Part 18: The Meaning of Life

Main Walkthrough

After the tragedy in Eastpool you'll be forced to return to The Hideaway. Aside from some new dialogue there's nothing new to see in the place yet, so you may as well make a trip straight to Cid's Solar. Speak to him and you'll be treated to a lengthy series of cut scenes that wil set the stage for the rest of Final Fantasy XVI's plot.

Once you regain control of the game you'll need to prepare before you head out. There are now a number of things you can do before you leave The Hideaway.

  • Your first stop is Charon's Toll. This conversation is quick, and for the most part Charon's wares are the same as usual. The one major exception are her new Lionheart Tonics. When used these will gradually fill your Limit Break Gauge for 30 seconds. Given the raw power of Clive's Limit Breaks, it's not a terrible idea to grab a few before you leave.
  • Your next stop should be Blackthorn's forge. He can use the Fire Shard you received for beating the last major boss to create a Flametongue for Clive.
  • There are two new side quests you can undertake: Red Letter Day, via a petitioner in The Bunks, and Needs of the Many, via a petitioner down by the entrance.

Once you've spoken to Charon and handled a few of the optional tasks, you'll need to check in with Otto. He's waiting inside The Fat Chocobo, on the west side of The Hideaway. Otto will explain the issues with Cid's proposed quest, then point you towards someone who can help.

Speaking to Otto will unlock a new feature of The Hideaway: Alliant Reports. Next to Otto is a man named Gaunte who is tasked with reading the reports, and if you speak to him he'll point you towards new side quests. At the moment he has three for you: Welcoming Committee and Dying on the Vine, both in Lostwing, and While the Cat's Away, in Martha's Rest. You can fast travel straight to the Obelisks nearest to each side quest by speaking to Gaunte, as well.

(Note that you don't have to check Alliant Reports to get side quests. They will still pop up while you're in the field, and will appear as notifications when you check the game's maps. Speaking to Gaunte is just a quicker way to find them.)

Head into the Great Hall and speak to Gav. This will get the trip underway, and Jill will leave the party. Fast Travel to The Dragon's Aery (despite what the map claims, this is the closest Obelisk) and head west across the field. There's a gate over here that was closed when you were tailing Benedikta, but it is now open.

Claireview - Enemies

  • Antelope
  • Arachne
  • Dragon Aevis
  • Dragonet
  • Karlabos
  • Raptor
  • Vulture
  • Wild Chocobos
  • Worgen
Claireview - Random Items
  • Gil
  • Gil Bug
  • High Potion
  • Potion
  • Valley Madder
Your next destination is the fortified town of Northreach. It's just down the road from The Dragon's Aery, and you can skip straight there if you like. This guide will first have a look around Claireview, the sizable field in front of Northreach.
  • You'll find an Item in a cluster of rocks, bushes, and trees on the right side of the road leading to Northreach. Try to get it and some Raptors will pop out of hiding to attack you.
  • It you take a left immediately after going through the gate from The Dragon's Aery you'll find cliffs overlooking a lake. On the cliffs is an Item.
  • Check along the eastern banks of Claireview and you'll find a squad of Karlabos by the water's edge. Look south of them and you'll spot an Item, snugged up at the bottom of a small cliff.
  • Stretching south out of Northreach is a brick road that leads to Glorieuse. There are several Items to the left and right of the road that you can easily grab, so long as you keep your eyes peeled.
  • If you check the southern-most point of Claireview you'll find a Dragon Aevis, spread out on the ground near a stream. Take it out, then check a little ways west of where it was sitting to find a chest among the rocks. It contains a Goblin Coin, Black Blood, and ten pinches of Magicked Ash.
  • In the west of Claireview are two shaded areas. The larger of them, more to the south, is populated primarily by Raptors, and has two Items sitting in the open for you to grab. Just the western-most point to find a chest containing Black Blood, 10 Wyrrite, and 10 Sharp Fangs. The chest is behind a rock and some trees so it is easy to miss.
  • The second shaded area, a bit further north of the first, is a narrow path populated by Arachnae and lined with several Items. Halfway along the path you'll find a clearing where you can battle a Dragon Aevis. Check the west side of the clearing to find a chest containing a Griffin's Head Braid. If you follow the forest path all the way west you'll eventually wind up in Lostwing.
  • If you check the wilds in the north of Claireview you'll find a few more Items. You'll also run into another Dragon Aevis as you head towards the Northreach.
  • There's an Item just across from the entrance to Northreach.
That's enough nature exploration for one day. Time to check out the town.


In the north of Clairesview you'll find the gates to Northreach, your destination. Approach it and you'll run into Dame Isabelle, who, if you follow her, will get you past the guards and into the town. The Northreach Obelisk will activate when you near Isabelle, and you'll be allowed to come and go from thetown as you please once you're through.

Your next stop is the Veil, a den of ill repute. Let's have a quick look around Northreach first, however, starting with the market out front.

  • There's a merchant more or less right beside the Obelisk. Like most merchants her wares are the same as those back at The Hideaway, with one exception: She sells the Before the Storm Orchestrion Roll.
  • Check behind the large, wooden shack that's also beside the Obelisk, opposite the merchant's stall. There's a chest back here containing Black Blood.
That's all for Northreach's front door. Head into the town and you'll find a few more things of interest to you.
  • Head more or less right down the center of Northreach from the entrance and you'll eventually a well with a crystal on your left. Near the well are stairs, and they will take you up to a chest containing Black Blood, five chunks of Wyrrite, and five Bloody Hides.
  • Check around the back of the Veil, along the road out of town. To your right is a chest containing Black Blood.
Head to the east side of Northreach when you're done poking around to find the Veil, with Isabelle standing out front. She tells Clive that one of her girls, Tatienne, has gone missing. She needs Clive to find Tatienne. She'll give you the Moon and Stars Seal, which will loosen lips around Northreach and allow Clive to complete his task. This will also unlock three side quests in Northreach: The Want Beyond the Wall, Friend of the People, and Pride Comes Before a Fall.

(Note that the next sub quest, The Dame, is technically part of Righting Wrongs. We'll nevertheless stick it by itself, as there's a new area to explore, and The Dame is a bit lengthier than you might think.)

Part 20: The Dame

Main Walkthrough