Main Walkthrough

Location: Royal Meadows
Petitioner: Lisette
Unlocked: Enter the Royal Meadows, as part of The Dame
Reward: 20 Magicked Ash

In order to unlock this side quest you must first make your way to Northreach, as part of the main story quest Righting Wrongs. Once you're in Northreach, courtesy of Isabelle, head to the Veil. Speak to Isabelle here and she'll give you a seal that will make the people of Northreach friendlier to Clive. Head into the Royal Meadows after speaking to all of the necessary NPCs in Northreach to unlock Playthings.

The petitioner for Playthings is a girl named Lisette, and she's standing just outside Moore, in the north of the Royal Meadows. Lisette has lost a pet named Chloe, and she wants some help in the search. Apparently Chloe is missing in the wheat fields of Royal Meadows.

South of Lisette is a Fastidious Farmwife who is sweeping the road. She'll tell you that Chloe is likely to be around the nearby windmill, further south. Head that direction and you'll see a barking dog. Inspect it and you'll notice something behind the windmill. Check it to end the quest. Yeesh.