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Cave to the Ancient Castle

- Land the Falcon by Figaro Castle, which, presumably, is still parked near Kohlingen. Ask the Castle’s ‘driver’ to send it to Figaro, in the east. Along the way he’ll note that something is jamming up the Castle’s progress; tell him you want to check it out.

- Head into the dungeon. The door you used back in South Figaro to get into Figaro Castle now leads to a new area, populated by some powerful monsters. You’ll want to be careful using magic down here, as some of the monsters will Reflect it back at you. Stick to special abilities most of the time.

- Follow the southern path to start. You’ll find a chest containing a Wing Edge near a door. Then head to the east side of the room and, near another southern door, you’ll find a chest containing a Hi-Ether. Go through the door here and you’ll find a chest containing a battle with a Master Tonberry. It’s a tough creature, but it’s a bit lacking in HP. Maul it with your strongest attacks before it can meander over and murder you. It drops a Gladius upon defeat.

- You can walk through the wall to the left of the chest where you fought the Tonberry. Make your way to the bottom-left corner of this screen, where you’ll find a set of stairs leading to… nothing. Despite how it looks you can walk down these stairs and find a path leading east. Go north beyond to find a Death Tarot.

- Turn back west and head north. There’s a passage through the western wall leading to a new area where you’ll find stairs. Ignore the stairs for the moment and look around the edges of the room to find some partially-hidden passages. You’ll find chests containing an X-Potion and a Magicite Shard. Then, down the stairs and past a save point…

Ancient Castle

- This area contains a mixture of creatures from Cyan’s Dream and the Cave to the Ancient Castle. After watching a cut scene, approach the Castle ahead. You’ll find a Punisher in the door to the right of the main doors, and a Samurai Soul monster waits through the passage to the left, behind the stone column. The Samurai Soul can inflict one-hit deaths, but is otherwise not that tough. It drops a Master’s Scroll, a fantastic relic that allows one character to attack a crowd of enemies four times (or, coupled with a Genji Glove, eight freaking times.)

- Enter the main section of the Ancient Castle and head north to the throne room. Here you’ll find the statue of Odin planted in the earlier cut scene. Investigate it to receive Odin magicite. That done, stand on the third layer of steps down from the thrones, facing the right throne. Inspect the floor to trigger something elsewhere in the Castle.

- Check the darkened gaps in the wall north and to the right of the thrones. Back here you’ll find a Blizzard Orb and a Gold Hairpin. (There’s nothing back and to the left, unfortunately.)

- Take a right to find a side room. Check the book shelf here for a book (Terra’s presence adds an extra line of dialogue), check the bucket for an X-Ether, and go down the stairs. (You just triggered them in the throne room.)

- In this basement area you’ll find the roaming Blue Dragon, one of the Eight Dragons. Also here is a statue of the Ancient Castle’s queen. Inspect the statue with Odin in hand and the magicite will transform into the Raiden magicite.

- That’s all for this ruin. You can’t Teleport out of here, so you’ll have to trek back. (No worries, it’s not that long a walk.)