Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway
Petitioner: Glenn, Courier
Unlocked: Begin Righting Wrongs
Reward: 20 Wyrrite, 10 Sharp Fangs

To unlock this side quest you need to proceed through the main quest until you reach Righting Wrongs. This requires completing the trip to the Phoenix Gate Ruins, defeating the bosses inside, and then going back through Eastpool. Return to The Hideaway and speak to Cid to reveal several new tasks, including Red Letter Day.

Head to The Bunks, in the northwest of The Hideaway. Here you'll find Glenn, a courier, and he has discovered a hole in his pack. He's short several items, including a letter for Cid. Glenn points you towards Gaultand's Bales, in the Orabelle Downs.

Make a trip to Orabelle Downs. There are three items you need to collect:
  • First up are some Lost Supplies. They're sitting right in the middle of the road as you travel northeast.
  • Next are more Lost Supplies. They're a bit further up the road from the first, and beside a fence on your right.
  • The last of the Lost Supplies are up the road a bit further, sitting on some rocks to your left.

That's the supplies accounted for, but... no letter. Check to your right when the path splits and you'll see a Field Hand watering the plants. She recalls seeing a dog with paper in its mouth. Head to Lostwing, the nearby village, and check the southern row of houses near the entrance. The dog is beside a wood pile, and he has the Lost Letter. Return it to Glenn for your reward.