Moon (Bone Pile)
  • Poison (Revenant)
Yep, that's a necromancer, sure enough. Romaya is a magic user who lets other creatures do her dirty work, though she can also cause plenty of trouble on her own. Romaya uses the following attacks:
  • Summons an eyeball that strikes one character
  • Necromancy, which generates a Lonzon or a Revenant from the Flesh and Bone Piles
  • Felfire Rain, a charged AOE attack
Romaya is accompanied by a Bone Pile and a Flesh Pile. Whenever Romaya charges up an attack earlier in the fight she'll summon either a Revenant from the Bone Pile or a Lonzon from the Flesh Pile to help her. Otherwise she'll just use a flying eyeball attack on your characters. Destroy one of the Piles and Romaya will begin using Felfire Rain, an AOE attack with a massive ten Locks to break (though you do get four rounds to work on them). She'll keep using Felfire Rain once both Piles are gone.

Ideally you want to take roughly equal shots at the two Piles over the course of the fight, whittling them - and any minions Romaya summons - down by about the same amount. Moves that strike multiple enemies will help this process along. Each time Romaya summons a new mook it does damage to its respective Pile, making your job a bit easier. By the time Romaya starts using Felfire Rain she should be out of minions and minion fodder, allowing you to concentrate on breaking her Locks and wiping out her HP.

You'll receive the Now Give Me That Achievement for defeating Romaya. She'll also give you the Soul Stone you wanted, as well as a Green Flame that you can use to barter with the Ferryman, back in Flooded Graveyard. That's all for the Necromancer's Lair, so head back to the entrance and leave.

Take a right from the entrance to the Necromancer's Lair. Duke Aventry will suggest you use the Graplou to leave the Flooded Graveyard. Do so by heading east and south. You'll find a variety of vegetables growing along the path, and after a bit of travel you'll wind up in the southern section of the Flooded Graveyard. 

You can continue grappling northeast of here, and if you do so you'll find a small shrine. There are grapple points on both sides of the shrine, and hooks in the northeast and northwest corners. Pull either of the hooks and you'll activate a torch that will go out after a few seconds. Activate both torches and you'll reveal a chest containing an Enchanted Scarf. You don't have long before the torches go out again, so move quickly from one side of the room to the other.

Return to the Ferryman with the Green Flame in your equipment and he'll take you out of the Flooded Graveyard. Make sure you unequip anything you want or need from Seraï before speaking to the Ferryman, as the party will automatically jump back to Lucent - and though you'll get Garl back, Seraï bows out.


Once the cut scenes end you'll be faced with the end game section of Wraith Island, as the headmaster of the academy shows up with Erlina and Brugaves. You're told to prepare thoroughly, then speak to Moraine when you're ready to go. There are a few things you should do on Wraith Island before you talk to Moraine.

Check the bridge on the east side of Lucent. If you climb onto the north side of the bridge you can grapple to the north of Lucent, which is normally inaccessible. There are Potatoes to collect along the way, and there's a chest in the northwest containing Obsidian Ore

Grapple south of this northwestern chest and you'll wind up on the roof of the tavern, where you can find a chest containing a Turbo Cookie. If you give this to the roaming figure in the northwest of Lucent, accessible by hopping the wall in the southwest of town, you'll get into battle with them. 

Melee Matey

HP: 114

Sort of a miniboss, the Melee Matey can dish out some damage with its Soul Rend charged ability, but otherwise just hits hard with its sword. Boost Valere or Zale's normal attacks - or just use Sun or Moon Skills - to do most of your damage. Not a difficult fight. 

The specter will tell you to check its grave after the fight ends. The grave, which is a few feet away, contains a Shed Key. Head to the east side of Lucent and you'll find a locked shed. Open it up and climb in the hole inside. It leads to a bizarre creature called the Quiz Master, and if you agree to play a game you'll get pitted with a slew of quiz questions. We'll deal with this minigame in another section of the guide.

On your way out of the Quiz Show you'll pull a lever to open a shortcut to the river on the east side of Lucent. If you look north of the lever before heading out into the water you'll find a side room. Inside is a chest containing Obsidian Ore.

Lucent aside, you can also now enter the Solstice Shrine to the north of town, thanks to the Graplou. This, too, we'll discuss in another section of the guide, though the prize you find inside is worth the effort.

Main Walkthrough