Main Walkthrough

Location: Northreach
Petitioner: Mathieu, Oriflamme Official
Unlocked: Speak to Isabelle inside Northreach during Righting Wrongs
Reward: 1,000 gil, 25 Magicked Ash

In order to unlock this side quest you must first make your way to Northreach, as part of the main story quest Righting Wrongs. Once you're in Northreach, courtesy of Isabelle, head to the Veil. Speak to Isabelle here and she'll give you a seal that will make the people of Northreach friendlier to Clive. This will unlock several side quests, including Friend of the People.

The petitioner for this quest, Mathieu, is standing in the Imperial Training Grounds on the west side of Northreach. You'll find him atop a walkway on the south end of the grounds. He's quite sympathetic to the plight of Northreach's Bearers, and wants to get them extra food - though he can't do it himself. There are three Bearers that need the Sacks of Bearer Comestibles, and they're located throughout the Imperial Training Grounds:
  • The first Mistreated Bearer is in The Dragon's Armer, a blacksmith at the south end of the grounds. You can get to it by leaping off of the walkway where you were speaking to Mathieu.
  • The second - and you need to do it in this order - is in the north of the Imperial Training Grounds. He's drying sheets.
  • The third is on the side of the open field in the south of the grounds, healing an angry knight.
Head to the Veil once you've delivered all three meals. There's a Veil Courtesan on the walkway who will give you your reward.