Part 19: Righting Wrongs

Main Walkthrough

Upon meeting Isabelle out front of her establishment, the Veil, she'll give you a sub-quest to Righting Wrongs: Find Tatienne. She is one of Isabelle's girls, and she has gone missing. You'll have to make some inquiries around Northreach to learn what came of Tatienne.

First up is a Veil Courtesan, who is sweeping the front walk of the Veil. Apparently Tatienne lost a precious gift from Isabelle. The Courtesan recommends that you speak to Tatienne's Chambermate for more info, and she just happens to be sitting on a bench, also in front of the Veil. She'll reveal that Tatienne had a frequent customer who may well have turned into a stalker.

Head to the Imperial Training Grounds, the large, open area on the west side of Northreach. There's a Garrison Soldier standing near the south end of the grounds. He'll curtly inform you that a man named Yannick is the most likely suspect. Trek back into town and you'll find Isabelle near the entrance to Northreach, automatically triggering a cut scene.

Your next destination is the town of Moore. It's located northeast of Northreach, across the Royal Meadows. We'll head there next. Note that completing the first section of this quest unlocks two side quests along your path: All Bark and Playthings.

Royal Meadows - Enemies

  • Bluebird
  • Dragon Aevis
  • Imperial Astrologer
  • Imperial Captain
  • Imperial Legionnaire
  • Imperial War Wyrm
  • Raptor
  • Vulture
  • Wild Chocobo
  • Woldhound
  • Worgen

Royal Meadows - Random Items

  • Bloody Hide
  • Gil
  • High Potion
  • Potion
  • Sharp Fang
  • Valley Madder

Located just beyond the northern borders of Northreach, the Royal Meadows can, if you wish, be skipped right by. There's a road leading from Northreach that will take you straight to Moore. Still, you're in the area, so why not have a look around?

  • You'll find a few Items if you follow the road to Moore, through the wheat fields. You'll also find an Item inside a barn to the east of the road, not far from the borders of Northreach.
  • There's an exit to the Royal Meadows via the south end of the Imperial Training Grounds. Immediately take a left when you go through the gate to find an Item.
  • If you head west after leaving Northreach you'll find a dirt path leading to a tower. There are imperials guarding the route, and if you check to your right after defeating the first squad you'll find an Item a ways off of the road. Check in the field on your right once the tower is within view and you'll find another Item, guarded by a large number of Worgen and a Woldhound.
  • Reach the western tower and you'll find it defended by a squad of imperials. You'll need to fight this lot, as well as two waves of reinforcements, before you can claim the tower's prize: A chest containing Black Blood, 10 chunks of Wyrrite, and 10 Sharp Fangs. The chest is by the tower's front door.
  • Right beside the 'R' in 'Royal Meadows' on your map is an Item. It's a little ways south of a watch tower in the northwest, sitting beside a rock.
  • Trek up to the northwestern watch tower and you'll find another squad of imperials, again backed up by reinforcements. Next to the front door is a chest containing a Demontamer's Sash. If you check the bottom of the cliffs leading up to this watch tower (south side) you'll find a Dragon Aevis. 
  • If you check the field to the south of the northwestern watch tower you'll find an Item, out amongst the Chocobos.
  • Just outside Moore is a small farmstead where you can pick up a side quest. Behind the wagon parked at the farmstead is an Item.
  • If you follow the road past Moore you'll find a huge gate leading into the imperial capital. Check the left side of the road upon approach and you'll find an Item behind a column. Get close enough to the gate and you'll activate the Royal Meadows Obelisk. Alas, the soldiers at the gate won't let Clive through under any conditions.
  • If you check the east side of Moore you'll find a path leading up into the hills. It takes you to an old chapel, which you'll be visiting shortly. There's an Item along the path, and if you check the slope to the left of the chapel you'll find a chest containing Black Blood, hidden behind a small tree.
That's all for the Royal Meadows, at least for the moment. Make tracks to Moore.


A tiny hamlet on the eastern edge of the Royal Meadows, Moore is largely unremarkable, aside perhaps from the populace's extreme dislike for Branded. There are only two things of note in this tiny burg:
  • On the west side of Moore is a merchant. His only notable item for sale is the Into the Mire Orchestrion Roll.
  • On the east side of Moore are two buildings. Check the rear of the larger, northern building to find a chest. It contains Black Blood, five Sharp Fangs, and five spools of Steelsilk.
The person you're looking for, Bertrand, is picking at hay on the west side of Moore. He'll suggest you speak with a Traveling Trader, by Moore's well in the east. He'll point you north, back to the Royal Meadows and towards some ruins. Head to the waypoint...

... and, alas, you'll find your quarry, quite dead - and surrounded by Bloated Wolves, along with their Bloated Alpha. This pack has inflated health, but are otherwise the same as the Worgen you've fought many times on your journey. You'll receive Sharp Fangs and Bloody Hides for defeating the wolves.

Inspect the bodies the wolves left behind to receive a Weathered Comb, as well as an explanation for what happened. Head back to Moore and you'll find Isabelle with Bertrand. Hand over the Weathered Comb to end the quest and receive your reward: 1,200 gil and a Meteorite. Isabelle will mention that Cid and Jill are waiting in the abandoned chapel outside Moore.

Head up the hill on the north side of Moore and you'll find the road to the chapel. Go through the gate to the side of the chapel to meet up with your companions. The cut scene that follows will put you in Oriflamme, capital of the empire, though you won't be condemned to exploring it just yet. You'll get the chance to return to the world map and tie up loose ends first.

A word of warning! When you attempt to enter the next quest via the world map you'll be warned that you've reached a 'pivotal moment' in the story. Proceed with the mission to Oriflamme and you'll cut off any side quests that you haven't yet completed. Before you move forward you should take care of any lingering quests, as you won't get another chance at them later.

Part 21: The Crystals' Curse

Main Walkthrough