Main Walkthrough

Location: Northreach
Petitioner: Leon, Garrison Soldier
Unlocked: Speak to Isabelle inside Northreach during Righting Wrongs
Reward: 1,100 gil, 1 Meteorite 

In order to unlock this side quest you must first make your way to Northreach, as part of the main story quest Righting Wrongs. Once you're in Northreach, courtesy of Isabelle, head to the Veil. Speak to Isabelle here and she'll give you a seal that will make the people of Northreach friendlier to Clive. This will unlock several side quests, including Pride Comes Before a Fall.

The petitioner for this quest is a soldier named Leon, and he's standing near the south end of the Imperial Training Grounds, on the west side of Northreach. Leon and his companion, Robin, are keen to know why Clive is wearing Dame Isabelle's seal. Agree to sate their curiosity, then speak to Leon again to pick a fight.

You'll need to win two duels to end this quest:
  • First up is Leon. He's a fairly standard melee opponent, just with more health. Aside from demolishing him with Eikonic Abilities, you can pretty easily Parry Leon's attacks by waiting until he starts to swing.
  • Next is Robin. He uses a warhammer, so his attacks are slower - and easier to dodge than Leon's. Easy fight. Robin is a bit trickier to Parry since his swings take time to connect, so wait until his hammer is halfway to Clive before you press the Square button.
You'll receive Wyrrite for trouncing the two soldiers, as well as your reward.