Part 17: Buried Memories

Main Walkthrough

Eastpool - Enemies

  • Imperial Astrologer
  • Imperial Captain
  • Imperial Champion
  • Imperial Legionnaires
  • Imperial War Wyrm

After the events of the Phoenix Gate Ruins conclude you'll find yourself back in The Dim, not far from Eastpool. Trek back south towards the village and Torgal will sense something is wrong. Alas, he is correct, and you'll have to fight a group of imperials the moment you enter the village. This includes Legionnaires and War Wyrms, neither of which should put up a huge fight.

Head deeper into Eastpool and you'll run into more groups of enemies. These include Astrologers, and, as ever, you should prioritize defeating them. Take out the stationary foes and more will pour into Eastpool via the southern bridge. If you can position yourself over here you can use AOE attacks to carve a quick path through them.

(Despite what the game suggests, you should hold on to your Limit Break. Something nastier is on the way.)

Take out the standard foes and a much larger, more intimidating one will wander out of hiding.

Imperial Champion

Accompanied by a few Astrologers - who your comrades can handle - the Champion swings a mighty warhammer, and is more challenging than the other heavy enemies you've fought up to this point. The Champion uses the following attacks:

  • An overhead slam
  • A sideways sweep
  • A two-part sideways swing
  • Divine Hammer, which sends a shockwave of light towards you

Despite being a fairly basic enemy, the Champion is also challenging. His attacks are a bit faster than you might think, and he has an annoying backhand swing that can catch you if you spend time circling him. His two-part swing is also easy to mistake for the single swing. Back off, wait for openings, then jump in and get a few hits. Your newly-acquired Limit Break can make this battle much easier if you save it for Staggers.

You'll receive Wyrrite, Sharp Fangs, Magicked Ash, and a Meteorite for defeating the Imperial Champion. A cut scene follows - a sad one, at that - and you'll be forced to head back to The Hideaway, where the quest ends.

Part 19: Righting Wrongs

Main Walkthrough