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Ebot’s Rock

- Once you’ve recruited them, put Strago and Relm in your active party and head to Thamasa (southeast corner of the map, if you haven’t visited it in the World of Ruin). Upon entering the town you’ll discover that one of Strago’s old friends, Gungho, has been hurt by the legendary beast known as Hidon.

- Hidon is located in Ebon’s Rock, a dungeon just north of Thamasa. Hop back into the Falcon and jump a short distance to the north to find Ebot’s Rock. The monsters inside are pretty weak for World of Ruin creatures, so you shouldn’t have any trouble surviving in here.

- This is a weird dungeon. Upon entering you’ll find a talking chest that demands Coral. You need to give it a minimum of 22 pieces of Coral to make it move. Any less and it will stay right where it is. You can find Coral by wandering through the Rock’s random layout of rooms, opening chests, and hopefully getting a nice dose of Coral in each. Step on buttons to move from room to room. Movement is random, so you’ll just have to meander until you return to the talking chest.

- Provide the Coral and the chest will move aside. Straight ahead you’ll find the great beast itself…


Aided by four Erebuses with different weaknesses and moves, Hidon would probably be a worthier opponent were its stats just a bit higher. The Erebuses spend the battle inflicting various status ailments on your characters, while Hidon provides painful backup with Poison and Bio spells. If one of your characters is knocked out for too long Hidon will revive them as a zombie, and if all four Erebuses are defeated Hidon will begin using Grand Delta, an all-hitting attack that also counts as one of Strago’s most powerful Lores. 

Sounds painful; isn’t. Each Erebus has a different weakness, but they’re all so weak that you might as well just shred them with non-elemental attacks. Once the Erebuses are gone - and Strago learns Grand Delta from Hidon - you can take the big beast down with normal attacks, fire, holy, or earth. A solid Firaga attack will do some terrible damage to Hidon. Keep this up and it’s dead in short order.

- Beat Hidon and you’ll jump back to Thamasa for a celebration. You don’t really get anything else beyond this, though if you speak to Gungho as he wanders around Thamasa he’ll occasionally tell you that Hidon has returned to Ebot’s Rock. Feel like a rematch?