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Sixth in a long (and ever-increasing) line of RPGs, Final Fantasy VI debuted on the Super Nintendo in 1994, originally appearing in North America as Final Fantasy III. A story of love, loss, rebellion and the freaking apocalypse, Final Fantasy VI has long been celebrated for its large - yet manageable! - cast, strong plot, awesome villain, and accessible combat system. Since its initial release Final Fantasy VI has been re-released several times, including an upgraded version for the Gameboy Advance with additional content and a remastered version for iOS featuring new graphics.

The original Final Fantasy VI script was revised and rewritten for the GBA re-release. This walkthrough will use the terminology and naming found in the re-release. If you're playing an older version of the game, you can find a listing of name changes here, courtesy of Final Fantasy Wiki.

World of Balance

Part One: Narshe
Part Two: Figaro Castle
Part Three: South Figaro Cave and South Figaro
Part Four: Mt. Kolts
Part Five: Returner Hideout and Lethe River
Part Six: Sabin's Scenario
Part Seven: Terra's Scenario
Part Eight: Locke's Scenario
Part Nine: The Battle of Narshe
Part Ten: Narshe, Kohlingen, and Jidoor
Part Eleven: Zozo
Part Twelve: Opera House
Part Thirteen: Albrook, Tzen, and Maranda
Part Fourteen: Vector and the Magitek Research Facility
Part Fifteen: Recruiting Mog
Part Sixteen: Cave to the Sealed Gate
Part Seventeen: Imperial Palace
Part Eighteen: Thamasa
Part Nineteen: Esper Caves
Part Twenty: The Floating Continent

World of Ruin

Part Twenty-One: Solitary Island
Part Twenty-Two: Recruiting Edgar
Part Twenty-Three: Recruiting Setzer
Part Twenty-Four: Recruiting Sabin
Part Twenty-Five: Recruiting Cyan
Part Twenty-Six: Recruiting Terra
Part Twenty-Seven: Recruiting Shadow
Part Twenty-Eight: Recruiting Relm and Strago
Part Twenty-Nine: Recruiting Mog and Umaro
Part Thirty: Recruiting Gogo
Part Thirty-One: Recruiting Locke
Part Thirty-Two: Cyan's Dream
Part Thirty-Three: Ancient Castle
Part Thirty-Four: Ebot's Rock
Part Thirty-Five: Cultists' Tower
Part Thirty-Six: Kefka's Tower
Part Thirty-Seven: Kefka

GBA and iOS Content

Part Thirty-Eight: Exclusive Magicite
Part Thirty-Nine: Dragons' Den
Part Forty: Soul Shrine

Other Stuff

The Eight Dragons