Cyan prepares to battle an Imperial Commander in Final Fantasy VI.

Main Walkthrough

The primary ability of Cyan, Bushido is a series of stylized sword strikes befitting the power of a master samurai. The Bushido command is one that requires a great deal of patience - perhaps more than you're willing to give. Still, with some planning Bushido can prove quite powerful in the right hands.

Bushido is a charging command. When you select Bushido a meter appears on the screen, with numbers from one to eight. Whenever the meter reaches a number it lights up. If you hit the confirm button (varies between systems) at a specific number, the Bushido technique corresponding to that number will go off. 

Cyan learns new Bushido techniques as he gains more levels, maxing out at level 70. It is possible to learn all of the techniques before level 70 if you complete Cyan's Dream in the World of Ruin.

There are a few more things to know about Bushidos:
  • Boosting Cyan's Speed stat does not increase the rate at which the gauge fills. Casting Haste doesn't speed it up either.
  • Cyan cannot choose the target of his Bushido techniques. Unless a Bushido hits every enemy on the screen, they are best saved for boss battles with a single target.
  • Cyan must have a katana equipped to use the Bushido command. Unless Cyan has a Merit Award and a different weapon type equipped, this will never be an issue.
  • In older versions of Final Fantasy VI only Berserked characters can take turns while you're charging a Bushido. In newer versions Cyan charges up to specified Bushidos in the background, making them more useful.
Cyan uses the Fang Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Fang (Dispatch)

Bushido Level: 1
Level Learned: Default Bushido

A strong physical attack against a single attack that ignores Defense. The Bushido you're likely to use most often, since you can enter the Bushido meter and use Fang immediately. You might as well use Fang rather than normal attacks, at least until you put a Genji's Glove on Cyan.

Cyan uses the Sky Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Sky (Retort)

Bushido Level: 2
Level Learned: 6

A strong magical counterattack that ignores Defense, triggered by a physical attack from an enemy. A solid choice when up against physically-inclined enemies, since the charge time is negligible and the attack power quite high. Sky is canceled if Cyan takes another turn once his ATB charges up, so ignore him once you've set the state if you want a chance for it to go off.

Cyan uses the Tiger Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Tiger (Slash)

Bushido Level: 3
Level Learned: 12

Halves an opponent's HP and inflicts Sap, failing against enemies that are immune to Instant Death. Only occasionally useful, and almost never against bosses.

Cyan uses the Quadra Slam Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Flurry (Quadra Slam)

Bushido Level: 4
Level Learned: 15

Four physical attacks against random targets. An okay move against bosses once you've got moves lined up for your other characters. Not very useful past the midpoint of the game, given the lack of power in each hit.

Cyan uses the Dragon Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Dragon (Empowerer)

Bushido Level: 5
Level Learned: 24

A magic attack that absorbs HP and MP from a single target. Not strong enough to be worth the wait time.

Cyan uses the Eclipse Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Eclipse (Stunner)

Bushido Level: 6
Level Learned: 34

Inflicts non-elemental magic damage to all enemies, and may inflict Stop status. An okay move against large groups of enemies, though you may just want to defeat enemies straight out with other moves.

Cyan uses the Tempest Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Tempest (QuadraSlice)

Bushido Level: 7
Level Learned: 44

Four physical attacks against random targets. A stronger version of Flurry, but one that takes quite a bit longer to charge. Generally not worth using in earlier incarnations of Final Fantasy VI, since you can achieve a similar effect with a Master's Scroll without the wait time.

Cyan uses the Oblivion Bushido in Final Fantasy VI.

Oblivion (Cleave)

Bushido Level: 8
Level Learned: 70

Inflicts Instant Death on all enemies. Cyan's 'strongest' attack, but given the wait time perhaps the most useless Bushido. In the time it takes to trigger the technique you can probably just wipe everyone out with other attacks.