Main Walkthrough

Location: Northreach
Petitioner: Etienne, Merchant
Unlocked: Speak to Isabelle inside Northreach during Righting Wrongs
Reward: 1,000 gil, 20 Steelsilk, 20 Bloody Hides

In order to unlock this side quest you must first make your way to Northreach, as part of the main story quest Righting Wrongs. Once you're in Northreach, courtesy of Isabelle, head to the Veil. Speak to Isabelle here and she'll give you a seal that will make the people of Northreach friendlier to Clive. This will unlock several side quests, including The Want Beyond the Wall.

Head into Northreach and check one street over from the Veil. A mean named Etienne will hail Clive from a streetcorner, and if you speak to him he'll recognize Clive as one of Dame Isabelle's associates. He has business beyond the walls of Northreach, but the guards are suspicious of him. He wants Clive to go in his stead.

Etienne has three 'customers', and they're all located in the Markets, south of Northreach and surrounding the local Obelisk. Each one is owed a Heavy Purse. They're in the following locations:
  • A Tinker is standing right beside the Obelisk, in front of a market stall. He'll give you Essence of Rose.
  • An Herbalist is standing across the way from the Obelisk, on the edge of town. He'll give you a Box of Cigars.
  • A Liquormonger is standing on the path through the Markets directly south of the main gate. She'll give you Brandywine.
Take the three items back to Etienne. There will be a minor confrontation, and Clive will receive his reward.