Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway
Petitioner: Alban, Postmaster
Unlocked: Begin Righting Wrongs
Reward: 30 Wyrrite, 30 Sharp Fangs, 1 Meteorite

To unlock this side quest you need to proceed through the main quest until you reach Righting Wrongs. This requires completing the trip to the Phoenix Gate Ruins, defeating the bosses inside, and then going back through Eastpool. Return to The Hideaway and speak to Cid to reveal several new tasks, including Needs of the Many.

The petitioner for this quest is a man named Alban, and he's waiting for you by the entrance of The Hideaway, in the south. Alban is worried about a man named Randal, who has gone missing. Apparently Randal has been working for Quinten, the keeper of The Hanged Man in Lostwing. Best pay Quinten a visit.

Jump to Lostwing and speak to Quinten in the rear of The Hanged Man, behind the counter. (The map is a bit misleading. Just enter The Hanged Man and walk northeast.) Quinten sent Randal out to meet someone on Laubert's Pass, in the Norvent Valley. This is the pathway you used to get into Caer Norvent earlier in the game, and you'll find the road there on the upper level of Lost Wing, accessible via the stairs near the entrance of The Hanged Man.

Trek through the woods and you'll find an injured man in the middle of the road. He and Randal were attacked by beastmen, and Randal may need saving. Continue south along the path and you'll eventually come to a wagon that's surrounded by Hill Goblins - and a Hill Gigas. Despite having slightly different names compared to the Goblins from earlier in Final Fantasy XVI, they fight the same. No problem.

You'll receive a Bone Necklace, Valley Madder, and Wyrrite for defeating the beastmen. Alas, they managed to kill Randal before you found them. Check Randal's body - he's to the right of the wagon, by the bushes - then use the Lostwing Obelisk to head back to the village. Speak to Quinten again to resolve the quest.

(You can also speak to Alban to see what he thinks after you've completed the quest. Understandably, he's sad.)