Main Walkthrough

Location: Lostwing
Petitioner: Alain
Unlocked: Unlock Alliant Reports
Reward: Gil Bug

In order to reveal this side quest you must make your way through the first few tasks of Righting Wrongs, a mid-game, main story quest. You specifically need to speak to Otto, which will unlock the Alliant Reports feature in The Hideaway. Check in with Gaunte, right beside Otto, and you'll see Welcoming Committee listed.

The petitioner for Welcoming Committee is Alain, a fellow who's standing across from Lostwing's Obelisk. Speak to him and he'll let Clive know that Quinten, who more or less runs Lostwing, has brought a few new Bearers into the community. Alain wants Clive to speak to the Bearers and get them settled in.

The two Bearers are sitting on a bench near Alain. Clive will offer to get them some food. Check inside the Inn, at the rear of The Hanged Man, and speak to the Sobersided Shopkeeper standing to your right. She'll let you grab some Bread and Wine off of the nearby tabe. Take it back to the Bearers to complete the quest.