Main Walkthrough

Location: Martha's Rest
Petitioner: Inn Hand
Unlocked: Unlock Alliant Reports
Reward: 10 Wyrrite, 5 Steelsilk

In order to reveal this side quest you must make your way through the first few tasks of Righting Wrongs, a mid-game, main story quest. You specifically need to speak to Otto, which will unlock the Alliant Reports feature in The Hideaway. Check in with Gaunte, right beside Otto, and you'll see While the Cat's Away listed.

Look a little ways west of the Obelisk when you arrive. Across the street from The Golden Stables is an Inn Hand, huddled against the side of a building. She says that bandits have invaded The Golden Stables, and is pleading for assistance.

Enter the tavern and you'll find some Uninvited Guests inside, looking to rob Clive of his stuff. They're extremely slow enemies, and you can wallop them easily with a few Eikonic Abilities. (They're so slow that you can probably Parry them in your sleep, if you want to get fancy.) You'll receive Wyrrite for defeating the two Uninvited Guests, and Martha will hand over the rest of the reward. Quest complete.

Before you teleport away, leave The Golden Stables. There's a Bloodaxe Mercenary outside, and as an added bonus to the quest he'll praise Clive for his work. Thanks, guy.