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- Important Note: This dungeon is a slight point of no return. Once you enter, you must complete it before you’re allowed to leave again. I recommend making a save point outside Doma Castle, just in case you get stuck or find it too difficult. (Though it’s really not that bad.) You also don’t get to buy items in this place, so you should purchase a bunch of Tents and Phoenix Downs before entering.

- Put Cyan and three other powerful party members into your team, then fly to Doma Castle. It’s on a solitary island in the northeast of the World of Ruin. Look inside the main building for a room where your party can sleep. Doing so will put you in a cut scene that chucks Cyan out of your party…

- … and puts you in his head. You’re now stripped of two of your members and left with only one in a strange dream dungeon. Your first goal is to get the other two team members back. This area has enemies who aren’t terribly tough, but you should still consider running from battle with your solo character unless said character is very strong.

- Save, then walk over to the three doors on your left. Go through the right door, then the next right door. This will bring you out near another party member. Wake them up, then go through the nearest door. Pass through the next nearest door to pop back to the save point.

- Three doors yet again. The left door will take you to the other party member. Collect them for a semi-full team, then go through the door in the north. Take the next northern door to loop, eventually, back to the save point.

- Three doors! Go through the central door this time. It leads to a long staircase leading to a door that stands out from the rest. Slip through and head south to find one final door. Approaching it will bring the three demons responsible for this place out to play.

Curlax, Laragorn, and Moebius

The Three Dream Stooges! Though you’re facing three opponents, they’re not terribly difficult to beat. The brothers each rely on elemental attacks of moderate strength, and when all three are alive they can use a Delta Attack to unfailingly petrify one character. Concentrate on Curlax (the floating brother) first, smashing him with icy attacks. Curlax must be destroyed first, as he’ll use Arise to revive his brothers. Moebius (the brother in the front) goes next, as he likes to heal and otherwise buff his team. You can bring him down with any attack that’s not lightning-elemental. Laragorn is an all-purpose fighter who leans towards ice magic, and can be slagged with fire attacks. Laragorn may also flee if left on his own for too long.

- Go through the door behind the Dream Stooges once they’re gone and you’ll emerge in a new / old area: the Phantom Train. In yellow. Huh. The enemies here are different, tending more to lightning-based attacks, though they’re not much tougher than what you faced previously. The most aggravating element of this area will be dealing with imp status, so hopefully you brought along White Capes or Ribbons.

- Head west to find a save point, then further west to the second car. There’s a bit of a puzzle inside. Hit the switch on your left to move a box in front of a chest, then quickly run south, west, north, and around the seats beside the chest before the box can move back into place. The chest contains a Genji Glove.

- To the left in this car is a closed chest jealously guarded by an open chest. You can’t get by just yet. Pull the switch on the western wall, mind the chests that close nearby as a result, and check the chest beside the exit. It contains a Lump of Metal. Use this on the moving chest to get at the normal chest in the back. It contains a Flame Shield.

- More puzzles wait in the next car. Hit the first switch you see, then look down and to the right from the switch to find a chest containing an X-Potion. There’s an Ice Shield to the left of here. That done, pull the third switch from the right, move back to the first switch and flip it again, flip the second switch that was previously blocked, hit the first switch, then, finally, hit the third switch again. This will open a path to the west side of the car.

- There are six chests here. Close them in the same pattern as you saw in the previous car (noted in the picture above) to open the way through the wall blocking the exit.

- The engine of the train’s ahead. Save in the final car, then enter the engine. When you try to leave you’ll be warped again.

- Magitek! Your whole team now has Magitek Armor. The enemies change again here, but your Armor will make the experience fairly easy. This is especially true if you have Terra, as she possesses all the awesome extra options she had at the beginning of the game. Thunder Beam will be your weapon of choice for everyone else.

- Take some time to beat all three enemy types here (Pluto Armor, Schmidt, Io), as you’ll never see them outside this area. That done, wander through the mines until you appear at the south of a northbound pathway. Turn back and go through the door you came through. This will take you to a bridge. Try to cross…

- … aaaaand you’re now in Doma Castle. A cut scene follows, and a save point will appear. Use it. You can now wander Doma Castle and watch a few flashbacks regarding Cyan and his family (check the courtyard and Cyan’s room), though your ultimate destination is the throne room. Almost done.


This battle isn’t difficult, but it’s reeeeeally annoying. Aided by a pair of Soul Savers, Wrexsoul will begin the battle by using his Fury ability to possess one of your characters. He’ll then disappear. He won’t control or otherwise damage the possessed character, but so long as Wrexsoul is in hiding you can’t hurt him. In the meantime the Soul Savers will use third tier magic to do damage. Their magic stats are so low that the can’t hurt you much, but this still gets rather annoying after a while.

There are two ways to defeat Wrexsoul:
  • The hard way is to kill your characters until Wrexsoul reappears. Once he does, launch powerful physical attacks at the thing, preferably with an emphasis on ice-elemental attacks. You can use magic as well, but Wrexsoul has such a high magic defence that there’s not much point. Avoid fire or holy, as Wrexsoul will absorb both. You’ll have to repeat the kill-and-revive process a few times before Wrexsoul dies for good. You’ll receive a Guard Bracelet if you beat Wrexsoul this way.
  • The easy way is to use the spell Banish once Wrexsoul disappears. Killing the Soul Savers normally will only result in their immediate resurrection, but if you’re a little lucky Banish will destroy the Soul Savers for good. With all enemies off the field the battle will end successfully. You will not get a Guard Bracelet beating Wrexsoul this way.
Regardless, Wrexsoul’s defeat will end in a cut scene that earns you the Masamune. Cyan will also receive every Bushido tier he hasn’t already learned through simple levelling. Check out the throne room once you’re back in control and you’ll be rewarded with one final prize: the Alexander magicite.